Monday, January 04, 2021


I'm a bit sad as today Mike and Joyce have to go home.

BUT, not till this afternoon, so we shall make the most of them being here for this morning.

Not that I'm too sure what we have planned?

But it sounds like we are going to town on a shopping expedition.  Joyce wants to find a dress, and Mike is still hunting for some Jandals (flip flops).  And Bex got a really cute Shih Tzu calendar at Centre Place and now I want one too.

She got it for only $5, down from like $22.  Gotta get one at that price.

ABOVE:  Some photos Bex took yesterday of the kids playing Mini Golf at Centre Place.   I had no idea it was so attractive a course!  It's inside the centre.  I might take a look at it this morning, while we are there.

NOT to play golf you understand... I would NEVER play golf in any shape or form.  Just not my thing.  I have no patience, I'd just pick up the freakin' ball and put it in the hole! 😂😊😉

I'm very happy with my paintings from yesterday, they are drying well.

Spotlight has a 50% off canvas's right now, so I am very tempted to get some later on today.

And that is about 'it' from me for now.  Have a wonderful day... cos we will for sure.

1.06 pm:  What a wonderful morning we have had.
We went into town, Mike finally found some sunglasses... but not jandals.
Joyce didn't find a dress.
We ate donuts, which were bloody yum.
The little boys got to play in Fun Zone at Centre Place.
AND I got some new canvas's from Spotlight... 

ABOVE:  I think I have enough canvas's for the year now!
It was an AMAZING sale.  Some canvas's were reduced in price already, then they were HALF the 'Reduced' price on top of that !!!

So I got double the number of canvas's I expected to get.  I'm rather happy.

We are all home now and it's lunch time.
I've put out fresh bread, ham, salami, hot bacon, left over Pizza, cheese, salads, home grown tomoato etc.  That should feed the masses.  😂😊😋

ABOVE:  Our dear friends Martyn and Jacqui visited us this afternoon.  So lovely to see them.
And ... I like it that Martyn is sitting at my feet.  I like it a lot!

ABOVE:  Sadly, Mike and Joyce had to go home.  They left around 4.30, so won't be home until quite late tonight.
Best thing though?  They will be back on Friday for the weekend.
So I'm not too sad.

ABOVE:  The guys playing a card game, I think it's called Magic?  They collect cards (lots of cards) and play 'games' with them.  
I tried to get some understanding on the game, but gave up when they started talking about the rules of the game ... way over my head!
Oh and the third bloke is a family friend, Sam.

Now... I'm going to just sit here for a while and relish in the quietness.

We are back to just us and Brylee.  For now.

10.41 pm:  Mike and Joyce are safely back in Palmerston North, such a relief.
Our dinner was wonderful, nothing wrong with left overs that's for sure.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm falling asleep in my chair. 


  1. That golf place looks interesting - although I do rank golf alongside cricket lol :) Spotlight is on the cards here too as I think they have 40% off fabric woop woop. Happy shopping!

  2. Wow! interesting mini golf course.
    I just saw string painting on my FB page. Canvas is covered in black paint, then the artist had three small chains, the one with little beads, poured different colours on one end of the chains. Pick them up one at a time and laid on the black canvas and pulled them down and off the canavas. Made a beautiful painting which looks much like coloured lilies and leaves.

  3. I'll be there for lunch soon

  4. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Went to Spotlight PN. They only had packs of 20 same size canvases for $55 but I found some other bargains.

  5. Love getting a bargain! Look forward to seeing lots of awesome painting from you in the future. Enjoy the peace and quite sounds like you may have a busy weekend coming up for birthday boy.

  6. Lovely to see lots of happy family times and bonus of scoring bargains during retail therapy ... go you! 🙂

  7. Most times, it is a bit sad to see family members leave if you don't get to see them very often. I'm glad that Mike and Joyce will be back to visit with you this weekend for Stew's birthday and that you had such a good time with family this week.

  8. Anonymous5:23 AM

    How lucky you are to be able to go shopping......we are in complete lockdown again from midnight tonight until at least the end of January. Only food shops open, so will have to save the Christmas gift money for another time. Hoping the coronavirus vaccine speeds up a return to some kind of normality, 2020 was a very long and trying year and so far this year is no different. All we have to look forward to at the moment is a walk on the beach. It's awful not being able to see family and friends, especially when today marks what would have been my Mum's 80th birthday. Sorry for all the negativity, having a down day 😕
    Jane G

  9. Oh man I'm feeling a little jealous of all your outings! Makes me miss Santa Cruz and the little miniature golf there.

  10. Coolest ever mini golf course.
    My son used to play Magic. He would spend hours "building" his deck to prepare for games or tournaments.

  11. I envy the fact that you able to out and about with no restrictions and you can have visitors, we are locked down again until the end of January and I fear, if numbers don't start to come down, it may be longer.
    Hubby and I were talking about going for a day outing to Niagara Falls, we could always take a picnic of some kinds so that would take care of lunch, but where do you go to the toilet, everything is closed. Depends??????


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