Saturday, January 18, 2020


Where to start today?

Weight Watchers.  I've not been able to attend a meeting for 4 weeks, I've just had time to pop in and weigh in.
So this morning I'm going to the meeting in town, it's at 9 am.   I should be able to drag myself outta bed in time for that.

Then once home I will help Stew around the section a bit.  Not a lot I can do though, as most of it involves physical stuff like getting sleepers for the garden and taking stuff to the dump.

But I can offer support and so on right?

I now have a copy of the Passport Renewal Form, so we can fill that out and send it off today.  As we had already got Stew's passport photos taken and printed, there was no point not using them.  We should get the new passport back in about 2 weeks, in plenty of time for our trip to Australia.

Stew also has to fill out the forms for the new Doctors, so I can drop them back. 

I will be ringing our Insurance Company shortly , to inquire about Travel Insurance.  Is it even necessary do ya think?  It's been a while since we went over seas, I can't remember if we got it last time.   

So many things to remember to do at the moment.  I need to write another list for sure.

Most of what will be on that list will get done this year.

Then there's the long term list too!  Not so much on that one, just ripping off all the wallpaper and painting the walls, and eventually recarpeting!

Back to today... I'm going to get outta bed soon and head off to town.


10.22 am:  And the WW meeting was really nice.  You get a different group of people on a Saturday as opposed to a midday meeting.  I am going to attend and stay at the next Friday midday meeting, and see what the group is like.

Clearly I'm giving up the Thursday night meeting, which is just up the road from our house.  I just don't enjoy talking to myself, or just one other person at a meeting.  I like seeing/yakking with lots of people!  

Stew is busy filling out the medical and passport forms.  Then we can post/return them.

Then it's gardening time.  And it's stinking hot today, it's expected to be one of the hottest weekends this year.  Swimming in the pool is gunna happen later on... FOR SURE.

So... I'm standing by the windows in the sun room, watching Stew.  And think... hmmm.
It would be nice to sit here by the window, so I go and get a bar stool.
And yeah... an IDEA HITS ME.

ABOVE: Wouldn't it be lovely to have a 'leaner' table here?  Nothing too big, just enough for two dinner plates and a drink?

Steve???  Think you could build us something like that?  Let's discuss it next weekend *smiles*.

5.39 pm:  And we have been out and about, bought sleepers for garden edging and a mask and snorkel for me to swim with.  Can't keep 'borrowing' Brylee's cos she packs a hissy at me!
So now I have me own.  Sorted.

Stew and I had an awesome swim in the pool... so, so refreshing.  Before swimming I felt like going to sleep, I was so lethargic, but after my swim?

Felt wonderful.  Refreshed.  Energetic even.  LOVE that freakin pool!

Stew is cooking dinner tonight.  Simple fare.  Sausages. Wedges. Salad.  Should be nice.

9.08 pm:  And yes, dinner was nice.  Now, both Stew and I are ready for bed!  Heat makes you so tired.  


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Get the travel medical insurance. "Better safe than sorry!", as they say. (Whoever "They" are!)

    A fan in Canada

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Get the travel insurance. You just never know. Kj

  3. Definitely get travel insurance, its pretty cheap for Aussie and not worth the risk.

  4. Travel/medical insurance recommend with alll the goings on of late in this world...but its also piece of mind lost luggage, get sick in aussie an ambulance is close to 1000$ i believe if needed.

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Get travel insurance. Ambulance cost for my daughter about 15 years ago was $7-800 and that was only travelling about 3 kms. I would hate to think what it would be now


  6. Yes, get travel insurance. While you can access hospital care in Australia free with a NZ passport there are times where you could end up in trouble. Remember Jennifer's husband (fellow blogger) got a detached retina while over there and had to stay on for weeks until he could fly! Definitely their insurance was worth it.

  7. Absolutely support what everyone else has said ... travel insurance is essential. If you don't sign up for it, it will be likely the one time you needed it. Air New Zealand used to offer a really good travel insurance package online at the time of booking tickets.

  8. Ooh! I like the "Leaner table" idea!

  9. So is it 8 weeks of being good to see small losses at Weightwatchers before the trip?! You know we are here to support you on being "good" ;-)

    That is the perfect spot for a leaner table. Then I thought... if Chris found a wee coffee table whose "top" were the dimensions she was after then Steve would just need to sort tall legs out for it! I'm sure you'd find a coffee table top relatively cheap on Trade Me or perhaps more second hand shopping!

    1. I've looked on Trade Me already! lol I think I'll be getting Steve to build us one, it won't cost much compared to what's on Trade Me that's for sure. Diet? Yeah, simple really. Just don't eat shit. Keep portions small. Should be fine. *smiles*

  10. I always get travel insurance when i fly home, my aunty got really sick over here wjen she came to visit and they have to medivac her back to Auckland then via ambulance to Hamilton it was over $50,000. Not worth the risk.

  11. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Hi Maybe you could have a drop down table attached to the wall so when you need the space for something else it wont be in the way?


    1. Hmmm... worth considering! Thanks. ♥

  12. That leaner table is a terrific idea. It will be your favourite eating place! Plenty to see.I'm trying to renew our nz passports online. Geez what a palaver. My niece is coming for easter so I'll get her to sort it out. Should be easier than all those screeds of paper...if you're young lol

    1. I was typing a comment on your blog JUST NOW... and you sent me one at the same moment. That's just creepy!!!

    2. Great memory minds!

  13. I love sitting in front of the window, it's so nice! Looks like the pool was totally worth it!


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