Wednesday, January 06, 2021


 If there is one thing that makes me really happy  ... it's having everything organised and TIDY.

It was neat to finally get the chest freezer sorted out and things in some sort of order in there.

So often, stuff just gets dropped on the top, and you forget what is underneath.

Not any more:

ABOVE:  With the new baskets, I know exactly what is in there, and can access them easily too.

It's a bit sad that this sort of thing makes me HAPPY!

Today I am going to haul EVERYTHING that belongs to Griffin out of our Tin Shed and put it in the garage.
Lacy is going up to Auckland at the end of the week to bring Griffin down for his Dad's 60th Birthday.
So, I'm getting her to take all of his stuff to his place up there.  OUT of my shed/house.

I want to get into the Tin Shed and get it organised and tidy too.

There is stuff in there that we have not been able to unpack ever since we moved here because the Tin shed is full of other people's stuff.

I put some baby toys and a little kids table and chairs out on our grass verge yesterday afternoon, stuck a 'FREE' sign on them... and by dinner time they were all gone.

I also advertised our Porta Cot on Facebook for FREE, and it was gone in minutes too.

It's great to de-clutter and get rid of stuff.

Once I've done all that, I'm going to hunt around the house for anything else that we can off load or take to the dump.  I'm sick of holding on to stuff we really don't need or use anymore.

1.29 pm:  And Stew and I have had a very busy morning.
We loaded up the trailer with all our rubbish, grass clippings etc and took it to the dump.

ABOVE: Sadly the beautiful succulent beside the pond had died... so it had to go.

ABOVE:  Luckily, I have plenty of pots around the place and could fill the gap it left.

ABOVE:  All of Griffin's stuff is now in the garage ready to go up to Auckland, and I can finally see the bench top in the Tin Shed!  AND next week sometime I will spent the day in here sorting it all out.

ABOVE: I unearthed this lovely high/low chair from the pot shed, cleaned it up and gave it to my neighbour, who has a 6 month old granddaughter.
She was thrilled to get it.

And now it's lunch time, then I'm swimming.
There's hardly a cloud in the sky and it's STINKING HOT today.   You literally cannot move without breaking out in a sweat.

4.13 pm:  And you couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.
All our jobs are done and we spent a good couple of hours in the pool and relaxing in the sun.
Steve, Bex and the kids are here, having cooled down after a long swim too.

We are just so thankful for our pool and how it benefits everyone in the family.

We are now inside, the blokes are watching cricket (Ikkk) and I'm just winding down. Dinner tonight is a repeat of last night, cold meats and salads.
No fuss.

8 pm:  LOL... we ended up having KFC!  First time in quite a while.  I didn't really enjoy the chicken at all.  
Tomorrow will be cold meats and salads for sure.
Watching TV now, having spent a while outside watering the gardens.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I love getting rid of stuff too. Wish I lived in a place where things would disappear off the curb. I actually have to haul it place.
    I only have the tiny freezer that is in the refrigerator. So my current plan is to eat it empty so I actually have room in it! Stuff gets lost in that tiny space too!

  2. I love the free sign, I do that a lot!

  3. PLEASE come here and organise me...on second thoughts maybe not u would have a stroke if u seen my clutter...nope clutter is to mild a word shimozzle mess collection of crap

  4. Every now and then when I read some of the blogs and I read someone is de-cluttering or needs to de-clutter, it inspires me. This past Sunday I emptied my kitchen cupboards of many extra cups, saucers, vases, wine glasses, etc. As an added bonus, I had a bag of books that I'd read this year to unload at the GoodWill this morning. You're right... it sure feels good even though I have more to de-clutter. Every little bit helps, right?

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Hi I have another guess about Friday all your children will be there for Stews party?


  6. What I admire most.... That bench top is "nearly" clear. Oh, to have clear surfaces.... So much clutter in our lives!

  7. Is it your mortgage getting paid off or are Steve and Bex’s buying a house 😊 😘😘😘 from me and Chris D 😘

  8. Must be the time of year, we are getting rid of a whole lot of stuff too, but it costs a fortune to go to the tip here so we're getting one of our two yearly council pick ups at the end of the month. Pool sounds heavenly.

  9. It always so good to get things organized. Enjoy the warm weather.

  10. Getting rid of stuff!!! come here and you could certainly help me out. When I moved in with my new man, (Hubby) there was a lot, I mean a lot of stuff that I hated. Glittery things hung all over the place, I did not throw them out, because I told Hubby I would not throw anything out without him looking at it first. So everything went into boxes, they are still there. Me thinks its time they went. Goodwill would loved this stuff. But don't know if they are accepting anything now.
    Happy is good. I would love some warm weather and a swim, can I come?


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