Thursday, January 07, 2021


 Apart from grocery shopping for Stew's party on Saturday morning, we have nothing to do.

Our yard/lawns/gardens etc are all ship shape, we have taken a lot of rubbish to the dump, or gifted it away.

It's a good feeling.

Today I am going to tidy up the spare single bedroom, so Griffin can sleep in there over the weekend.

I want to go down to either Bunnings or Mitre 10 and get a large squab to lie in the sun on.  Right now I'm using a towel or blanket, but it still hurts my lower back on the ground. 

But basically, that's it for the day!

Lacy is calling in sometime to pick up Griffin's stuff, having not done that yesterday.

Then I can get my car back in the garage.

That MOMENTOUS event timed for Friday?  Yeah, not happening until Sunday now.

And now... I'm gunna go start me day.


Second.  I feel so very sorry for EVERYONE in your beautiful country.  You have a President who has ripped your country apart, fueled hate and is an absolute NUT CASE.

Stew and I do not understand fully how your political voting works, but from this side of the world it looks very disjointed and stuffed up!  When there is a clear winner on election day here, that's IT.  They won, they rule.

In your country, it's just one process after another, with these crazy objections/recounts/refusal to concede etc.

What is going on right now is utterly crazy, scary and so unnecessary.  At the end of the day, Biden won and should become President.

Is it going to take the military to get Trump out, kicking and screaming?  

Now that would be worth seeing.

And I never usually make comments like this, as it's really none of my business.  But seriously, your poor country is being held to ransom by a crazy, delusional megalomaniac!  HE NEEDS TO GO... preferably down a rabbit hole, never to be seen again!

Yesterday morning we put more items out on our grass verge with 'FREE' written on them.
First to go was a really HUGE pallet that our Treadmill arrived on.

Then we had a big blue drum that I had planned to hook up to a drainpipe, so we could catch rain water for the pond.  That never happened, so out it went.
And that was taken this morning.

Last thing to go was an old laundry tub that was not being used.

So, all the stuff put out to be taken for FREE has gone!
Awesome.  It would have cost us quite a bit to take it all to the dump.

Steve, Bex and the boys popped in this afternoon for a swim.  They have now left.
I finally got the single spare room tidied up, it was quite a mess after Keera was in it over New Year.

Brylee works until 7 pm tonight, so our dinner will be after that.
Cold meats and salads for us.

It is very tiring doing bugger all for the entire day!  I did do some housework, but not much.
I'm tired, off to bed early I think.


  1. Aw. That is kind of a cute kitty to be delivering the "bad news".
    I woke up to my one and only Birthday Wish coming true.
    Democracy is being restored. Phew.

  2. OMG - I take back what I said about Democracy. OMG OMG OMG
    So much for a "relaxing" birthday.

  3. Aw thanks! I agree with every word. I am just sick. Honestly, every other election has gone the way you described. Except maybe a "recount" if it is too close. I understand that Trump is desperate. He is likely facing court cases and jail - so he is desperate to stay in office. What I DON"T understand is ANYONE else that supports this. Although we do need to get rid of the electoral college and go with the popular vote. That is something we are capable of doing today that was perhaps to complicated 249 years ago.

  4. Ditto to your comments about US politics.

  5. We feel ya I am loathed to say this BUT NZ is going to have a groundswell of NEW KIWIS when borders open I’m sure!!!!

  6. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I agree 100%, Chris, regarding the American electoral system - really hard to understand. The only thing in NZ that could make a difference to the end result after election day is counting the special votes but even then if there is a clear winner on election night (as there was this time for Labour) it won't change. Feel so sorry for the American people who want to uphold democracy because this President has made a mockery of it from the beginning. Stay strong, Dogstars. Audrey

  7. Yes, I think the military will have to remove him.

    I hope the lawsuits snd criminal charges start immediately after his term. But I assume he will pardon himself and his family on the last day.

    Yes it is absolutely crazy.

  8. I think the happening is you are getting an empty nest

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too Anne.

    2. Yes, I think this is it too. As much as we all adore Brylee and have basically watched her grow up from a young kid to now a young lady, I feel she is going to be taking the big leap and leave home! Although, I did return home once after I left, although I left for uni for four years then went back and lived at home for 18 months while I got some of my student loan paid off and then met my now husband.

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Chris - love all of the fun family stuff you all are doing over your summer. It all seems a good start to your new year. XO

    We are hurting here in the USA. We have a man baby trying to do a coup. He lost the presidential election but he can't accept it for many reasons. Unfortunately he has possible accomplices in some of our Ted Cruz...but we will prevail. Most of us here have never encountered anything like what happened today. It is a travesty for our nation...but we are strong.

    Ky Girl

  10. I think we will be a stronger nation after this. I'm sure no one ever thought going along with the president would ever come to this. I don't think he can pardon himself, at least I hope he can't. A very sad day.

  11. Anonymous2:36 PM

    This has been a very distressing day out of a horrible four years. My 6 times great grandfather died fighting in the Revolution in 1776. I was almost hoping to be a colony again.

  12. We will be ok here in the U.S. Biden will be sworn in and democracy will prevail. The morons who stormed the capital didn't wear their masks, so they'll be identified and brought to justice. What is most disturbing to me are the many different flags flying in the crowd. Some racist, some affiliated with Nazis. This is a crazy bunch, and Trump loves them.

  13. yes, we are ashamed, horrified, and wondering how things could sink this low- things can only get better... or so we hope-
    I too think you are going to hit the big "empty nest" day... I don't know if I loved or hated that day when it arrived here ... it is a change regardless-
    good wishes to your other half on his coming birthday ... and enjoy whatever comes your way-

  14. Good morning (or likely afternoon for you by now), Chris. What is a squab? The only squab I know of is like a small bird you cook to eat. Somehow I do not think that is what you are buying to lie in the sun on... ha!! Liz

    1. Its a long outdoor 'cushion', that you put on an outdoor chair or lounger. 😅🤣

    2. I love seeing the words us kiwis use and assume everyone knows that are obviously not international terms, like squab.

    3. Ha! Thank you. Very different to a small pigeon then 😂.

  15. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Absolutely! He will be dragged out kicking and screaming like a little kid!

  16. I was wondering what a squab was but see you e explained above so there you go! Can’t wait to hear Sunday’s news. Sounds like a big weekend ahead :)

  17. Is Brylee enjoying her job?

    1. Most of the time, Yes. Right now it's fairly quiet and she's a bit bored. It's bound to be quiet at this time of the year though, so I'm sure she will be happy enough when it picks up again.

  18. It is good that others are benefiting from your clear out and a win for you not having to go to the tip. -3 c here today, thank heavens we do not have to go out. Shielding had some benefits after all. Yvonne Wales UK.

  19. I agree with all the comments regarding what is happening in the U.S. He should be removed from office, however, that takes time and two weeks is not enough. There are not enough words to describe how bad his mental state is.
    Stay strong U.S. readers.
    Send some sun this way Chris

  20. He's finally said he'll leave quietly. We'll see if he does so! I keep waiting to see all the mug shots of all the idiots that broke in. They better not be roaming free without consequence.


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