Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The first Cambridge Card Night is here tonight.
So... I better make sure I've found the cards!  And have some snacks ready.

I think the girls are coming with their togs too... to christen the pool.  

Today I am going to make the little 'curtains' for the lounge doors.  I doubt it will take me that long, they are only 4 little drops after all.

The biggest 'challenge' will be choosing what fabric to use.  I'm not that good when there's a choice!  And well... I do have a large stash to choose from.  lol

Let's wait and see what I choose.

 ABOVE:  The poor dogs are feeling the heat too.  Marley just flops in the afternoon.

 ABOVE: This is the stuff I got for the lounge doors.  The Hook part of the Velcro has sticky tape already on it, so it's going to be so easy to attach it to the doors.
Then all I have to do is choose the fabric and make 4 little drops, and attach the Loop strips to them.

I went out to my Studio to look at fabric options last night, and came across this UFO :

 ABOVE:  It's gorgeous, I really need to get it finished.  I think it's going to be a Duvet cover rather than a quilt. 

And that's all for now...catch ya later.


9.44 am:  Now, here's the thing with only having one curtain on each 'set' of doors.

What if a person sleeping in the lounge wants to get up and leave the room for, say, a piddle in the middle of the night?

And they go to open a door and it's stuck to the other one by the curtain running along the top, stuck firmly I might add, with velcro?

Hmmm.  Ponder that while I make 4 separate curtains.  OK.  *smiles*

OMG the sweat is just dripping off me.  I've not even started the friggin curtains ... and I might not get to them today after all.

I've been fluffing around the house and pool area, getting it tidy/organised for tonight's Cards event.

Do you know that I could fluff around all day, every day for a month and still not have everything done?  It's crazy.

I really hope that in a few months I can sit back and say 'DONE'.

TODAY:   I wanted pretty lights to be on in the sun room tonight.  The ones that we hung there over Christmas stopped working, so I took them down.
I went out and bought 3M thingees, and spent THREE...  LONG...  HOURS putting them up.  Stung up another set of lights... turned them on.

DIDN'T WORK.  They were dead.

I almost cried.  I was exhausted.

So I rang Lacy and she came around, took them down, and she determined that the 3M hooks were too tight for the 'delicate' wiring in the lights.  So we went to phase 2.

I got the Christmas Tree lights out of storage and Lacy hung them up.  Because of the nature of their wiring, there was no pressure on the wiring, and they went.

So I'm now happy.  Not the lights I 'wanted' there, but never mind.  I have pretty lights.

They are PARTY LIGHTS now, not Christmas lights.  lol

And NOW... I'm going to fold the washing, sort out something for dinner, get nibbles for supper organised, find the cards for tonight, then relax for a little while. OK.

And... all of the above is done.  I sorted through 6 decks of cards, and found 5 full decks and one deck with one card missing.  Not bad!
We only need two matching decks for cards.

I've got sausage rolls ready to go in the oven for snacks  ... AND dinner.  lol
Stew and Brylee will just have to do what I do on a Card Night.  


9.38 pm:   And another lovely Card Night over and done with, the first of 2020.
A total of 9 of us tonight, so a good turn out.

 ABOVE: The girls.  Sue B doing a Lacy impersonation with her tongue out! lol

I was the 'Loser' tonight too!  Not that it matters, it's more about the company and fun we have.

Time to wrap up the day, it's been another long one.  Not quite as hot as yesterday thank goodness.
I might even sleep better tonight as it's even slightly cool now!


  1. Good morning - yes it's hot!! Hey, for the door why not just make one curtain thingy each side? Four separate drops is a little bitsy plus more change of light getting through, less privacy etc - a nice single one each side would look nicer and certainly easier to put up etc. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Tip for the day, don’t try to sew the sticky Velcro. It gums up the needle badly resulting in missed stitches and you will gave to clean he needle every couple of stitches.


    1. They make some sew on velcro too, maybe mix and match.

  3. Lynda you are right, 2 curtains sounds better and a lot less sewing.Love t.hat material.Good luck for tonight,and dont forget to turn on the air conditioning,fancy forgetting you had it,some mothers do have them. THE OLD MOO.

  4. Too flipping hot!!! You will never finish pottering, you just can't help yourself, your house always looks awesome :-)

    1. I'm a hopeless potter'er, I know. Cloudy here today, but still damn hot!

  5. If you attach the curtains top and bottom they will stay put when the doors are opened and they won't fly everywhere.THE OLD MMOO.

  6. I promised i wasnt buying Christmas lights last year...but said noyhing about not buyimg birthday lights, already waiting for my second order of fairy lights from heirloom Christmas couldnt help myself they was only 5$ a string ex display. Not sure what excuse i have this year...time i signed up for sparly lights anonymous. Saying that just off out to hang 2 strings icicles on the fence

  7. You make me laugh...... you will NEVER sit back and say "DONE"!!! I don't think your creative mind would ever let you stop thinking of the next little tweak or wee project. You're what I would classify as an ideas person. Always got a new idea! ;-)

    I hope you see this as a compliment... another way to phrase it would be "an active relaxer".

    1. Of course I see it as a compliment Mel! It means that while I may LOOK like a 'fat, lazy slob'... I'm not. I never ever judge anyone for their size, you have NO IDEA what there life is like, and why they might be 'bigger' than normal. Whatever NORMAL is. Whoops, I just had a little rant. lol

  8. I don't think you'll ever just sit and relax, it's not in your nature! You'll be bored to death just sitting lol

  9. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Ohhhh what a busy day hope the card ladies liked the new digs I had a swim today and yesterday in our BIG POOL ha! Blondie

  10. Anonymous10:16 PM

    oh Sue B, I love it 😂 you go girl 🤣😘
    #Lacy 💙


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