Thursday, January 16, 2020


I'm on the hunt today... for of all things, Sweet and Sour Sauce!

I ♥LOVE♥ McDonald's sweet and sour sauce, and according to Steve and Bex, there is a Watties sauce that tastes EXACTLY like it.

ABOVE:  This is what I'm looking for apparently.

So, it's not sold at Pak N Save, cos I looked till me eyes were bleeding!  The kids said it's at Countdown, therefore I'm going to the Rototuna Countdown this morning to hunt for some.

While there, I will have a good look around the 'local' shops.  

I'm also going on the hunt for oxygen weed for the pond.  I think the fish would benefit from having more plants in the pond.  The little shits have eaten the water lillies, so I won't be spending that sort of money ever again!
They can have friggin WEED!  
I will ring around to see if anyone has any for sale.  Otherwise we can always go out to the lake to get some I suppose?

What else?  Meh... might get a load of washing on.  Vacum the house?  Bla bla bla.


Got up this morning, first thing I did was look out the window at the fish pond.  It's not been looking too good the past couple of weeks, and yesterday I noticed one of the fish was looking sickly.

Sure enough, this morning, one dead fish.  SAD.

So, I am pretty sure they are being overfed.  My bad.  And the pond is too hot.

I am not going to feed them every day like the pet shop said.  I'm gunna go to every 3-4 days, cos there's plenty of 'food' in the pond for them naturally.

And as the little bastards ate the water lillies, I went hunting for cheaper plant options this morning with Brylee.

 ABOVE: I was told about this plant place a few weeks ago, but forgot about it till today.
Grrrr!   Look at all those friggin blue pots!
To think Bex and I scoured the city for blue pots, and there was this place just down the road with HEAPS.  And ... they are all damn cheap as compared to other places too.

OH ... and they had aquatic plants, so we grabbed a couple from there, and some oxygen weed from Animates too.

 ABOVE: Best thing?  If the fish eat these plants, they were really cheap!  Easy to replace.  Hopefully they don't eat them though.

Story time:  We need to get a new doctor.  So there's two clinics quite near to us.
I went to one about 2 weeks ago to ask for Enrollment Forms.

There were two ladies behind the counter, serving an elderly lady.  The lady wanted a repeat of her prescription.

OK, that's not going to take long right?  WRONG.

I stood there for over 10 minutes waiting while the receptionist and nurse tried to figure out what one of the ladies pills was her sleeping pill?  WHY?   Just write a damn repeat prescription already!!!

NOPE... they just went on and on about 'what one is the sleeping pill?'.   

I got really cross ... so I sat down to wait.  Trying to be polite right?

In the end, after waiting and waiting I just said really LOUDLY " All I want is 3 Enrollment Forms!", to which one of the ladies said :

"Oh right, I can get you those".    All I'm thinking is : Stupid, ignorant people!

Back to today.  Brylee and I fill in the forms and take them to the clinic, with our Driver's License as proof of identity, cos I'd been told that's what we needed to bring with us.

Only to be told by the receptionist, oh no, you need your Birth Certificate or Passport.  OMFG.

We walked out of there feeling like, really, really pissed off.

And I decided to go check out the other medical centre near us.

We get there, walk in and are immediately welcomed by the receptionist, we ask for Enrollment Forms, which she hands over and explains about the Doctors who work there, and said we did not need any proof of identity as we were New Zealand born citizens. 

The vibe was so positive, so I'm 100% sure we will be enrolling there.

 ABOVE:  Now we just have to fill out all the forms, in triplicate.  


SUPER productive morning if I do say so myself.

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday.  I knew it.  Did you?

Today... I'm feeling much more positive. I've been getting a few negative comments about our new home.  It's so SMALL... pokey, tiny bedrooms, cluttered and so on.  ANON's, really? That's not nice.

If you have nothing nice to say, why bother leaving a comment?  You know I'm not going to publish it! YOU TWATS.

Brylee and I have just had a wonderful swim... very cold getting in, but then just perfect.  So much fun, I even tried my swim belt. 

I tied it to the ladder, up on the deck, and it was great.  Still will put up a pole though, so it's at the right angle.

Brylee is off to work soon, so just Stew and I home for dinner.  Hmmm... what to have?

Stew got home from work and we decided to go out for dinner.
No where 'fancy'... he decided we should try a local eatery in Chartwell.

ABOVE:  It specialises in Steak, but we chose Paella and Chicken.

First we shared a Seafood Chowder.  It was just lovely.

Then our mains came out:

ABOVE:  Looks lovely eh?
Deceiving as hell. 

Stew's Paella was gluggy, and the rice was raw in the middle!  AND the mussels were only half cooked, he really struggled to even get them open!!!  edit:  the two mussels on the top were open... the rest under the rice were not.

And my chicken?  Utterly tasteless.  And the beetroot was par cooked and ikk, and there was some other root vege that looked like a white beetroot (sure it wasn't though), and it was disgusting!  It was almost raw and tasted like dirt.  

We will never go there again.  Utter waste of money.

Such a shame really... because we have been really enjoying the luxury of being able to go out to dinner sometimes, now that it's just the two of us most of the time.

It's been a long time coming.

So... we are home now and will be having a quiet evening in front of the telly till bedtime.


  1. I couldn't cope with having fish! Good luck with that :) Re comments about your house, you love it, Stew loves it and it's totally 100% practical for you all going forward. I love having a smaller home. You still have enough bedrooms etc, less lawn and great area to live to I have no idea why anyone would bother to comment like that. Yes, you have more 'stuff' than I personally would (I know it's not clutter because you are very tidy and love everything you have). I am more minimalist but that's me, not you, and if we were all the same what a boring old world it would be! Your house, your rules and your taste :)

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Oh, how annoying about the blue pots!! I’m sure you’ll find spots for a few more! Ha! Hope you have more luck with the pond and fish. Liz

  3. Jesus, your house is a bloody mansion compared to the tiny cottage we're renting! I was watching your video dreaming about how much space you had! haha! Weird people!

    PS I love your house. But most importantly, YOU love your house so everyone else can go sit on it!

  4. OMG - I can believe Internet trolls. Who in the world cares what size anybody elses bedrooms are! And to actually SAY something! LOSERS! How dumb!

  5. Who cares what other people say about your house.. you guys love it and have to love in it...I thinking its a lovely house.. plenty of room for what you guys need.. wish I found it first lol...

  6. Oh my gosh so many blue pots haha. They are what we were looking for aswell so typical. What fools commenting about your house haha they have no idea its not pokey at all. Good thing they dont live there. I hope your xmas fish are ok little sponge bob square head 😂 xx

    1. The deceased fish was one of the large multi-coloured ones. Sponge Bob Square DOT is just fine, and the other little multi-coloured one too.

    2. Anonymous4:32 PM

      ok but how is Nemo 😁

  7. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Who the hell thinks that it’s the right to comment on somebody else’s house even little snide remarks crazy crazy crazy if you’re home you do as you see fit and you live your life the way you want makes me goddamn angry reading comments that are negative and total putdowns. Chin up chicky you’re doing grand! Margaret xx

  8. Bloody trolls...your house, your choices...

  9. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Some people need a pat on the back...... hard with a freaking shovel, Jo

  10. Sorry your dinner was disappointing shame a nice night out with hubby

  11. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Your place looks awesome..i wish we had that much room!!! Sorry about dinner but if you go to a place that is known for steak...better to stick with steak. That said hope you gave them the feedback. Hope you have great swimming weather over te weekend. Sarah in Melbourne

  12. Debbie B12:59 AM

    People are so rude! Your new place is gorgeous. If they wanna see small rooms they should take a look at my flat ;)

  13. Geez some people can be asses. I too would love to down size. The only opinion that matters is YOUR OWN and you seem to be very happy with the new house. Sorry to hear dinner was a bust. You should have complained that it was under cooked and not edible. Better luck next time.

  14. So disappointing when you go out for a meal and you're paying good money and the food doesn't measure up!

  15. and whoever leaves shit comments.... F*** O**. Anyone who makes judgement on you, your family or your house, a) is no (blog) friend. Friends don't judge. and are seriously deluded that their opinion even matters! Delete, block, ignore and moving on!!!


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