Saturday, January 11, 2020


Well... the reason for our little trip up north was to replenish my fabric stash.

I think I did that quite well:

ABOVE: And there it all is.  That's from three different shops.  The right two piles are 26 fabric panels, which will eventually be made into cot quilts and single bed quilts.

I am thrilled to bits with my new fabrics.  I hope they last a good while, cos that lot was not cheap.  At some point soon I will show you a close up of a few of my very favourite new fabrics.

I took a little video of us driving over the Auckland Harbour Bridge yesterday.  IF you watch it... mute it!  There's a lot of wind noise.

ABOVE:  This is my favourite view of Auckland city... from the bridge.  
While I love Auckland ... I no longer miss living there. The traffic and hustle and bustle is just too much now.

Nice to visit, nice to leave.

It felt so very good getting home yesterday.  Two days away was quite enough for us.

Today I am going to fluff around the house, getting all the jobs up to date, washing etc.
And sorting out my stuff for the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market, which is on Sunday.

Stew is going to Para Rubber to get a piece that is missing from the pool cleaning vacum.  Once we have that we can vacum the bottom of the pool, which has a bit of dirt in it, blown in from all the dirt around the pool.

Hopefully we can get the dirt 'problem' sorted out fairly soon.  Landscaping and grassing the back of the section will fix that.


1.12 pm:  And Stew and I have been out and bought a few bits n bobs necessary for the pool... and friggin groceries.  Ikkk.
Oh I also got some togs :

ABOVE: Best time to buy togs?  Half way through the season, when they are 30% off.  Score!

ABOVE: Stew just vacumed the pool... it worked perfectly.
Now we are going to work on tidying up the BBQ table area, then probably do something under the deck for the plastic storage boxes to sit on.

They will hold the pool chemicals and vacum hose etc.

This afternoon has been a bit quiet.  Stew did some tidying up, I did a little then got too hot so jumped in the pool.
Which was freakin' cold!  But so refreshing.

Now it's almost dinner time and I think Stew is cooking.  

A bit later on we will have to load the car in readiness for tomorrow.
We have a market tomorrow in Cambridge.  Hoping it's not a waste of time?
It's hard to judge at this time of the year.
But, I will do it cos I don't really want to lose my 'space'.  

7.42 pm:  Dinner is done, the car is packed for tomorrow and I'm done for the day.  So tired.
I'm going to have a shower, wash me hair and then... probably go to bed early.
We have to leave here at 6.30 am tomorrow.  *sigh*


  1. Wonderful fabric for your stash. Lots of sewing ahead of you now. Great trip over the bridge.

  2. I love your new togs! Can I ask where you got them from? Your new collection on fabrics is very impressive ... I can see you having a lot of enjoyment with future projects in your sewing room 🙂

  3. That water in your pool looks so inviting...

    btw love your togs too

  4. I love the togs :) I also love that we still call them TOGS!! Such a New Zealand name.

  5. We call them togs in Australia as well as bathers.


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