Friday, January 15, 2021


 Stew has been hanging out for today.

The end of his first week back at work, and he's exhausted.

I doubt he will want to do much this weekend, except sleep in, he's really tired.   

But that won't happen as we have Lacy and Keera this weekend.

Maybe he can have a 'Grandad nap' in the afternoon instead?

I forgot to show you the WONDERBOOM speaker I got last night.

It's GORGEOUS... and will certainly give me more volume when I'm listening to music!

There was quite a large selection to choose from at Harvey Norman's... but as soon as I saw this one, I just had to get it!  Every other speaker paled into insignificance. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

ABOVE: No prizes for guessing why I chose it eh?

Isn't it pretty?  It's a heavy little beastie too.

ABOVE:  I have no idea why you would want a waterproof speaker that floats?   But nice to know if it ever falls in the pool it will be OK.

So today ... I've got the housework to do this morning.  Then later on I will probably have a swim and just relax.

Or I might do some sewing.

OR... I'm thinking of doing a painting to hang on the fence outside my sewing room... so it's a nice view instead of a boring wooden fence.  I'm still thinking about doing that.

So, there ya go... not too much on today.  What are you doing?

Got any fun weekend plans? 

ABOVE:  And there we have Marley, checking out my new summer sandals.  They were priced at $79, but because Stew bought some jandals we got mine for half price.  But that's not all!
Stew had a $30 Christmas Gift Voucher, so my new sandals ended up costing us a grand total of .... $9 !

You sure can't beat that.  I am going to wear them today to get used to them.  They are like a combo of a jandal and a sandal, so might take some getting used to.

1.10 pm:  I just got home from the supermarket.  I wanted just a few odds 'n' ends that I missed the other day.
I also got some Epoxy Resin, to try it on some old Alcohol Ink Tiles.

Lunch was a bacon and cheese sandwich.  Once that's 'gone down' I will probably have a swim.  

I was sitting here, and remembered something 
'S' said yesterday while we were yakking in my shop.
He said:  "Grief is the price we pay for love", and how true is that?

If we didn't love a person deeply, we would not grieve for them.

I know I will grieve for my Mum for many years to come.  Hell... I still feel intense grief for other family members who have died... it never really goes away.  You just have to learn to live with it.

It has now been three months since Mum died, and the 'moment's are getting less, the weird 'out of sync' feelings are less... so it's all good.

FELICITY:  Thank you for you comment.  Unfortunately I hit 'DELETE' by accident... wet, slippery fingers while in the pool!  Yes, I check my phone while I'm in the pool!

The pool today... almost WARM!  Bex and the boys have just had a swim with me.  They will be coming back after dinner for another swim too.

That pool is a life saver!  There is not a single cloud in the sky today.  

8.27 pm:  Dinner tonight was beef sausages, mashed potatoes, veges and a lovely brown onion gravy with added onions and bacon.

Brylee called in for a swim, as did Steve, Bex and the boys.  Brylee got to take home our left overs for her dinner tomorrow night.

Now it's time to sit back, put our feet up and relax for the evening.  Just the two of us.


  1. Ah HA HA HA HA - Weekend plans?? What's that?

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I know the feeling I have taken the day off and slept in until 5:50am normally am at work by then!! Going to bottle my homegrown beetroot this weekend and no doubt a bit of "socialisng" down at the local boozer 🍺🍺 ohhh and gotta watch the Amercias Cup racing too πŸ’™ George's Mum.

  3. Those speakers are amazing, we have one for by the pool and they last forever on a charge! Not much planned for our weekend here. Lots of tidying to do in the garden, a bit of shopping and no doubt lots of swimming. The heat is zapping everyone! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend lovely people xx

  4. Nice speaker. I have a little Bose speaker and the sound it fantastic. We have all the grandkids for a few days so will be taking them over to the beach house because the little ones have discovered boogie boarding so that's what we will be doing (excpet me, no boogie boarding with this new knee!)

  5. Love the speakers and a super colour LOL Another weekend of lockdown here in Wales, we have not been further than our small garden since last March due to shielding. Your daily photos and comments keep us sane and it is so nice to see the families. Yvonne

  6. I love the sandals!

  7. Nice shoes! That's the type I would buy!

  8. Love my boom thingy. It's really good for podcasts as well.
    Nice shoes. I can't wear open sandals cos my toenails are NOT pleasant! I hope Stew gets some well earned rest.

  9. Your new jandals/sandals are gorgeous ... and I'm sure they will look awesome with the new dresses you bought earlier in the season πŸ™‚

  10. I have relatives in Arizona (here, USA) who have to get huge ice blocks delivered to throw in pool to keep water cool enough to swim during the hottest part of summer.

    Also - great legs!


  11. When we were in Hawaii 2019, we did a sunset Catamaran sail. It actually ended up being a bit choppy and a young guy lost his waterproof speaker overboard. We sailed out about one kilometre and amazingly on the way back the Captain somehow spotted it and headed for it. A young deckhand who looked like a Hawaiian god, held on with one hand and dangled overboard and reached out and managed to grab it and return to the guy. It was amazing! So I guess the waterproof aspect can come in handy occasionally lol. It is my hubbies birthday today so I am excited to head out for dinner later. I hate cooking.

  12. Nice sandals wish I had a pool oh that’s right I have a lake πŸ˜‚

  13. Work again today...5 shifts in a row and I'm so tired. Wish I had a pool to jump into tonight.
    Love that grief true. It never goes away either, we just learn to live with it.

  14. Looks like Lacy has competition for the leftovers now!

  15. Great quote from Stu, how true indeed. Time heals but the wound remains. Have a good weekend.


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