Sunday, January 05, 2020


Now that the fences are done, the guys can work on finishing the pool.

Which means putting down the ground cover mat, then the liner can be installed and the plumbing fitted.  They seem to think it will all be done in a couple more days!

I'm not so sure, it still seems to be a lot to do.

As for working on the pond and the area around it, that might be pushed back until Stew can find time to get the river stones.  That's fine by me, it's something we can do later.

Right now we are concentrating on things that we need Steve's help with, while he's still here.

So today, I might just get the new summer sandals I need.  And a couple more fruit trees. 

 ABOVE:  This reminds me why we are NEVER having a sandpit!  Bloody sand everywhere.  I know the boys really LOVED playing in it, but yeah... ain't gunna happen again.

You get sand traipsed through the house and it gets into/onto everything.  I really don't like it at all.  *smiles*

Sand belongs on the beach... end of story.


12.51 pm:  And I've been out, bought some summer jandals, a couple of fruit trees and another half price blue pot (smaller) and come home to find the guys working on the pool.

ABOVE:  They are putting the lining in!  So exciting... this is where it all starts to take shape.

I ordered a static swimming belt online the other day:

ABOVE:  It got hand delivered today as the people who make them were visiting Hamilton today.  It's going to be very good for getting exercise in the pool.

I have had several comments lately from an Anonymous person, and I've NOT published them as they are (I'm sure), meant to put someone down.  Please stop.  They will NEVER be published.  You are wasting your time.

3.14 pm:  And the liner is in place and they are slowly filling the pool...

ABOVE:  This is the tricky bit.  Getting water in it and getting out the wrinkles as it gets fuller.

I don't know how long this process will take.  Hopefully they can stop for a while soon?  They've been working all day.

ABOVE: Stew put the new plants in the pots and garden.  
I found the two really small blue pots around the back, so put them there.  I think it looks awesome.
On the left will be a continuation of the stones around the pond... and a paver path to the gate leading into the back yard.

All takes time... but I think we are going great.

And it's the end of the day.... man they go fast when you are busy from woe to go!


  1. That's a really cute pic! The boys can remember their one day of sand play during the pool construction! After that they will have to plat at a beach! And Swim in your pool!

  2. Lots of good hard work from your men!~ Very nice, and the pool will be super nice~ A good place to relax from all the work~ xoxo

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Aww your little guys in the sand are so cute. You just need a bowl of water and a towel so they can wash their feet before they come inside. They are growing up so fast.

  4. Look at those happy faces!!

  5. Wow its looking great. Well done to all of you 🙂 the boys are growing up so fast. Is Keera having a holiday with Lacy. Just realised I haven't seen any photos of her over Xmas etc.

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Nice undies Steve lol what colour undies have you got on today Pa 😂🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  7. Happy New Year! I can only echo everyone else when I say the men are doing an AMAZING job and it's all looking fabulous! Christy xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Chick. We are all working hard to get it done and looking lovely. Then we can relax and just enjoy the rest of the summer.

  8. Anonymous5:18 PM

    The 2 boys will be glad to back to work for a rest, they have done a fantastic job


  9. Your new house is looking so great!! You and Stew must be so pleased with it.

  10. Looks amazing. What an achievement 😍

  11. Will you be swimming today?

  12. I BLOODY love that fence and it looks even better with the blue pots. You, your son, husband, Bex and Lacy are well talented!!! Fancy a trip to the UK to build me one ����

  13. woohooo! Love the pots so cute!


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