Saturday, January 02, 2021


 Today marks 42 years (for me) with kids at home full time!

ABOVE:  Which means Amanda is 42 today.  Yo Toad, hope ya have an excellent day.

Now... I bet you are all keen to see the picket fence? Right?  ... yeah I thought so.

So, here it is...

ABOVE:  Steve and I did good!  I absolutely love our little picket fence.  I did some pickets with acrylic pours.  They look fabulous.

ABOVE: My favourite one is the bottom one.

Today... hanging with the kids, and enjoy having Mike and Joyce here.  We are just so very happy to see them!

ABOVE:  It's too cute not to pose in front of right. 😄😊💙

And that mop of hair on my son's head?  Is coming off today.

9.17 am... and we are up and almost ready to go to the mall and get Mike his haircut.

Talking of hair:


And, when at Grandma and Grandad's...

ABOVE: Chocolates in bed are perfectly acceptable!
Let's call it 'breakfast' ok.

ABOVE:  WE went out, we had a browse around the shops, we had lunch, then Mike had his haircut.

And now we are at home.  Steve, Bex, Mike, Joyce and the little boys are playing mini golf somewhere.
Amanda, Emily and Liam are here with us for PIZZA for Amanda's Birthday.

There is no peace.  It is wonderful.  I think.

Stew and I are starting to feel a bit jaded I think. 😂😋😊

ABOVE: The things ya find on your phone when you asked STEVE to hold ya phone!
Seriously.   YES.  That is his nipple.  

ABOVE:  The NIKE slides are spreading in the family.  
Steve got some today.

ABOVE:  While at the mall today... we ran into Bex's brother and Sister-in-law and their two littlies.  I got to hold their 7 month old baby girl.  It was so sweet holding a little baby again.
She was just at that 'I don't know you, I'm going to cry at you' stage. 😕😔😏 

ABOVE:  Although it was fairly busy in the mall, we were lucky enough to find a table big enough for all of us.  Trust Dante to pull a face.  There's always ONE eh?

ABOVE: I bought this 'treat feeder' for the girls.  You 'hide' the treats in the holes and cover them with the knobs and flaps and the middle spinner, and the dogs have to work out how to get the treats out.

Both dogs worked out the knobs and flaps, but still haven't worked out how to make the middle part spin around.

I have no doubt they will eventually.

8.21 pm:  And BOOM, just like that it's quiet again!
Everyone got fed Pizza, then left for home.
Keera has just gone to bed and it's going to be quiet for the remainder of the evening.

Stew is having a late, solitary swim.  We've had heavy rain this afternoon, and some swam in the rain!
I'm not into swimming in the rain right now, if it was just a little bit warmer... then yeah, I'd be in there.
But I'm just too tired and full of pizza to even contemplate it!

I'm going to sign off for today now, and just relax and recharge for tomorrow.


  1. Thank you mum ðŸĨ° don’t feel 42 tho, hehehe.

    1. Happy Birthday! Happy New Year, too!

    2. The fence is gorgeous! What a festive little tree you have!
      Amanda looks great!
      Looking forward to Mikes new look. I remember last time he did this he looked 15 years younger afterwards! Ok - I may be exaggerating. And that beard has soooo much potential! I wonder what will happen to that.

    3. Nawh thank you Dogstars ðŸĨ°
      Happy New Years to you too!

  2. Fence looks lovely! And your beautiful daughter looks heaps younger. Must be something in the water up there! Whatever it is please can you send some down south lol :) (Happy 42nd Birthday to BOTH of you ;)

    1. Hehehe... thank you vintagefifi 👏 I do feel I’m aging backwards! Ahaha!

  3. p.s. Was so busy checking out the mini fence I didn't see the actual tree - omg your creations look incredible!

  4. Fence is so cool why cut all that glorious hair summer and all be cooler I guess shame though nice locks.
    Lacy hair crack up.

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Love the fence! Looks so neat! I keep forgetting to ask but does Lacy work? I never read what she does for a job. Happy birthday to your Amanda too!

  6. That fence is so cute! A really good job done by you and Steve.

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Great job Team Harvey 👏 happy birthday Amanda 🎂ðŸĨģ quiet day here just chilling with friends. Lacy how do you get bedhair like that?? It's truly a big effort lol 😆 George's Mum.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Hehe hello George's Mum 😊 I do get bed hair, but not exactly that bad, wel not very often lol 😂
      #Lacy 💙

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Love the houses and hot air balloons on the crocheted background!I'd hang it on my wall!

  9. Happy Birthday Amanda.
    Love the fence....well done Steve and Chis.
    Ahhhh little Miss eating her "breakfast" in bed...must be a grandparent tradition, kids do it at mine too !!

  10. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Happy Birthday Amanda! So happy Mike and Joyce are visiting with you. Love all the happy family photos, it’s a pity for the Keera situation because she looks like such a sweetie. We all know how much you love all of your family. It’s just a pity some of them are causing grief for you. You’ve done some much for all of them. Love the tree and little fence.

  11. Happy Birthday Amanda. You have a lovely smile. As do all the family.
    The wee fence is gorgeous and the tree is going to be stunning. A nice way to advertise your wares as well.
    Chocolate in bed? Mandatory when visiting the olds. Love the look on Stew's face as if he's eyeing off the chocolate in Keera's hands.
    Parents: eat your dinner or no dessert
    Grandparents: would you like chocolate before or after dinner?

  12. Happy Birthday to Amanda! And I LOVE the fence! OMG,it is too cute!

  13. Anonymous4:55 PM

    How good to see Mike again. He looks like Steve. Great fence for the tree. Kj

  14. Oh my gosh, the tree is gorgeous.
    Happy birthday Amanda.

  15. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Oh love the sign off Picture xx
    Happy Birthday Amanda xx 💜💙
    #Lacy 💙

  16. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ðŸĨ°
    Was very very cool to see my youngest bro and Joyce today, what a really gift for today 👏
    ...... thank you Lacy ðŸĨģ
    Yeah lol, cool pic mum 👏ðŸĪŠ

  17. Very colourful fence, I bet a lot of people will love how bright it is, me, I am a white picket fence person.
    Happy family time, wish we could do what you Kiwi's can in public, no masks, hugs and kisses. How I miss all of that.
    Happy New Year to you Chris and your lovely family.

  18. Looks like a fantastic day!


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