Thursday, January 30, 2020


Can I just say it?

I'm really EXCITED ... I have a hair appointment for February the 11th.  
First one in a salon in forever.

Well, except for a trim that is.

I'm WAS going to VIVO in Chartwell.  I got what I thought was a 'Fixed Quote' from the lady behind the counter yesterday.  Then I got home and looked at the brochure.  In the small print it said there were 'extra' costs for long hair, and 'colour correction'.

Hmmm.  So I rang them back and talked to the head stylist on that day, and yeah.  It was going to cost way, way more than the 'fixed quote' I was given.

When I asked just how much, she dicked me around and said she couldn't say until they were actually 'doing my hair'... cos it would depend on how much product they had to use, bla bla bla.  So there was no way of knowing just how much 'MORE' they would charge me.

So I cancelled that appointment.

And went to another salon in Chartwell Square, and got a FIXED PRICE.  Set in concrete.

It's OMG damn expensive as hell... but I need to spend the money to get my hair back in some sort of good condition.

I better 'up' the kid's board!  lol

A while ago Stew broke one of my small soup/serving bowls.  So while I was in the mall yesterday I popped into Stevens.
And as luck would have it, they had some dishes I've been wanting for a while ... on sale.

Seems everything is on sale lately!  I just walk into them blindly.  lol

ABOVE:  You can't ask for a better deal!  Buy one, get one free.  MINE. *smiles*

ABOVE:  Griffin and girlfriend having dinner at the bar leaner.  STEVE:  it is perfect!

Now... back to today.  Just pottering around the house really.   Let's see what the day brings.


11.45 am:  Shit where has the morning gone?
I feel like I've accomplished nothing.
But I have.

My computer desk situation was doing my head in.

So I had a light bulb moment.. and did this:

ABOVE:  I put ALL of the bits 'n' bobs on this trolley.  Now I can actually move the computer around the house... so if I'm in the studio, I can have it beside me.  Or in the lounge. Anywhere in fact.  I just have to unplug ONE power cord and plug it in where I want it.  Brilliant.

Why have I not thought of this before?  Seriously.  Such a good idea.

Now I probably need to get my outdoor wagon inside to use for bringing the groceries in from the car and so on.

And now... it's overcast and I might just go out and get a new tree for the empty corner by the pool/neighbouring fence.  And perhaps look for something for those two pots I talked about yesterday?

5.45 pm:  And  I didn't get a tree/shrub for the corner of the garden.
It will have to wait till the weekend I think, when Stew can help me decide what to get.

I've done heaps of pottering around the house and yard.  Lined up a couple of jobs for tomorrow, but nothing major.

Cleaned the outdoor trolley and brought it inside.  Moved one of the really big blue pots out the front so we can put the trailer back over by the fence, away from the studio windows.

And that's about all.

Brylee just got home from work, and Stew shouldn't be far away either.  I've got chicken kebabs out for dinner, with stir fry veges.

11.05 pm:  Dinner was so nice!  I have developed a real love for chicken kebabs!  I get them from Pak N Save in Clarence Street, Hamilton.  They have an amazing array of meat compared to the other Pak N Save here.

So, a neat evening ... Coronation Street has just finished so I'm off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Have a great potter!!!
    And good luck with your hair. Most important to get it right!! I'm going to have mine coloured properly from now on. Too much grey now to cover it myself darn it. But I want it to be my crowning glory lol

  2. Good for your for getting a fixed quote for your hair. Nothing worse than thinking you're going to pay one price and getting blindsided with another.
    The table looks perfect for that space. :)

  3. Clearly that first salon does not know the meaning of the word "fixed". If that is their level of professionalism then you are better off going elsewhere. I think Vivo might be a franchise, we seem to have a few with that name up here as well.

  4. Chicken kababs and coleslaw for tea here tonight smelling yummy


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