Wednesday, January 08, 2020


ARE WE SWIMMING TODAY? Well... we won't know till later on!
Cos I'm still in me nightie and everyone else is still in bed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING STEWY! You are the one my Dad called either a Hero or a Fool for hooking up with me. I think it's now been firmly established that you are my HERO. I loved you literally from the moment I met you 34 years ago, and I always will.   59 today... I hope you enjoy your last year in the 50's.

Yesterday Bex did a good job:

ABOVE: She painted the lower boards that are the outside of the gym and sunroom.

ABOVE:  Before and after.  It's made a huge difference!  It's going to look even more awesome once we get that dirt 'leveled and sloping down to the garden below,  and then  grassed.

Now... I'm going to bugger off and start the day.  Stew needs to get up and open his presents...


So the man finally dragged himself outta bed at 8.45.  He still looks tired.  

ABOVE:  Birthday presents.  The little boys were curious about why there were 'more' presents.  Sadly, not for them.  
The clock is for in his gym room, it records Humidity and Temperature too.  Very handy.
The Bird House will look fantastic somewhere near the pool and new fence.  

We might even have it on the fence?  Time will tell. *smiles*

ABOVE:  I do believe ... we have the necessaries for swimming... just a bit later on.

Brylee is working for a company that now and then offers 'floor stock' to their employees at a huge, marked down price.

Last week a piece of furniture was put up for sale to employees, and you had to put your name in 'the hat' to go in the draw to get it.

Brylee did so, and won it!  

The guys picked it up this morning:

ABOVE:  It is made using SOLID WOOD.  It weighs a tonne.  It's such a lovely piece of furniture for her.  For now, it gets to stay in the garage till she moves out.

2.34 pm:  STILL.  NO.  SWIMMING..... Geoff from Para Rubber popped in to check on progress and suggested a couple of things the guys should do to the plumbing.
So... delayed a bit on the 'jumping in'.

ABOVE: working on the pesky plumbing.  They have now gone down the road for some more plumbing 'bits'.

I also went out to Cambridge and picked up Griffin, as he's joining us for dinner tonight.

We are all going to Lone Star for dinner.

I'm sure we WILL be in the pool soon!

ABOVE: And at approximately 5 pm the pool finally got christened!
And it was WONDERFUL.  Most of us got in and had a really lovely swim.

The deep end (in the middle) is fantastic!  I can stand up on tippy toes and it's up to my chin.  Perfect for aqua exercises.

I will post some photos tomorrow.

We are all now getting ready to go out to dinner for Stew's birthday.  

Lone Star Rototuna:  Awesome food.  Far too long a wait for it though.  Dante ended up crying, he got that hungry waiting.
But, it was a nice evening.

ABOVE:  Random dinner photos.

Home now, and Stew and Steve have taken Lacy and Griffin home.
The rest of us are just blobbing out... probably regretting the last few mouthfuls!  lol

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Happy Birthday Dad 🎂🎉😊🎊
    #Lacy 💙

  2. Happy birthday Dad, Hope you have a great day.. and dont end up working to hard.. 🎊🎉😘😘 Love You.

  3. Happy birthday Stew got the dates mixed up

  4. Happy Birthday Stew. I hope you all enjoy a relaxing dip in the new pool at some point today.

  5. Happy birthday to Stew... I love that bird house!! It will be perfect anywhere you choose. Happy swimming (even though the water will be cold I'm sure).

  6. That's beautiful. ! Can't wait to see the maiden voyage into the pool!

  7. Oh, I LOVE Brylee's win! It's beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Stew xx

  8. What a great birthday christening of the pool. The guys have done an amazing job and should be very proud of their achievement. Have a great dinner out. happy Birthday Stew.

  9. Happy Birthday Stew!! I hope you get some floating time in :)

  10. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Blinken Awesome Arvo thanks Fam xx 💙❤️
    #Lacy 💙

  11. Anonymous10:27 PM

    What an awesome day you've all had. Congratulations on getting the pool finished. I love Stews birdhouse but Brylees unit is awesome, so beautiful.

  12. Happy Birthday Stew. Looks like you had a lovely celebrations. Well done on all the work. Enjoy floating around in the pool.

  13. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Happy 59th birthday from Catriona in Hamilton Scotland who is 70 today. 💕 Catriona

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Catriona! 💙💚💜

  14. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Stew, I think Bex looked beautiful at the dinner, such a lovely complexion and I like her hair tied back, with the hoop earrings showing.

    1. Yes she does look lovely. Thank you.


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