Sunday, January 19, 2020


Sorry Steve, I've found another job for you!

Well... is it a job ?

ABOVE:  see the leaner?  Yeah.  I want one of those.  Pretty much that size, maybe just a bit smaller.  Less chunky wood on top too.

We can discuss size, height etc when ya come down next weekend!   I'm sure you are looking forward to it.  *smiles*

Don't worry, I don't expect you to build it right now either.  There's plenty of other things that are more important right now.  Like saving for our trip to Aussy.

So today... first and foremost.  Sleep in!

Or rather, stop blogging, roll over and go back to sleep.  lol

Later on today, I think Stew is going to position the sleepers down the back of the section.  He's also going to concrete in my 'swimming' post, so I can attach my swimming belt to it, then I can actually swim in the pool on the static line.

Swimming is such a good exercise... it will be my primary form of exercise over summer.  It's too bloody hot for much else as far as I'm concerned.

Right, I'm gunna try going back to sleep for a bit longer.

Catch ya later.


11.23 am:  And OMG it's a stinkin hot day again. We've been down to The Base to sort out a SPARK issue (phones/internet) and that went well.  Seem to have it sorted, and also worked out our phone usage over in Aussy too.

Now?  Crazy hot, but going to get outside and do some work around the pool.

Pool work?  Nope.  We've spent the best part of an hour sorting out sheds, storage etc, as we have to move a few things around, empty a wardrobe and drawers... because:


As I've been using Bedroom #2's wardrobe and drawers for our storage, it all had to find new places to go.

I think I've got it sorted now... it's not all moved yet though.  It's just got too hot for me and I've had to take a break.

In fact, I am going to get in the pool and cool off.

No OLD MOO, we didn't stay in bed that long!  There's far too much to do to lie in bed till lunchtime.  lol

LOL Mum! Of course it's lots of FUN to go shopping.  Even Stew enjoys it!  I will enjoy going shopping with you ... and your wallet.  *smiles*

I've now had two swims today.  Stew joined me for the 2nd one.  It's BLISS in the pool, utter bliss.  I'm going to get dinner shortly.
I'm making home made beef 'n' bacon burgers, but using thin Pita breads.  I'm sure they will be delicious.

9.39 pm:  And they were lovely.  Been sitting here watching TV, listening to music on You Tube and trying not to fall asleep!
So is Stew.  We are both knackered.
I just told Stew I'm off to bed... so early!  He's the same.  Early night for both of us.


  1. Would LOVE to get in the pool... omg it's so sticky and hot 🌞🌞

  2. You've got to be kidding,I think it will be 12oclock in NZ by now, you cant be still asleep.Turned out fine here have got first load of washing out.Glad your getting things sorted to come over, cant wait we can go shopping.🙂🙂🙂.

    1. Shopping? I like the sound of that! But be aware, we will be a bit skint! Been spending heaps on our new home, as you know.

  3. Who said it was your money we were spending,get real ,you know what happens when we go shopping.But it's a lot of run your have to agree.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Totally agree! Love shopping.

  4. I have been so busy the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to read the couple of blogs that I read regularly. So glad that you have all settled in to your new home. It looks lovely. It's amazing how fast you have all settled in.. and a pool already! You are efficient. I cannot believe that some people have made negative comments that you have had to omit. There is one person in particular that has been NASTY for years. I wont mention their screen name as I'm sure that would give them a thrill. Imagine returning to a blog just to be critical and mean. That must be a VERY unhappy, jelous person. Enjoy your trip!


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