Monday, January 11, 2021


 Well... Stew heads back to work today.

He has had just over 2 weeks 'holiday'.

But seriously, we have been so busy he's not really had any 'down' time.  So he isn't really that rested.

That is partly why we plan on taking some long weekends away, so we can both wind down more.

Brylee has spent her first night living away from home.  I wonder how she slept?  She said if she wasn't comfortable in the bed provided with her room, she would get the Queen Slat bed we have in our Tin Shed, and buy herself a new mattress for it.

I'd be very happy about that, another thing out of our sheds and off the property.

Talking about sheds, my job today is going to be tidying up the Tin Shed, making some sort of sense out of everything in it.

It's certainly about time it got done.  

I'm weird, cos I'm really looking forward to doing it too. 

I also have something in mind for the sewing studio/shop set up too.  I might even do that first.

PRIZE for guessing?  Well now this is interesting.

The first person to guess correctly, that Brylee was leaving home was an ANONOMOUS commenter.

Here's where it get frustrating for me.

I've had THREE people tell me it was them!

So... now I have to do a random draw, to maintain fairness all round.

I will go through all the comments, put names in a bowl and draw one out later on today.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.

1. OFTEN I get comments that are completely untraceable due to one reason or another.  I tried to track the anon comment but due to the very HIGH rate of page views and comments coming in at the time, it was impossible to narrow that comment down to any ISP/area/country.

2. Family members in photo?  Yes, we have 8 kids.  One 'family' member did not attend, and is estranged from everyone, due to recent unconscionable actions against their own family.

And that's all I will say on that matter.  

I have managed to get ONE job done so far this morning.

ABOVE:  I really wanted to get the screen and paintings away from the window.  It was blocking so much of the natural light in my room.

So... I decided to nick some garage space:

ABOVE: View from other side of garage.  I can now sit and work on my computer while the shop is open and still keep an eye out for customers easily.

ABOVE:  View from inside the sewing studio/shop.  I have put a carpet down and have a nice standard lamp for lighting in there.  It looks ok?

Oh and I can still fit my little car in the garage easily.

I just talked with Brylee.  She's OK.  I was a bit worried about her... and felt very guilty about kinda 'encouraging' her to move out.

I knew it would be a HUGE, scary transition for her, and I was told there were quite a few tears 'out of my sight'.  Which was upsetting for me.

But we have talked over things, and let me assure you, it was NOT an acrimonious leaving at all.  We are just fine.
We love each other and that is all that matters.
She will find her 'grown up' feet and be just fine.

So... on to the next job on my list.

2.11 pm:  And I have JUST  left the garage!
I decided to re-arrange in there a bit more.
Giving my car a new 'space', and thus giving me more space over on the 'painting and shop' side.

ABOVE:  It involved changing the dog's pen around a bit, so my car could be parked more on the right hand side of the garage.
This took me bloody ages to nut out and do!

But I'm damn happy with the result. Steve will have to make the pen 'sound' again, right now it's tied together with rope and string!

ABOVE: Yes, the girls have less room in their pen, but seriously, they are only in it overnight most days.

ABOVE:  I now have a more 'defined' painting space, and a shelving unit to put stuff on.  It's great!

ABOVE:  Stew drew a name out of the bowl... and the winner of the GUESS WHAT?  prize is MEL GIBB.
Chick, email me your address!
I will post ya prize asap.

Steve, Bex, Brylee and the little boys all came around for a swim this afternoon.  I too jumped in the pool to cool off, and take time out from me jobs.

It was wonderful.  Until I lay down on the ground to dry off.  I could hardly get back up due to dreadful lower back pain!  It was a bit scary in fact.   It is obviously something I will have to mention to my doctor when I next visit him.

Everyone has left again, so I'm going to do bugger all now until I need to get dinner for Stew and I.

ABOVE:  Yep, it's one of those Avatars!  I just love them.  The back is still killing me.  Might have to take another Tramadol.  I am hoping the back ache is just down to over doing it these past few days?

Well, thank goodness Tramadol works.  I can move again.  Lesson learnt though... SLOW DOWN.  Learn to pace myself.  I'm not as young as I used to be.
Stew and I had rice and cold meats for dinner, it was very nice.
But we are coming to the end of the cold meats, so I will have to actually cook something tomorrow night.

It's end of the day, time to just chill out, watch some mindless TV and head off to bed in a few hours.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    That's a bit shit that 2 others are being dishonest saying it was them that guessed first! God some people have no moral compass ah! Congratulations on your first night with no kids!!!!

  2. Is there any way to figure out "where" an anonymous comment came from? Like at least what country, state, area, etc.... IP address?

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Was just doing a catch up read, I thought you said you had 8 kids? I only count 7 with you and Stew?

  4. Oh - that is sooo sweet. She loves and misses you guys. I am sure it is scary for every young adult moving on for the first time in their life. It sounds like she is close, so she can come swim or eat her spaghetti whenever she wants. Lacy may have some competition for the leftovers! HAHA. There is a SOLID rule in our house. MY LEFTOVERS are off limits. I order out half because of the leftovers.

    Your shop and everything look great. Very clean, organized, and bright and colorful.

    Is that a "plain" fence outside the window? I think YOU NEED a big colorful sun, or fish, or something! Your decorating habits are rubbing off on me.

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Mine was definitely the first correct guess. I said yesterday to pass the prize on because I'm in Australia. I mentioned it on here instead of emailing you

    1. Thank You chick. Unfortunately there have been two others who insist they guessed first! So anyway, we did a name in the hat draw. It is going to a lady here in New Zealand who will be very happy you passed the prize on. Have a lovely day.

    2. Anonymous12:03 PM

      That's great Chris, hope she enjoys it!

  6. I was kind of 'pushed' out of home when I was only 16 (I was working). Mum and Dad moved away and it wasn't an option for me to move with them. I went private boarding and hated it. It was truly awful so if Brylee doesn't like where she is now perhaps a proper flatting situation might suit her better -- I mean with younger people and all flatting as opposed to being in a house someone owns. Hopefully it will be fine for her. Most kids now don't leave home until well into their 20s. My daughter did but then moved to Auckland when I did so basically came back home! She stayed with us until she was 27 then.

  7. Thanks for the update on Brylee’s first night. Been reading your blog since she was just a little girl. I couldn’t help thinking about her spending her first night away from her home. She seems like a real homebody who loves her family. I understand that you are at a time in your life where you want to enjoy living as a couple, and you certainly have done the hard yards raising your children. I agree with Lynda that maybe a flatting situation with other people her age may be something Brylee would enjoy as that would be to me a move to being independent. Moving to a room, paying rent seems to me to only benefit the landlord. Please don’t take my comments the wrong way please Chris. Only my thoughts, I’m just a softy mother hen.

    1. We hope once she's feeling more confident she will move into a flatting situation with other people her own age. In the meantime, she's in a safe environment, and able to practise looking after herself, while only being a couple of minutes away from us, Steve and Bex. We will all help her find her feet. She is also going to join a local gym with the hope of A) building up her upper body strength and B) Meet other young people. Preferably a really nice young man!

    2. That all sounds wonderful. Tiny steps is a great way forward. Brylee knows she is loved and has enormous support. Anything new is strange for a time; couple of weeks and it will be new normal.

  8. I am sure Brylee will be fine, it is just a big adjustment having to "adult". She knows you all love her and it will do her the world of good to have to be responsible & independent. Also, she is close to both you guys & Steve & Bex so can come for lots of visits. Siobhan reckons she is never moving out and Samyson only left because he moved to Canada.

    1. HYSTERICAL! You must have been typing your comment as I was typing my reply to Rhoda!

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Brylee will be okay because she has such a great family support environment close by 💙 my parents moved to a different city to purchase a business and I was out on my own at 18 and girls get life quicker than boys jeepers boys don't get it until they're at least 30 🤣 mine still behaves like he's 23 and thinks he's God's gift to "chicks" the dick 🤭🤭 George's Mum.

    1. Anonymous2:28 PM

      So does my oldest son at 30!😂

    2. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Yep they're weird 🤣🤣

  10. Like Lynda I was kind of "pushed" out of home at 16 and lived in various situations till I went home again, then left again and got married too young. But the best time I ever had was sharing a house with a variety of interesting people when I was 27. We had a blast and I have such great memories of that time. Brylee will move on to that I am sure when the time is right, and as you said she is safe and close as she gets used to being out of home. You are inspiring me to tizzy up my own space here.

  11. Wow!!! A HUGE thank you Chris, I am one of those people who never wins, so what a lovely surprise to pop on again today to check out how your day had gone to find that Stew had pulled my name out of the bowl - Thank you, I'll email you my address.

    So to hear about your back, fingers crossed the tramadol kicks in and you get some relief!

  12. I gave Melissa a little push to move out too but she was at her boyfriends 98% of the time anyways.


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