Saturday, January 25, 2020


I showed you my new WW Tracker Book last night.
Today I'm gunna actually start using it.

Last time I used a tracker book RELIGIOUSLY, I lost 61 kilos.  
So I know it works if you are committed and track everything that goes in ya gob.

I can do it.  I will do it.  Cos I'm sick to death of being a failure.

Steve, Bex and the kids are due around lunch time today.  I hope the first thing they do is jump in the pool!
It's just so refreshing, and fun.  Let's not forget the fun.  *smiles*

Then perhaps a little bit of planning for some work around the pool itself?  We will see what eventuates.

I still need to get my stock sorted for the market on Monday, iron a few things, make sure prices are on, and so on.
So, that's the day kinda planned.  For now.


Right. It's 1.47 in the afternoon and I've been either fluffing around with Stew getting rocks, or sewing.

 ABOVE: We went to a Landscaping place over Hamilton West, and got rocks, ground cover mat and bark.
I am sure we will be going back for more rocks, smaller ones, for around the pool later on.

 ABOVE:  My efforts since yesterday.  29 Placemats and coasters.  That will do for now.

ABOVE:  Stew contemplating his next move.  It's so very hot today... I hope he doesn't get heat stroke.  He got that over the Christmas/New Year break.

Steve, Bex and the boys just arrived.  They are about to  have a swim... then afternoon tea.

IT'S TOO HOT.  Bex and I just went to the supermarket.  Melting right now.  Feel ill.

Clearly it's a quiet day, most Kiwis will be doing what we are doing... relaxing, enjoying a long weekend.

Tonight's dinner was chicken kebabs, salad and spuds.  

Not doing much else tonight, except my usual routine now.  Water the gardens/potted plants and top up the pond.  The fish are cooking in their water!  I've lost 3 fish this week and I'm sure it's down to the extreme heat.

Time to wind down for the day.


  1. WW has an app in Canada and the US. Is it available there? It's so much easier as it figures out the points for you and lets you see your total all the time, on the phone or on your computer, they are synched.

    1. We have a WW app here in NZ too, I've been using it for the last few weeks and it's so easy and simple to use. Best of all I always have my phone with me so there's no excuse for not tracking!

  2. Oh Hell NO! You are NOT a failure!

  3. I have to get back to being good too, got my blood work and it's confirmed I like food too much lol


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