Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 I was watching a tv programme last night and they were talking about bodily gas.

And they asked people how often did they think they burped or farted in a day?

Most people said twice?  Maybe up to 6 times?

WRONG!  Apparently we all pass wind 14 - 24 times a day!

I was rather surprised by that!  I have never given 'it' a second thought.

So today.. I'm gunna COUNT how many times I pass wind ALL DAY.

Does that make YOU wonder how many times YOU fart or burp in a day too? 

Because I have been overdoing it lately, it won't be too hard to relax today and count me farts!

OMG that's just a bit funny.

Can you just picture me ... madly concentrating on counting farts 'n' burps, while sitting watching a movie or whatever.

Can you tell I will use ANYTHING for blog fodder!

I will be opening my shop today... first time since before Christmas.  So it's going to be a nice, quiet day just sitting in the garage watching something on Netflix.

I wonder if anyone will pop into the shop?

Time will tell eh?

11.20 am:

ONCE.  Just one toot so far!  lol

I visited Brylee in her new home this morning.  She seems to be nicely settled in there.
Bex was taking her grocery shopping this morning... it will be interesting to see how much she spends.
She thinks only around $100.

I have just done a grocery shop for my home... it didn't take too long at all.

ABOVE:  Bex just sent me this photo.... Brylee looks pretty happy with herself. 😉😊😋

Meanwhile back here... I've put away all my groceries, opened all the windows, cleaned out the fridge and now... I'm gunna open me shop and just relax for the remainder of the day.

FELICITY:  NO burps yet!

MASSIVE HEADACHE ... too hot in the garage.
I did a jigsaw while sitting in there.
One lady called in for a look.  No sales.

Bex, Brylee and the boys came over for a swim.
Stew just got home from Rotorua.
Dinner time soon.

Counting toots and burps is boring.  I think I'm at around 5.

It's now pretty much the end of the day, and seriously... I hardly toot or burp!
Think I'm at 3 toots and a couple of burps ALL DAY!

Like you Dee, I probably expel me wind when I'm asleep!
Poor Stew, lol.

It's been a long, stressful and freakin' hot day.
I'm glad tonight I will go to bed more relaxed.
Stuff got sorted that was bothering me, thanks Heather!

Catch ya tomorrow, where there will be no mention of farts 'n' burps!


  1. Will you be sharing a play by play of gasses passed, only the grand total, or keep it top secret? HAHA
    Maybe you should have Steve count his - I bet he would be more than happy to share his stats! He is a silly one!

  2. Yeah that lot gonna be more than 100. Diet coke burps still count lol

  3. No wonder you opened all the windows!! Hopefully no one will be in the shop when you pfffff. Do the ones on the loo count as well?
    Lovely to see Brylee look so happy.

  4. Just for the record. I too, am a Diet Coke-aholic. and I have not burped today either.

  5. I bet there are farts & burps that you don't even notice :-).

    Brylee's shopping looks good, it will be a big learning curve for her working out what & how much to buy, what to cook & how to use leftovers. Samyson has been quite creative in Canada, he did a fair bit of cooking before he left to practice, Hello Fresh was great for that although both kids CAN cook, they just didn't very often. Have convinced Siobhan to cook every Tuesday now to get practice in - just in case she actually does leave home one day :-).

    1. My 22 year old son and his girlfriend make "Hello Fresh". It's a great way for them to learn to cook. His girlfriend doesn't like "leftovers" - so that is a pretty waste free way to prepare food. I tried a few meals - and it is kind of fun.

    2. It is so easy if nothing else, takes the planning out once you have picked the meals, everything is supplied & you just follow a recipe. Great way for non cooks to get the hang of cooking, we generally only get it every 2 weeks now but on the weeks we don't get it, still get the ingredients to make some of the recipes :-)

  6. I can't see the tinned spaghetti.. there just be some in there surely.

    1. Haha, I admit to staring too closely for too long at that photo looking for tinned spaghetti :-)

    2. Anonymous4:29 PM

      I was looking too lol

    3. Me too actually looked pretty healthy

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Would love to know how much your power and food shop goes down now you guys are empty nesters.😀 What's the boarding costs like up your way Chris? Nice to see Brylee happy!

  8. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Dante looks like he is worried about Brylee in the photo...I had my Diet Coke and burped right away...lol


  9. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Don't fart in the shop in case someone walks in 😂

  10. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Well I will admit thus far today I've done 6 botty burps and one from my mouth so a bit of time to go yet 😀😅 fruit makes me insides do "their thing" ohhh and APPARENTLY my other half never farted until he met me jeepers why did our paths cross 🙄 George's Mum.

  11. It's definitely going to be a good stepping stone to learn the value of money when you're responsible for doing your own groceries and you've got to pay rent. Argh, welcome to the real world and "adulting".

  12. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I haven’t burped all day and farted once, I think mine all happen when I’m asleep.


  13. Love ya good night pic

  14. Looks like you had a lovely celebration for Stew. Belated Happy Birthday. Congratulations on being empty nesters enjoy your well deserved freedom. Good luck to Brylee have fun settling in.

  15. Beans, beans the magical fruit,
    The more you eat, the more you toot.
    Years ago I used to go out to dinner and then to a live theatre play with a friend. This particular evening I had French Onion Soup. Oh my god, my bum muscles were so sore the following day, the reason? Pinching my bum so hard to keep the gas in. I was so full of gas I expecting to rise up off the seat like a helium balloon. If it had escaped the entire theatre would have evacuated. I was in agony, never ate FOS in a restaurant again.


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