Friday, January 24, 2020


Guess what I did yesterday, that I haven't mentioned yet?

What am I notorious for?

 ABOVE:  Yeah, I moved furniture.  JUST the dining table a little bit!
On this angle people can access the table better from all sides.
I realised how awkward it was on Tuesday night with 9 of us around the table.

This seems to work better, and it doesn't impact the flow through the room at all.

 ABOVE:  It's  neat that food products have to list their ingredients now days.  I am going to use the Salmon Dip info on the packaging to try making my own soon.
I just have to figure out the quantities of each ingredient.  Shouldn't be too hard surely.

ABOVE:  Yesterday's fun in the pool.  Liam was very hesitant to begin with, but once in?  Loved it!  

ABOVE:  They both had a 2nd swim with Stew when he got home from work.

Now.  Today?
I'm going to do some sewing.  I am going to try and make a cot quilt for the Monday market.  Or some soup bowl cosy's.  Not sure which yet.

I told you Steve was making us a bar leaner table eh?
So last night I get this over Messenger:

ABOVE:  and under it this:  'TEASE'.  He's seen me do sneak peek teases once too often!
I am looking forward to seeing it them on Saturday.   *smiles*


And I have done some sewing this morning... then I remembered it was WW today.

So I headed into town to the midday meeting. That's where I am right now.

Just got a call from our friend  Jacqui. They are at our house. WHOOPS! 

Now they have to go kill some time till I'm home in an hour. Oh well, can't be helped. 

OMG, it's like 7 pm and it's the first time today I've sat in my lounge chair and turned the computer on today!

So, clearly I've been busy.

Sewing this morning.  Weight Watches midday.
Visiting with Jacqui after lunch.
More sewing this afternoon.
Then a 90 minute swim/laze in the pool.

Perfect day.

While at WW today, I bought one of these:

ABOVE:  A tracker book.  It's very pretty compared to the last one I bought, like years ago!
I haven't even had the chance to look at it yet, I'll do that tonight.

If I track my food, maybe I'll actually start losing some weight?  

Oh yeah, I gained .300 grams again this week.
Not exactly a stellar effort eh?  

Not going to see myself gain every week!  Better turn it around and prove I'm serious.
Hence the tracker book.

So now?  Cooking chicken for dinner.  Then I'm going to relax for the evening I think.

I made 8 placemats for the market today, instead of a quilt or soup bowl cosy's.  I just wasn't in the mood for either of those projects.

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Getting a few things done in the yard hopefully.


  1. From the sneak peek - Steve's project looks just a little nicer than the one you used as an example! I like the wood!

  2. Your house looks so nice! I love the light over the dining room table. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  3. How is the Salmon Dip? Did you cook your own Salmon?

    1. It's lovely and no, I've not made my own yet. I'll finish what I bought first.

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I wish I had a Steve!

    1. Haha do you really tho?

    2. Well you love it, why wouldn't others ;)

    3. Anonymous9:29 PM

      hahah Bex love it haha
      #Lacy 💙

  5. Steve is a lovely person ,and I'm proud he is my grandson.He rings me often, and keeps in touch.He also helps his family and doesn't seem to complain.No comments Bex, you are the lady who gives support and encouragement.THE OLD MOO.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous9:31 PM

      ^^^^ oh what did you say Bex lol 😂
      #Lacy 💙

  7. Have a lovely weekend.


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