Tuesday, January 14, 2020


This morning I was going to Cambridge for an FBG walk... but seriously?

I really struggle to get outta bed early now days.
I wake up so often during the night with hot flushes, then by 5-6 am I'm awake properly and just cat nap till about 7 am.

Constantly tired.  There is nothing like interrupted sleep night after night for over 15 years.  Damn you MENOPAUSE.

So yeah... I'm not going walking.  lol

I'm gunna stay home and wait for the second carpet company to come around.

There's quite a bit of housework to do too. Not that I feel like doing it... but as there's no cleaning Jeanie here, it's down to me.


8.47 am:  And I've actually just got out of bed!  It's a gloriously cool morning... we've had steady light rain all night, and it's still drizzling a bit.
It's wonderful.  If I'd know it was going to be so nice and cool I would have gone on the FBG walk!

Oh well... I won't get so hot doing the housework now will I?  lol

Porridge time!

2.15 pm:  Well another slow day here.
The 2nd carpet company has been, shown me carpet, given me a rough cost etc.

ABOVE:  IF we go for recarpeting the house, I'd opt for something like the one I'm pointing at.

At this stage, it's a big IF because of the cost.  We only have limited funds towards it... which means it might have to go on the back burner for now.

And also, I'm actually rather put off from the idea of having to move all the furniture off the floors, and the dust taking the old carpet out would entail.  I just don't know if I'm up for it all right now.  *sigh*

I've done bugger all today and I'm so tired!  I wonder if I will ever catch up and feel energetic again?

Stew is due home from Rotorua soon.  I've cooked macaroni cheese with ham and onion.  It's rather nice.
It's been a really dull day weather wise today.  Little bit of rain here and there, but the temperature has been awesome.  Not too hot.

I have literally spent the afternoon yawning! Don't think I will be up late tonight.

And talking of Stew... he just arrived home.  Yaaa.  Safely home again.

So, everyone is saying the same thing.  And after talking with Stew about it, we have decided not to get new carpet right now.

What put me off THE MOST was the carpet company man talking about all the DUST that will be created when we/they rip up the old carpet!  And moving all the furniture so soon after moving in!

I. JUST. CAN'T. BEAR. THE. THOUGHT.   So, no new carpet.

We will also reconsider a month long trip to the South Island too.  We just don't want to be away from our new home that long.

We love it here... just love it!  Last week when we went up to Whangarei for just two days, we couldn't wait to get back home again.  lol

And travelling for a month?  Nah, we are both too tired.  

So, we will have to think about what we will do while Stew has a whole month off work!

It's just after 9 pm, time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria8:53 AM

    I saw theses in countdown's supermarket pharmacy. I haven't tried them but maybe another blog reader has? They might be worth a try.

  2. I would put off new carpets until you have finished the backyard. With all that you have done the last couple of months you are mentally and physically tired, be kind to yourself and take some time out. You deserve it.

  3. Frances you are quite right put it off for a BIT THE OLD MOO.

  4. You will be happy if u recarpet all house at once maybe wait a bit until funds accumulate more and in mean time the landscaping be finished and less chance of muck being tramped inside

  5. You've had a very busy few months - I'm not surprised that you are feeling so tired. Preparing a house for sale, packing, moving and re-establishing a home in another town/city is huge! Maybe you should delay the carpet for a bit, and focus on getting the landscaping finished AND have that holiday! Both you and Stew would probably benefit from taking some time out for yourselves enjoying a change of scene and holiday.

  6. I agree about leaving the carpet until the outside is done. We didn't have too much dust from our carpet relay and that carpet had been down for years. Leave it awhile though and see how you feel later on.

  7. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Haha I’m the opposite, I’d get new carpet just so it’s over and done with plus it’s your new home. I understand what your saying though about the carpet and being away from home for to long, we’re just really content and happy at home which is a blessing.

  8. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Sorry I forgot to add my name, Jo to my comment.

  9. I agree Chris. Leave the carpet awhile. Enjoy your new house and finish getting it and the yards the way you like them.
    As for the month off....rest and relax if you don't plan time away.
    Maybe a few day trips. A few dinner and movie nights.

  10. I imagine you must be totally exhausted from the big move. Perhaps have the carpets professionally cleaned to perk them up. Enjoy the summer.


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