Monday, January 25, 2021


 Right, here goes.

We visited Orakei Korako on our way home from Taupo yesterday.

It's a Geothermal Area at the top end of Lake Ohakuri.

I had been there once before as a teenager, we got there in one of my Dad's very early boats.

We lived in the area.

Anyway, Stew and I drove there, and took the ferry over to the Geothermal area.

ABOVE:  This is from the car park... looking at the kiosk where you buy your tickets to get on the ferry and go across the lake to the attraction.

ABOVE:  The gorgeous view looking back towards the kiosk and carpark, from the Geothermal side.

ABOVE:  Yeah, another one. 😊  That's the ferry out on the lake.  The trip across only takes a few minutes.

ABOVE:  lots of photos of the geothermal area.  It was really stunning.  And apart from about 5 other people, we had the place to ourselves.

ABOVE:  Little video #1.  We saw these two gysers rumbling twice while we were there.

ABOVE:  This little video shows a small bubbling 'stream' coming out of the ground.  The water was boiling.

We really enjoyed walking around this area, even though it was really, really hot, with the sun beating down AND the heat coming out of the earth.


ABOVE:  Stew made me take this one of the ducks at Orakei Korako...

ABOVE: And I got this sea gull in Taupo.

So, there ya go.  We had a fantastic weekend, and hope to do something similar in February.  I do have something lined up.  More on that, in February. 😊 

Today I plan on making a few 'Kiwiana' type runners for my upcoming market in Cambridge in a week.
And that is all I have for now.

11.45 am:  and well... after unpacking, tidying up the house, getting two big loads of washing out on the line and so on... I'm done!
I just feel so tired, and add to that a damn headache (which I seem to have all day, every day) I doubt I will be getting into the sewing room today after all. 
My 'oomph' has died.

Maybe it will come back later on?  Who knows.
The dogs are happy I have sat down for a break... they are following me around the house like flies!  Anyone would think they missed me. 😂😅😊

Lois asked me what camera I was using for my photography?  Thinking I must be using my Canon 70D as the picture quality was so good.

I am using my Samsung S 9 PLUS PHONE!   I got it because it had the best camera  (at that time), and it has proven to be an amazing camera.  I am thrilled with it, and when I need to upgrade my phone I shall certainly be getting it's equivalent.

It sure beats lugging a heavy Canon around the country side.  In fact, I shall probably sell my Canon at some point.

Right, before I forget, here's a couple of cute as videos of baby George, the piglet:

ABOVE:  He was so damn amusing!  Though, he didn't really like the cows like me.

ABOVE: And next time I go there, if they have another baby pig, I'm gunna be wearing sneakers and socks!  He likes biting toes!

How's ya day going?  Mine's going like this:

ABOVE: Swimming.  Working on me tan.  Swimming some more.
Now.. about to shower/dress/do hair, then prepare dinner.

NOT a cloud in the sky today.  Stunning.
Just a nice breeze to keep the temperature down a tad.

8.26 pm:  Dinner is done.  It was lovely.
Brylee, Steve, Bex and the boys came over for a swim and chat.
Now all is quiet again, and I'm gunna watch Coronation Street on my computer.
Stew will watch something on You Tube or TV till bedtime.
The day is done.
My face is a bit hot... might have got a bit too much sun on it today.
Oh well... I'll just go brown(er).
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You're wearing one of your new frocks. Looking terrific.
    Enjoyed seeing that thermal area. It's one I've never visited.

  2. gorgeous pix..... a question: do you say GUY-sers or GEE-sers? curious!!!

    1. GUY-sers. A GEE-zer is an old man 😂😂😂

    2. lololol Tracy!! This made me giggle

  3. That area is so beautiful. Are there places in NZ where you can soak in the "hot springs" - I guess a little cooler than boiling?

    1. Yes there are several places both in the North Island and South Island. Most are commercialised of course.

  4. Stunning pictures Chris ,Im guessing they were taken with your camera rather than your phone. If so what is your camera? They are so clear.

    1. Thanks for the compliment re the photos Lois. I no longer use my big Canon camera! I bought a Samsung S9 Plus because of it's very good quality camera, and as you can see, it takes beautiful photos. I'm never lugging a heavy Canon around again.

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Love the seagull one, would look great on canvas!

  6. Jamie M11:48 AM

    Awesome photos Chris, so glad you and Stew had a great weekend! Keep the photos coming, cheering me up no end in corona locked-down Lancashire, UK. As I type Coronation Street has had to stop filming again but they think it's only for a few weeks and they should be able to keep to 6 episodes a week in the UK but who knows? - We need a proper leader like you've got not Bafoon Boris!

  7. I love that little George! How big will he get to be?

    1. Fairly big! But probaly not quite as big as a Kune Kune.

  8. Kiwionholidays5:29 PM

    What a fab set of pics n neat places Chris,

    So happy you had a nice weekend away just you two,,
    It’s years since we went to O,K but truly an amazing place,,

    Still looks as stunning now as it did back in the day,

    Loving the R&R you are having this afty

    We just had a spa ,,,☀️so lovely and refreshing ,but only got to 29 today , and feel sorry for the other places having heatwaves ,,,

    No doubt the other families will call by for a swim soon


    Cheers 🥂

  9. Love the photos. I had a busy weekend staying down at my sister's house for her birthday. It was lovely :) My husband did a big cycling event at Lake Taupo a few years back. He went over with three of his friends. He keeps telling me he wants to take me there, said it was a beautiful area and he had the best seafood chowder at one of the restaurants he has ever had!

    1. It is a stunningly beautiful area Nic.

  10. Beautiful photos! I was seriously envious of your sunbathing and swimming today - I was on day one of officially being back at work for the year - and could barely see my desk for all the backlog. Dreading tomorrow - we're supposed to hit 36 or 37 degrees! Our air con at work is not the best - and I have to spend 4 hours co-facilitating a workshop, so could be a hot and stressful day.

    1. My heartfelt condolences chick. I do feel guilty knowing I'm a kept woman, so lazy! But, I feel like I've kinda earned it... raising 8 kids was not an easy 'job'. And I did hold down several jobs over the years, and do volunteer work. So hmmm, maybe I don't feel so bad. I hope tomorrow goes well for you.

  11. Looks like you had yourselves a fun weekend away. Enjoy the sun.

  12. Thank you so much for the bird photos! The ducks looked like little kids thinking about getting in the water. The seagull against the blue lake and sky was fantastic! I have loved my samsung phones. They have great cameras. I enjoyed your vacation photos, even the hot boiling water geysers.


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