Friday, October 08, 2021


 I've got my fingers crossed that when we hear from the Carpet Court installer, she has good news.

Because more of the Waikato is now in Level 3, it means the installers who are based in Cambridge can now come into Hamilton to work.

Therefore, there is now no trouble getting enough installers to do the jobs that are lined up.

So.... it might mean we get our carpet next Wednesday.

I hope we hear from her today.  She promised me she would call me today.

I did a little sewing yesterday afternoon.

I bought a cute little felt bear in a 'bed' a couple of years ago... with the intent to make some myself sometime.

Sometime was yesterday:

ABOVE:  The little purple bear is the one I bought.  Mine ... well the pattern needs a little tweaking.  It's not too bad, but as Bex pointed out, the legs need to be closer together.  Or not.  If you were not comparing it to the purple one, would it be just fine?

Actually ... the more I look at it, the more I see that I need to tweak!  The nose is a bit big.  Pffffft... NAH, it's fine.

Today I'm going to make at least two more, cos they are rather fun to make.

10 am:  And my plans for the day changed.  I have been putting off painting inside the wardrobes.

ABOVE:  Looks like I'm doing it now.
And the bench front, where the kids sit.  It's getting painted right now, then a bit later I shall be putting ship lap on it.  It already looks way, way nicer white!

Can't show you yet, as I've not finished putting top coats on.

Bex has gone to get her 2nd Covid Jab.  Steve had his first one yesterday, and isn't feeling too good today.  The little boys are here for half an hour while Bex is getting her jab.

ABOVE:  How cute is this?  Marley is chewing one of her favourite toys, and the boys are using hand weights... like her toy.  I bet Marley wants theirs too.

Right. It's been 'an afternoon'.

I took myself off for a long soak in the bath just before lunch.  I had paint all over me.  
It was wonderful.

NEXT, our vinyl WILL go down on Tuesday.

Our carpet will NOT.
It is due for installation on November the 3rd.
So no massive moving out of furniture this weekend.

Kinda happy about that.
One step at a time.

I am now working on another one of those little Teddy Bears.

And half expecting a cop on my door... cos some people are just FUCKING STUPID. 
Yep.  One of those days.

5.35 pm: And I've totally abandoned the idea of getting any sewing done now.  I'm going to sit down and relax with Stew.  It's Friday night after all!
Stew is completely FRUSTRATED and ANNOYED having to deal with someone so STUPID!  He's having a rum and coke!  That should help.

And on that note, I'm going to sign off early.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I paint like you Chris paint everywhere

  2. I painted our outside furniture the other day and wore disposable gloves... great idea as I too usually get pain all over me. Yes, that pink bear needs the legs bringing in and a wee smile on the face :)

  3. Honestly either bear is fine. I wonder if they would be good market items ?

  4. Kiwionholidays2:41 PM

    Those lil guys are awesome along with your other grandies etc ,
    We get so much pleasure out of watching ours grow as well,

    Hope the carpets n vinyl n all get sorted soon .
    Lockdowns have a knock on effect and our Reno’s have been delayed over 3 months already , positive is that our Whanau are all still safe n well , and we have still got our home 95% intact , as walls hadn’t been taken off etc when lockdown came,

    Love the colours in the bears n beds etc

    Take care and enjoy your weekend, all of you there ,,,
    Cheers 🥂

  5. Shouldn't the eyes be higher than the nose? I like the legs a bit closer together. YOU can make a better face than the original!

  6. You can't argue with stupid. But stupid will try and argue with you.

  7. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I like both your little bear and the original. You could take the general idea of the little bear, and make it into a variety of animals or imaginary creatures - how about making the ears more pointed, adding whiskers, and calling it a cat? I think it would be a great item for a craft market. They're quite small, aren't they? Market them as stocking stuffers.

    Great news about your new flooring. The chaos you're enduring now will be worth it in the end.

    A Fan In Canada

  8. Have a good weekend.

  9. Mean people suck.


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