Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 Our internet connection keeps dropping off/disconnecting ... dozens of times a day!

It has been getting steadily worse for the past few weeks.  So today I am getting on the phone and ringing SPARK.

Steve has 'coached' me in how to deal with SPARK, to get the most effective response from them.

But, usually, when I get really wound up and seem to be getting nowhere fast, I just burst into tears!

I can't help myself.  I get so frustrated.

And I'm bloody sure that will happen today!

SPARK is one of those companies that generally do give you the run around!  Remember how long it took to get Fiber connected to our Cambridge home?

MONTHS.   And in the end an Area Manager came out to our house and did it himself!

So... let's see how I go today.  



And YES, I'm complaining... again.  Someone told me a little while ago that is all I do on my blog.

Hmmmm.  Do I ?

Apart from trying to resolve my internet connection issues, I don't really have any other plans for the day.

I'm hoping it's a lovely sunny day so I can get a few dips in the pool.

11.40 am:  and relaxing day?
I've spent the last 4 hours tidying the garage, re-arranging some areas, putting stuff down in the tin shed ready to be organised down there too.
That will be Saturday or Sunday.

I've cleaned my last three paintings, in readiness for putting varnish on.

Done the washing.  Tidied up the Dressing room.
Opened every single window in the house as wide as it will go... cos it's so damn hot.

Now?  Lunch. Early cos I didn't have breakfast.  That makes it BRUNCH eh?

OH and I haven't had a chance to sit down and ring SPARK yet.  As I know it is bound to keep me stuck on the phone for ages, I've been putting it off.  I'll do it after lunch.

I rang SPARK at 1.12 pm.  I'm on HOLD, waiting my turn to speak to an operator  
.........  the 'hold' music is terrible....

2 pm:  AND IT'S FIXED!

The young lady I talked to diagnosed a WIFI problem, so she has fixed it!  AMAZING.  So thankful.

3.45 pm:  Bex and the boys arrived for a swim.  I joined them as it is so stinkin' hot.  You can't even move without breaking out in a sweat.

Clarification:  The person who said I complain too much said "Your blog is so predictable, all you do is complain!  Every day.  Same thing. Complaining about something."

That was a few weeks ago now.  It has stuck in my mind, and I've tried hard not to complain so much.
But well... as you have all pointed out, it's my blog and I can do and say whatever I like on it.

And now... I'm heading back into the pool... 

6.35 pm: And I had a couple more swims before coming inside for a hair wash and shower.
I locked the front door (to be safe) and half way through my shower?
I hear the door open, and someone in the house!

Little concerned... but it was only Brylee.  She forgot where she was living and came 'home' by mistake!  lol

Stew arrived home, jumped on the treadmill and now...

ABOVE:  he's in the pool, and Bex and the boys came back and in there too.
I'm expecting Brylee shortly too... for a swim.

Our front door is like a revolving door, seriously!
But we love it... family is always welcome.

11.24 pm:  All caught up on Coronation Street... and now, it's time for bed.  

Catch ya tomorrow, where I will probably do a repeat of Tuesday.  Jobs in the morning, shop open in the afternoon.


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I agree Spark can be difficult depends on who you get. Hey it's your blog if people don't like what you're writing about they don't have to read it right? Going to be a warm one here too. George's Mum.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Geez if they think you complain all the time they could stop reading it! The rest of us read it cause you're a friend and you're being real!! That's why we luv it and you. Kj

  3. Fibre doesn't drop off, it is constant. It will be a router problem most likely. If Spark supplied that then you will need them to fix it but it is never a problem with the fibre itself. Good luck!

    1. Fibre can drop off, there can be issues with wiring in the house, from the exchange box to the house, or an issue at the exchange box itself, there are a variety of different problems that can occur with a fibre connection that aren't related to the router. Spark will run mum through a variety of different checks, and if none of them solve the problem then they will get a company like chorus the do checks on the fibre connection itself.

      It's a lot like a water connection to your house, which is constant, just because your not getting water from your tap doesn't mean it's the tap that is at fault, it could also be the underground connection from the mains to your house, or the mains itself.

    2. Good to know! Nice analogy about the water.

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I find the best way to deal with problems like this is to as upbeat as possible as if you don't expect to have any negative reactions. Save the energy for when it actually does develop into a problem with the company - if you start of expecting it to be frustrating it will be - Murphys Law. Good luck with Spark today. Audrey

  5. So someone was complaining about you complaining? It's your blog, and you're not complaining you are telling what is happening AND are going to do something about it.

  6. Spark can be difficult to deal with for sure. We got to a point that they were so bad we swapped to Vodafone and I really have to say they are not any better :( Fingers crossed for a sunny day and swimming for you! My eldest son and I have been swimming when baby is sleeping during the day as its so humid (but in saying that baby is not sleeping very well either because of the heat!) And i agree its your blog you can complain you can do whatever you like. If someone has an issue with what you say surely they should stop being a Karen and just stop reading!

  7. Sounds like it could be a router problem. We have fiber here at well and that is never a problem; it is usually one of the 'mechanical' / electrical components involved. Good luck!! And too funny things you complain often? I thought that was you telling your fans and friends your life and what is going on each day. These other people need to stop reading then, if they don't like it. It is YOUR blog. :)

  8. Just listening to our Premier speak here this morning about hotel quarantine in Brisbane. They are extending people who were just about up to 14 days due to the UK strain of Covid being contracted by a Queensland. All I could think was thank goodness you didn't have this happening. Those poor people would be tasting freedom just to be notified now they have to stay longer. I know it is for safety of everyone but it would be so tough for them! PS. I don't think you complain too much at all. Sounds like the person saying you complain is the complainer lol

  9. I am 59 with six of us hunkered down together. So I don’t think you complain, I think you state facts. Mom speak. And I think there is a LOT that you do not say, to protect family/their jobs/privacy.

    But I can see that someone who was young with no dependents would think reality was complaining, because they do not have a clue. I can remember being on a couples bowling team in my mid 20’s, newly married. And the women (in their 40’s) drove me nuts because it was kids this and school that and in-laws stories. NOW I would love those stories, then I absolutely could not relate.

  10. I absolutely disagree about you "complaining". You just give your day to day events. If something breaks or doesn't work you mention it. I don't see that as complaining. Truthfully, I see you more as a "shopper" than a "complainer"! I LOVE productive days like that! I feel guilty if I sluff off an entire day, especially if I don't decide to actually take the day off. Then I feel I wasted a day. To complicate matters, I rarely take a "day off". Being self employed has a way of never letting you feel like it truly IS a day off. But anyhow - your day was productive and that's great! Now - give yourself permission to relax!

  11. Glad the Spark issue was an easy fix :-).

    I love the irony - someone COMPLAINED that you complained?!?!?!

  12. Glad it was a quick fix

  13. I feel also you can say whatever you want. If someone doesn't like it ( complains ) I don't understand why they keep reading. I enjoy your blog very much.

  14. Glad you got your internet sorted without too much hassle. Re your reader suggesting you complain too much - I personally don't see any of your posts in that light. This is your blog - your life - and if someone doesn't like it, they can always hit the "x" button in the right hand corner and leave. Just keep being you!

  15. Anonymous6:32 PM

    It's not complaining, it's stating facts over stuff that happens in your life

  16. Complaining, I don't think so, you just state what's happening in your life/home. Whoever it was needs to stop reading your blog or shut up!!

    Love your revolving house family keep my revolving at times too.

  17. Hehe but thanks for letting us come over again the boys will sleep well tonight 🥰 hopefully.

  18. I'd suggest you comment back to anyone that feels the need to critique YOUR blog with a short sweet "piss off". Your blog therefore you write whatever YOU want. simple!

  19. Hi there, I can't believe how polemic some people are. I love reading your blog complaints and all, it just shows what life is really like. Some days nothing really does go right and complaining is just letting off steam. As most commenters say it's your blog you can write what you like. Seriously, you have been through so much recently that a few complaints are hardly worth commenting on. As an english person living in Italy we have all the bureaucratic crap to deal with now due to Brexit, so we have covid, brexit and chaos to deal with!! Have a good day, hugs from Ro xx

  20. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Chris - not once over the many years I've been reading your blog have I ever felt you were complaining about anything. You talk about life. Period. That person needs to get a grip. Love, Ky Girl

  21. Good for you sorting out the internet problem. Last week I was kept on hold for 90 minutes before someone answered my call. When answered his voice was so condescending and calm trying to trigger an outburst. It took all I could muster not to lose it. As per the people complaining about what you write, why are they continuing to read the blog? As whatever the heck you want! It's your life your blog. Take care keep cool.

  22. Too funny she forgot where she lived.


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