Friday, January 08, 2021



Today Stew is 60!

He is finally in the 60's like me.

Yep, I'm 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks older than him.

NOT that is makes any difference at our age.

We will be having a small party for him  tomorrow.

Today ?  Well we shall be gathering up all the things we need to tomorrow really.

I have no idea whos coming, hardly anyone RSVP'd.

It's a horrible time of the year to expect people to drop everything and come to a party.  Most people are away on holidays.

But, we shall have our kids and grandkids here, and that's the most important thing to us.

Mike and Joyce will be arriving back here tonight!  And Lacy is picking Griffin up tomorrow, so he will be here too.

ABOVE:  Because the single spare bedroom is rather small, I decided to put the drawers INSIDE the wardrobe.

It fits in there perfectly, and there is room for clothes to hang on the side.

While doing that I discovered a new job.

I'd not really noticed this before:

ABOVE:  The inside of that wardrobe is in a dreadful state!

There's holes that have been filled very roughly, and marks all over the place!

So, once the weekend is over I might make a start on sanding it back and re-painting it.

One place we will be visiting again today is:

ABOVE:  This place.   Coupland's Bakery in Te Rapa. It's a local bakery that supplies baked goods to supermarkets etc.  They have a retail shop on site, and Stew and I visited it yesterday.

ABOVE: I'd not been there before and was very impressed.

So, we shall pick up a few items for tomorrow's party from here today.

I hope my darling Stew has a pleasant day today... I will try to refrain from making him do any jobs!  

35 FANTASTIC years together...
and many more to come.

So Stew's in the bathroom... having a shave before his shower.  You know, just the usual morning stuff.
And Lacy arrives and MUST  give him a Birthday HUG:

ABOVE:  so... PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!  LOL... he's now free to continue his ablutions.
Once done, we are heading out to the supermarket to get all the food for tomorrow.
And balloons.


12 noon and we have just bought all the 'party food'.  OMG that was expensive!  But as I said to Stew, it's not going to happen again for a very, very long time.
Tomorrow all I need to get is fresh bread buns.

We are heading out again shortly for the BIG 60 inflated balloons, and lunch.  

3.30 pm and we are home from our lunch outing.
Lunch was a bit disappointing.  We went to The Foundation at The Base and got our usual .. Bar Snacks and wedeges.
The pork belly bites were dry and had no sauce around them, very disappointing.
The chicken nibbles were lovely.  The wedges... I think we are over wedges!
So next time we will try something different.

ABOVE: After lunch we had a quick wander around the mall... and for once decided to try the massage chairs.
NOT something we will ever get, they are just too expensive!  The one we both liked was 'on sale' (yeah right) for $8,800.00!  Can you imagine spending that much on A CHAIR?  
Yeah, NAH.

After enjoying a free massage, we went to Spotlight and bought the birthday balloons.

ABOVE: Luckily Stew is a tall guy cos the '0'  came off it's string and flew up to the roof just before we left the shop!
That was lucky too, cos if it had happened outside we would have lost it.
And those freakin' inflated numbers are not cheap.

ABOVE:  It's now safely inside.

Steve, Bex and the boys were here when we arrived home... all enjoying a swim.
It's another really hot and humid day.
We are living in a sauna right now... rain then sunshine = 99% humidity.

Stew bought some new jandals today, but he has to wait for them to be delivered on Tuesday.
And I bought some new sneakers too... I'll show ya tomorrow.
Right now I can't be arsed getting up and taking them out of the box!

I woke this morning at 4 am.  And didn't get back to sleep at all... so I'm a bit tired.  Why so early?  NO IDEA.  I had some freakin' weird dreams last night... the sort that you semi-remember during the day and they haunt you.

ABOVE: Steve and Bex gave Stew this 'LOVELY' sunhat, to use when he's working in the yard.
It's not to my taste, but Stew likes it.
I just hope he doesn't want to wear it to the Mall ... cos he won't be walking with me!  😂😊😆

ABOVE:   Dante's water confidence has grown so much that he's now swimming under water!
Very proud of him.

ABOVE:  Amanda and her two youngest came for a swim this afternoon too... and ended up staying for dinner.

ABOVE: Mike and Joyce arrived just on dinner time too... so we had a nice little gathering.
Liam has cottoned on to his Uncle Mike and you literally have to prise him away from him!
It's rather sweet.

Mike has morphed again... I'll show you his latest face shot tomorrow.  I like it.  So much better than the wooly Viking look he was sporting last weekend.

And it's the end of the day and I'm damn tired (again!).  It's just this heat and humidity doing me and everyone else in.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Stew!
    You two are such a great couple!

  2. Woo hoo!!! 🎉 🎉 Happy Birthday Stew! 🎉 🎉 Bummer with rain all over the country there will be no cricket on the telly for you to sit back and relax while watching. It'll have to be replays & highlights 🤣

  3. Wishing Stew a very happy 60th birthday! And 37 years together is amazing - congrats on that too. Can recommend the Coupland's Chocolate cheesecake and the carrot cake - delicious! Have a great day and weekend also. Bit cooler down on the SI so hope it's the same for you up there x

  4. Happy Birthday, Stew! LOL, I am 7 months older than my guy (my bday Oct, his following May) so that puts us into different birth years obviously and don't you know he loves to tell people I am older than him, the big goober. BTW I was just wondering - are you all in any sort of lockdowns, etc? The covid positives are really spiking big time again where I am due to people not social distancing - families / friends getting together over our Thanksgiving end of Nov and then Xmas and New Years - and we had increase of 30% over Monday and Monday it was 25% over 2 weeks before that. I don't want anybody in my house, my sister & her hubby stayed in hotel last month when we met up, social distancing, at cemetery to lay flowers for my parents Dec 19th. My guy's son only pops in for a few minutes when he graces us with his presence and we both wear masks then because we don't trust this boy to do the right thing when out with his other 20-something friends, who all thing they won't get it, etc. Anyways, I was just wondering. And again, happy birthday to your guy, Stew!!!

    1. I might be wrong, but I think NZ is averaging less than 10 new cases, and those might all be people in quarantine/entering country, not in general Population.

    2. New Zealand has NO Covid cases in the community. The only cases we have are from people coming into our country from overseas. They have to stay in managed isolation until they are clear of covid.

  5. Wishing Stew a very Happy 60th Birthday. Have a great day Stew and an awesome weekend of celebration.

  6. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew, I hope you have a great weekend. Nothing wrong with younger men. Our 17 month age gap hasn’t been an issue in 40 years in fact many years ago I was asked for I’d and he wasn’t

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Happy birthday to Stew! Correct me if I'm wrong but did you have 4 kids at 24 when you met Stew? No wonder you are more than ready to be empty nesters! Hope my maths is correct?

    1. Sorry got my maths wrong. I turned 27 just after meeting Stew. Yes I had 4 kids by the time I was 24.

    2. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Wow! I had 2 kids at 24, can't imagine have 4 at 24! No wonder you don't smile in photos lol just kidding! That must of been hard work having so many kids at such a young age!

    3. I didn't find it hard at all. I am a very organised sort of person, so running a household with 4 little kids didn't faze me at all. Adding 2 more by the time I was 30 wasn't hard either! It was the last two who we took on in our 40's that threw a spanner in the works! But I believe in Fate, so our lives have been dedicated to raising 8 kids!

  8. Jamie M8:40 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew!

  9. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Happy Birthday Dad 💜🎊🎉💐
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Happy Birthday Stew - I think it was your 50th we came to when you were in Auckland. Have a great day Chris, Stew and family.

  11. Happy 60th birthday Stew, the 60s are the best years in my opinion, have a great day and party. Chris, I love the place names you have over there, the Maori ones, so pretty and unlike our somewhat bogan ones here in Aussie (like Dunedoo). ;)

  12. Happy Birthday, Stew. Hope you have a great one.

  13. Happy Birthday Stew!

  14. Have a super duper happy birthday. 60 is a great milestone. Enjoy your weekend 💜🎉🥂

  15. Happy Birthday to Stew. Hope you have a lovely party weekend with the family.

  16. Happy birthday Stew. Hope you have a fabulous day. 😀

  17. Happy birthday Stew Wishing you all a fantastic day (and a fabulous weekend) xx

  18. Happy Birthday to Stew!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!!

  19. Happy Birthday Stew! 🎉 I hope that you have an awesome day. (We love Couplands too ... lots of their stores down here 🙂)

  20. Happy Birthday Stew! Hope you have a great day.

  21. We ent to my brothrrs 21st birthday with anthony so he was about 6 walked in walked out again it just wasnt an environment suitable for a mother and father and a 6 year old...we were piling back into car and anthony in all his innocents said when r we going to uncle Geoffrey birthday, we said that was it " but there was no party hats or balloons" so yup gotta have balloons. Have a lovly day.

  22. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Happy Birthday Stew !!!



  23. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Happy Birthday Stew, I hope you have a fabulous day celebrating with family and friends! Sarah

  24. Happy Birthday Stew!! Wishing you a fabulous day & weekend of festivities with the fam!! X

  25. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Cheers 🍻🥂 hoping you have a superb day Stew The Stud 😉 George's Mum.

  26. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Happy sexy sixty Stew! Have a great day and an awesome party tomorrow!

  27. Happy 60th Birthday to Stew. He looks fantastic for 60! Enjoy the festivities and a weekend of celebrating your Wonderful Stew. I hear you about living in a Sauna, it is so humid up here in Auckland too....Kids and I are literally living in the pool morning to night xx

  28. Hope your balloons r still up tomorrow i was extremely disappointed in my helium ones i got for mums 80th they were flat the next day...also surprised you were aloud out the store without them in a bag our spotlight has to bag them as once the helium leaked out of a runaway balloon 🎈 and set off the smoke alarms mall had to be evacuated fire brigade arrived etc

  29. Massage Chairs. To be honest, I LOVE the idea. But in reality they don't feel good and are even uncomfortable! Yesterday. My Birthday. The day of the Domestic Terrorist Attack on our Capitol..... I was VERY stressed out. There is a delightful "Sugar Shack" at the mall - I went there for my Birthday Cupcake! Well, there is also a spa that offers massages. I walked in and asked if there were any openings that night. They had ONE opening! I took it. I love a real massage, but the chairs feel like someone is ramming their fist into my back in random locations.

    p.s. I like the hat just fine!

  30. we have been away so I'm only just seeing your blog today after a week!!! Happy Birthday to Stew!!!... I sure hope he's had a nice day. PS: how come his birthday balloons are in YOUR favourite colour???? lolololol

    1. Same reason I got new sneakers for HIS birthday! We think alike. He likes blue. I liked the sneakers. BOOM. Got them. lol

  31. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Happy birthday to Stew, here’s to a fabulous year for you both, Jo xx

  32. Happy Birthday, Stew. Have a fabulous day/weekend

  33. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Wow, wow, wow love all the photos. What's wrong with the hat? I love it. Long as he doesnt wear it with those SHOES lol. Pink sure suits Stew. Have a good nights sleep. Kj

  34. Happy Birthday Stew enjoy the weekend with family friends and loved ones

  35. Happy Birthday Stew! So nice to be surrounded my family on his special day.

  36. Happy Birthday Stew 🎁

  37. Happy birthday Stew, welcome to the club! :)

  38. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Late to the party, being on the other side of the world, but wishing Stew a very happy 60th birthday, and hope you enjoy the family gathering to celebrate. Love the sun hat !
    Jane G

  39. A very Happy 60th to Stew. Have a wonderful celebration.

  40. Happy Birthday Stew. I love your hat!!

  41. Happy Birthday Stew. Enjoy your 60s. Have a wonderful party celebrating this milestone. Xx


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