Thursday, January 14, 2021



My laptop sits on a little computer table beside my chair.  If I want to type on it, I have to sit the computer on my lap.

Which is a bit of a bother over summer, as it overheats and closes down.

I was wondering how to get around this problem?

And I have it.  I shall buy a wireless keyboard, then I can just sit the keyboard on my lap.  Problem solved I'd say.

I am going to get a wireless speaker for the lap top too while I'm about it.

When Stew heard of my plans, he immediately said "Let's go tonight, we can have dinner together, then go shopping".

So, that's what we are doing.

That gives me something to look forward to for sure.

If it's a stinking hot day again today, I think I will just hang out by the pool, pull a few weeds and fluff around the yard.

OH, I also have three paintings to varnish.

We have a market coming up on Monday next week.  In Cambridge, at the church. EDIT: got my dates wrong. The market isn't until Feb 1st!

It is usually a good market... but last time Stew and Bex did it for me as I was in Australia.  And it was a bust.

I've had two 'bust' markets in a row!  

Kinda makes me want to stop doing them altogether. 

But let's see how the next one goes.

The benefits of being a rather 'organised' sorta person?
You don't usually lose things.

Yesterday I found two DVD Players, but only one remote control.
I set up the one that had a remote control with the spare TV.
And dammit!  It is not working, the door to open and inset the DVD is broken.
So I threw it in the bin.

The other DVD Player ... well had no remote.

So I sat and thought about it this morning.
Where could it be?

One of 4 places... cos I'm ORGANISED eh?

Off I go... hunted in all those 4 places, and the last place I looked, FOUND IT.

So, I then hooked that DVD Player up to the TV... fingers crossed I'd plugged all the cables in the correct way.

Nope.  Try again with the cables.  And yeah!  I did it.  I can now play DVD's in me sewing room again.

ABOVE:  That involved a fair bit of moving stuff around on me trolley, as the TV and DVD player would not fit in the corner.

So now I can cross a DVD Player off the list of things to get this evening.  Awesome.

Doing that wasn't even on my 'to do' list this morning either.  But, as it's already stinking hot outside, I'm staying inside.
Now I'm going to sort out all our paperwork and put it away.

DOGSTARS:  Organisational Tutorials?  lol.... nah.  It's not that complicated.  You just have specific places for specific things... and never put them anywhere else but there.  It really is that simple.

VICKIE: Yep, I too go nuts when I can't find something!  I hunt until I either find it or have a conniption and a melt down!!! 😂😆😅

ABOVE: And this is what I'm doing today while the shop is open.
It's sort of frustrating, but challenging at the same time.
I shall plod on...

4.16 pm:  OMG I can't get over how hot and humid it is today.  There's a light breeze, and clouds.

ABOVE:  Thunder clouds.  The sort that just sit and laugh at you, holding all the heat down on the ground.
I'm a melting... literally got sweat running down me face, back and legs!

It's awful.

On the shop front, I've had two ladies visit today so far.  Neither bought anything.  *sigh*

And I'm going cross eyed doing my jig saw!  Looking at little puzzle pieces for hours is a huge strain on the eyes.  I'm taking a break from it, as when I look up I can't see, it's all blurry!

5.10 pm:  And I'm in the garage with my back to the shop door and this voice says "Hello!" and I jump out of my skin and say "SHIT"!
Not very welcoming.  

But luckily, no harm done.
It was a South African bloke who's new to our neighbourhood.
He was on his way home from work and drove by... then turned around and came back!

He was just lovely to chat with ... we have A LOT in common.
He's moved several times.  His Mum died in July (of Covid sadly).  He couldn't visit her in SA.  His Dad died in 2000 (same as my Dad).  And we shared a few more commonalities.  

He just LOVED the Wonky House Runners... I fully expect him back to buy one at some point.
Today though, he bought a large zippered bag. 

So I'm very happy with my day in the shop. It wasn't a total waste of time.  I got to chat with three lovely people.  I love yakking!  lol 

6 pm:  Steve, Bex and the boys arrived for a swim.
Stew arrived home from work... and we promptly left for our little shopping trip and dinner.

ABOVE:  Stew being a dick in the mall.
We found a good cheap keyboard from Harvey Norman's, and a reasonably priced WONDERBOOM speaker for my laptop.
Then into the mall where Stew got some Jandals and I got some too, cos it was 'Buy one, get the 2nd half price'.  

After that, we headed into town for dinner.
I had wanted to go to Lone Star, but the town branch was closed down. Sad.
So we ended up going to :

ABOVE:  It was only the second time I'd been there.  We got two dishes and shared them.
One was delicious and the other one was very disappointing.

ABOVE:  I just love these clouds.  We only get them in summer, when it's so hot and threatening to storm.

We got home to the house feeling like a sauna... all the windows closed and airless.
Thanks for locking up the house kids. 

It's now 9.02 and I don't think we will be long out of bed tonight.  This heat is so draining.


  1. I hope your market goes well. That's always a good feeling. Keep extra batteries handy for the wireless keyboard. Pet Peeve, keyboard goes dead and I have to search everywhere for the correct batteries.

  2. My new computer (Macbook Air M1) has new technology similar to a phone so it doesn't have a fan in it and does not heat up at all! My old computer would start overheating all the time and get noisy and hot -- this one just stays cold the entire time no matter what I do on it! I'm not a great fan of wireless keyboards as they always seem to disconnect or batteries die etc. It's worth a try for you though.

    Have you got one of those little laptop tables? They are especially for this purpose to sit the computer on just as if it's on a table. I have one that I used before I got my new computer.

  3. You should do a series of "Organization Tutorials" I could use a few lessons! I can't find things I bought less than a week ago.

  4. good morning DCR!!! I'm very organised too. I rarely lose things or can't lay my hand on anything I want (OR any of the boys belongings) at any given time. BUT that means I hear "muuuum where are my shoes/bag/socks/charger/hat........." about 8395 times a day.

  5. I am also very organized and totally agree - place for everything and everything in its place is key. However, when I do misplace something, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

  6. I have a place for everything. The husband, however, doesn't! I am always looking for his phone, wallet and keys!

  7. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Lucky you talking to the SA guy, I love their accent!

  8. Kiwionholidays8:53 PM

    Lovely lots of variety each day there
    Thanks for the awesome shares ,,

    Frustrating when things get lost ,,,like you n others ,,,place for things keeps the mind less muddled 👍

    Having said that plenty of other things to keep our minds on and doing,.

    Enjoy your evening you two

    Cheers 🥂

  9. I've been using a "laptop cushion" for years. I also use it as a tv dinner tray (?).
    The polystyrene base protects your lap from getting overheated.

    My 3 kids all moved out than 8 years later 2 returned. lol.

  10. Don’t you have cooling in your house Chris?

    1. Yes we do, but we don't like the size of the power bill when we use it!

  11. I can't stand being hot like that. We don't get much humidity but it still gets really hot. AC is more the norm here though not really considered a luxury.

  12. No air conditioning?
    Way to go NZ. just read on my Facebook feed, all restrictions have been lifted, you are free of Covid 19.


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