Wednesday, January 01, 2020


Stew and I hope everyone has an amazing year, filled with family, friends, and lots of love.

We had a nice, quiet evening last night with the little boys and Brylee.


Right back into pool construction.
Steve and Bex tried to play a prank on me yesterday.

ABOVE: This is the side of the pool.  They spent ages peeling off this label and putting it back on UPSIDE DOWN... to make me think they had put the wall on the wrong way up!
Ha ha, I didn't even notice it till Steve pointed it out to me.

If I had noticed it, you bet I would have had a FIT!  Luckily, I didn't. *smiles*

Now.... just to clarify a point.  We know that we have to put a 'pool fence' around this pool, unlike the one in Cambridge.
This is because it is not 1.2 metres high with unclimbable sides... and we are putting a deck off one end.

ABOVE: I hope that answers any and all questions about the pool safety.

I feel like I've been very lazy these last couple of days.  But ... as my back was killing me, it's probably just as well.  Now my back is not hurting anywhere near as much.  Thank god.

Lastly for now, I have a couple of photos of an adorable baby boy on the quilt I made for him:

ABOVE:  Darling little Finn, a lovely blog reader's grandson.  


Well... it was a very slow start today.  Everyone was tired.  Funny that.
Steve and Bex stayed over at their friends and got home around 7 am.

Stew and I didn't get to sleep until well after 1 am thanks to fireworks making the dogs upset.  In the end I had to go down to the back shed and get the travel cases, and lock the dogs in them to keep them from scratching the damn dog pen gate.  Coco was super stressed out.  Man I hate fireworks! 

At least that worked to keep them settled.

The guys and I went to Bunnings and Mitre 10 to suss out fencing timber.  As soon as they have the pool kinda ready for water, we have to get the new fences built.

So... we will probably be purchasing the timber and pool fencing later on today.  All going well that is.

ABOVE: Stew decided to mow the tiny bit of lawn we have right now. It took him.... FIVE MINUTES!!!  And another 4 to empty the catcher twice.  lol  Job done.  Sure is better than the 5 hours it took in Cambridge!

ABOVE:  Progress seems painfully slow today.  But bucketing in the sand has taken quite a bit of time, then having to pat it down too.  I am just so thankful the guys can do it themselves.

If we had hired the pool guy to install the pool, it would have cost us $7-8 THOUSAND dollars on top of the cost of the pool! 

So... I'm being patient.  As F*#k.  Cos I have to be.  

It's nearly 2 pm, they will probably be stopping soon for the day, it's another hot day out there. 

5.17 pm:  And the guys went and bought the timber and pool fencing:

ABOVE:  Tomorrow they will cut it to length, and Bex and I will stain it.  That will most likely take us all day.

Now the guys have stopped for the day and have gone to buy beer.  They NEED beer!  LOL

Dinner tonight will be left over mince mixture from the other night.  This time it will be Spaghetti Bologneise.

OLD MOO:  No ... Steve is not sunburnt.  Both men have been applying sunblock religiously.  They are just getting tanned now.

7.44 pm:  Starting to feel really hot and crabby.  It's been a long day.  Three more long months of this hot, shitty weather.  *sigh* 
Though, how I feel is nothing compared to all those Australians affected by the bush fires.  It's unimaginable how terrifying and destructive they are.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    The quilt is gorgeous and so colorful for baby boy. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Happy New Year to you all. Kj

  2. 7 or 8 thousand dollars! Yikes! In my opinion (and I know nothing of such matters) You should be able to get an inground pool for that money!

    1. The cheapest inground pool here is about $25,000. And that is just for the pool, NOT installation costs! And that is a very little pool too.

  3. 35deg. Here today,we are cooking, but not as bad as some parts of the one place yesterday.we aren't doing a lot.looks awful hot where Steven is working,and he
    Looks a bit sun burnt.THE OLD MOO.

  4. OMG OMG OMG! I Had NOOOO Idea pools cost that much!

  5. It is absolutely terrifying here in Australia, devasting, tragic and so, so sad.


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