Saturday, January 09, 2021


 Well... today we will be having Stew's birthday party.

I have no idea whos coming!

So, I am just going to be making my big platters and hoping I have enough to feed everyone.

Or, on the flip side, we could be eating left overs for a few days!

Either way, it doesn't matter.

We are going to have an excellent day.

And... THANK YOU to everyone for wishing Stew a Happy Birthday yesterday.  He really loved reading all your comments.

ABOVE: These are the sneakers I got for Stew's Birthday.  Yeah I know it is HIS birthday, but he loves me.  WHAT more can I say?

I've wanted this particular style of sneaker for a few years, so am thrilled to finally find some, and they were nowhere near as expensive as I thought they would be.

Now, refreshing your memory, this was Mike last weekend:

ABOVE:  There are no good words for this look!  He looks like a wooly Viking.


ABOVE:  The freshly groomed Mike.  Doesn't he look SO MUCH better!
I think he looks amazing, so much younger.

And now... I am going to get up and make a start on our day.  Lots to do, but not really until after lunch.  And even then, I will have help setting up the platters etc, so I don't really need to stress out over it all.
Just try and enjoy the day.

11.03 am:  And most things are done!
I've been and purchased all the breads.  
Stew has vacumed.
Lacy has left to pick up Griffin.
All the food is ready to just be placed on the platters.

ABOVE:  Lacy just scored a pair of me slides, I was probably never going to wear both pairs that I bought.

ABOVE:  I just put a blue section on the tree.
I'm not going all out with planes/planets etc.
Just colours, pom poms, tassels etc from now on probably.

And now... back to preparations for the Party!  I should put me face on I think...

10.21 pm:  HI!
We had a party!
Everyone who we expected arrived.
We had plenty of food.
We had lots of hugs, laughs and stories told.

Small children swam.  Large children swam.
Some adults swam.

Once every one had left, Stew, Griffin and I swam.

I didn't take many photos!  I was too busy enjoying our family and friends.

ABOVE:  Our 'gate crasher'... a bird flew in through the sun room windows.  It was quickly caught and released outside.

ABOVE:  A wonderful family photo.

We are now winding down, it's been a fantastic day.  I think I will sleep well tonight!


  1. Mike looks amazing. And he DID lose 10 years! Can't believe he shaved IT ALL off! Looks great!
    The shoes are really cute too!
    Wishing you a fun and happy birthday party today!

  2. Have a great day celebrating your good man.

  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    WOW Mike the change is amazing lol. Love the sneakers. Enjoy your day.kj

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Wow, what a difference, he looks amazing.
    Enjoy your day

  5. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew!! I know you will have a wonderful birthday day filled with love from your awesome family!! May today be the best day ever!! Ky Girl

  6. Trish in NJ9:19 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew. Hope your day is absolutely wonderful. Chris, your sneakers are fabulous, I love the lace.

  7. Happy Birthday Stew! Hope you have a wonderful party!!! :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. Wow Mike looks like a different person. He looks very nice. Hope you all have a great and fun party! Oh,love your new sneakers,too cute!

  9. Have an awesome day! Hope the party rocks!!

  10. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Happy birthday to Stew. Hope you all have a great party πŸŽ‰ Lucy in UK

  11. Love your shoes. Have a happy day.

  12. Nice shoes πŸ™‚. I hope that you are all enjoying Stew's party.

  13. Must be some party!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy party day! Hope you’re enjoying circulating and the company of friends and family and not doing too much stuff!! Liz

  15. So happy for you Chris that today was so wonderful. Happiest Birthday wishes to Stew.

  16. What a great day for you all! The family photo is awesome. Mike looks very handsome with the new look :)

  17. Glad it meant weΔΊ

  18. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Glad you had a great party and got so many family members there.

  19. Happy to hear a wonderful day was had.

  20. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Love, love, love that very last picture!! That is the cherry on top! Ky Girl

    p.s. I dig your new white shoes

  21. Anonymous2:14 AM

    What a fabulous family photo, so glad you all enjoyed your day !
    Very envious of the swimming......we have had snow, sleet and very icy conditions, dowm to -7 which is unusually cold for us. We've managed a few walks until it got too slippy. Thinking back to this time last year, we were planning our itinerary for our North Island/South Island trip in February, all a bit different this year πŸ˜•
    Jane G

  22. So glad all went well! Great pix of the day, loved the family group shot, really good picture.

  23. What a great day you had.

  24. After the year you had in 2020 it's so good to see you so happy and enjoying your lovely family. Love Griffin's hair cut. That family photo is wonderful, definitely frame worthy.


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