Tuesday, January 19, 2021


 Yesterday there were lots of comments on the blog.

But none from 'Unknown'.... gosh I miss them.

They were almost always from Mum.

Her last ever comment on the blog was on September the 13th, she was telling me off for complaining about the food in Quarantine!

Be thankfully at least there is food,crappy it may be but better than none at all.THE OLD MOO.


Isn't if weird the things you miss or that remind you that your loved one is no longer here.

Mum ABSOLUTELY LOVED the blog.  She got cross when she couldn't read it for some reason or other.  I hope wherever she is now, she can still see what is going on in her family and isn't getting cross with me over something!

She never held back on telling me off!

Notice I've not been swearing much on here?

I'm making a concentrated effort not to, both here and in the home.

I have a competition going on between key members of my family.

Whoever gets the LEAST swear words uttered in the house/around about, up until December the 24th wins a sum of money.

I'm losing. 😕😓😒  But ... I AM getting better!

I finally added another section on the 'Smile Tree' :

ABOVE:  I got a kick out of putting that pom pom on the knobbly bit of the tree trunk.  😃😂😅

This time around, I'm taking my time with additions to the tree, no stress.  No time frame.

Just when I can do it.  Way better for my resolve to relax more, take my time and not stress out over things so much.

11.17 am:  I've been pottering around the house this morning, making sure I have things sorted for the shop opening this afternoon.

AND... it's Card Night tonight. HERE.  So I just made sure I have something to offer for supper.
Plenty in the pantry.

The pantry just got a general tidy up too... I'm dreadful at forgetting what's in there, and having stuff expire on me.  I just had to chuck out two sachets of sauce, and some Tuna Heat & Eats.

In fact, I just had one for an early lunch... I forgot how much I like them!  But, only that flavour.  The rest are ikk. 😉😏

6 pm: closed the shop, and just got supper sorted out.
Stew is having left overs on toast for dinner, so one less thing to worry about.
He's on his way home from Rotorua right now, expecting him around 6.55 pm.

I had no one in the shop today, which didn't surprise me in the least.  We had several heavy squally showers today.  It's not cold though, just quite pleasant... unless you are working I suspect.

I just did my jig saw this afternoon.  I'm probably about 65% done?  It's keeping me amused.

ABOVE:  My mini platter for tonight.  I'm only expecting 3 girlfriends from Cambridge.  The others are away on holiday or business.
It is always quiet this time of the year.  Shame the girls might not get a swim tonight.
It's not very nice out there, windy and showers.

9.25 pm:  Card Night is over.  And I won!  First time in quite a while I won too, nice start to the Card Night year.

ABOVE:  No Winner's trophy tonight, it was at home with a girl who didn't attend tonight.  So my gorgeous Kiwi had to stand in.  It's just so special, especially as Mike and Joyce gave it to  me.

Right, I'm done for the day, I'm knackered.


  1. Hugs. Your Mum sounded fabulous. More hugs.

  2. Your mum will always be with you Chris, she is in your heart. Hold on to the good thoughts. Yvonne

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    My grandson had a swear jar for his mum and dad and they had to put 50c in everytime they swore. He was very switched on and didnt miss many even when his father yelled at the dogs Bloody Shut Up! Lol kj

  4. Good Luck with the Word challenge! It's a great idea. The Smile Tree will surely be just that, something to smile about.

  5. Your mum and my mum were very alike with a lot of things. Must have been the era they were bought up in.
    Hugs to you Chris...your smile tree made me smile today.

  6. yo dooodully day dink donk 😊💙

    sorry nothing really to exiting to say so ya got that hahah
    #Lacy 💙

  7. The tree is so cool!

  8. I use to eat those tuna too my fave was sundried tomato

  9. Your tree is so so cool! Hugs to you for missing your Mum, it must be very hard 😢 And I need to stop swearing a bit too 😬 Sometimes you just need that extra oomph to get your point across!

  10. Enjoy your card night😊. Used to love your mums comments, I know you will cherish those memories xx

  11. The tree is looking lovely. Congratulations on the big win at Card Night.

  12. Woohoo congrats on winning!

  13. I have to tell you that you are looking quite stunning. What's your secret.


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