Friday, January 17, 2020


I totally spat the dummy over a family situation the other day.

And OMG... I should do it more often.

It had the desired effect.

Things happened and I didn't have to sort it out.

So relieved.  Hopefully now we can all work towards a continued and ongoing happy arrangement.

One that keeps me and Stew from getting stressed out.

ABOVE:  Me after my swim yesterday.  No camera filters... totally natural.  Must do me hair roots again.  *smiles*

I think I look less stressed out now.  I know I feel less bothered.

I'm going out to lunch today.  Not sure who's meeting up with me.  Could be one.  Could be four.  ?

I'm hoping for 4.

Aside from lunch... I've no other plans for the day.  There is of course, heaps to do at home.  But I've been putting most things off until I feel less tired.
I'm done busting a gut to get everything done as quick as possible.  Who cares anyway if the odd jobs ain't done right away?  


OH YES!  I do have other plans.  I'm going to get a passport renewal application form for Stew... his expired quite some time ago.
We have decided to visit me Mum and Ron in Australia in March.

Long time since we went over there.  

South Island trip is on hold.  It ain't going anywhere.  lol

*Thanks Christina*, (my niece), for suggesting it.

I told my Mum (THE OLD MOO) last night and she's very excited now!   

ABOVE: Ahh ha, Ahh ha.  And that's all I  have to say about that.

Lacy is coming around soon, we are going to do some shopping, errands, and so on, then have lunch, followed by a swim in the pool.

Should be a lovely few hours, just the two of us.

1 pm:  And we are back from a lovely morning out and about.
Found out ya can't get Passport renewal forms unless you download and print them out yourself.  So that's what I'm gunna do.

Went to Weight Watchers.  I fully expect a huge gain... but was surprised to find it was only .300 UP.  That's just a piddle!  lol

Now that the 'silly season' is over, I'm going to work on dropping some weight so I feel less hot and bothered.  And it will make visiting Australia easier too.

I've got what?  About 8 weeks .... hmmm, let's see what I can do.

We dropped off some more stuff to the OP Shop in town today.  I kinda bought something.

ABOVE:   It will go on the wall in the little kids room.   I can put toys on it.  It's cute.

I really shouldn't go into Op Shops should I?

I'd just finished telly Lacy how I wasn't going to spend any more money so I would have some to spend in Aussy... and I bought that.  Derrr.  BUT IT WAS ONLY $3.  I don't feel bad about that at all.  Nope. 

3.15 pm:  And just had a glorious swim, followed by a shower and now?  Just booked our flights to Australia!
Air New Zealand were having a sale, it ends TODAY!  I'm like, this was meant to be!!!

So lucky... I had no idea there was a sale on!

So that's confirmed as a GO.  My Mum will be so happy, we can't back out of it now.  It's paid for.

9.23 pm: It's the end of another lovely day.  So, so happy with our pool!  It's keeping me sane on these hot days.

Bex has been taking the kids to their local pools, but the boys really can't wait to come back to Grandma's pool!  *smiles*


  1. Very nice photo of you , good decision to visit Aus.

  2. OMG! ALL of today's pictures are beautiful! Keera in the hat! And ALSO the pic of you is really nice! It will be lovely to go see your Mum! Good Plan!

  3. Trip to Oz to see ya mum would be lovly...south island isnt going anywhere and still bed here for ya

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    You look 150% better without using the filters!!!!

  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Awesome idea to visit your mum. Cheap accommodation etc. Hope you have a decent break though not just a few days. Kj

  6. Passport renewals are all done online now - no need to get a form :)

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Shame you had to loose your shit, but really happy that things are working out. I am sure that you will enjoy your time with your mum.
    Mary in Tassie

  8. Me again - no need to print the passport form out as you literally fill it all in online, add your photo, pay and next thing you know it’s delivered! Great idea to go and visit your Mum :)

  9. That shelf! Really good deal! If you keep your shopping confined to the "cheap" stores - you can't do too much damage to your travel fund!

  10. Anonymous4:40 PM

    kewl beans Ma on the Confirmation of the trip, your a Dad so deserve it
    #Lacy 💙

  11. I renewed my passport online on a Thursday, it as at my doorstep on Saturday - I think if it has already expired it may take longer.Great idea to visit Aussie, but would love to catch up if you make it to Canterbury one day!!!

  12. 8 week count down?!! I always love a good countdown to something exciting like a trip overseas!! So pleased you have a little adventure to look forward to.

  13. Yes we have been going every other day down to the pool. Archer can touch the bottom now but now he has his googles he seems to think he can now also swim by him self lol. He cant wait to show grandma and grandad tho. Dante is getting better and a bit over confident haha. Like his father.

    1. Anonymous10:21 PM

      haha good boys 😁😁😁
      #Lacy 💙

  14. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Your eye colour is amazing Chris...I've never seen eyes that Blue before. Do you get them from your Mums side of the family? Sarah in Melb

  15. Hope you have a fun weekend. How wonderful you getting to see Mom. Take care


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