Monday, January 06, 2020


Today's plan... continue filling the pool until it's about half way full.
Once that happens, the guys can then fit the plumbing/skimmer box etc.  And connect it all to the pump.

There's some trenches that have to be dug for the pipes too.

So... another day of hard slog for the men.

As for me and Bex?  Not sure what we will do.  I'd love to get on with the front garden / pond area, but we still don't have the stones for the enlarged area.  *sigh*

I will do some housework!  The floors desperately need vacuming, and there's bloody dust over everything!

I also plan on popping out to find things to hold the floor rugs in place.  We have three rugs in the lounge and family rooms that are 'walking' all over the place.

And I am going to make a pool cover using tarps and elastic, the pool shop have none.   We have heaps of dust from all the dirt around the back yard right now, and it's bound to get blown into the pool.

Last thing I want is for the pool to get heaps of dirt in it.  That would take ages to get out again.

So, that should keep me busy today I reckon.
Catch ya later.


10.23 am:  Some missions accomplished this morning.
I found a big tarpaulin that will cover the pool, and I got some stretchy rope to hold it down.  I also got two padlocks so we can literally lock the back section off while we are away.

I'd like to see anyone climb our front fence! lol

The actual pool fence has a key lock as well... so no one is going to use my pool uninvited.

The guys are out there doing the piping work.  It's a windy, cool day, which is a relief to work in I'm sure.

Bex and the boys are out shopping so it's very quiet here right now.  I have some carpet tape, so am going to vacum under the rugs and see if the tape works to keep them in position now. Fingers crossed.

So, I've put the tape on only one rug for now.  To see if it works.  If it does, I'll do the others.

ABOVE:  The pump and piping is going in.  I think that will be the 'job' for today, as it's taking quite a while to work the pipe angles etc. 

ABOVE:  Auckland last night.  Shrouded in an orange haze.

Super windy ... sun is out.  NO orange/yellow sky due to smoke from Australia's fires today... YET.
Every time I check the news... it's like hell on earth over there!  So very sad for everyone affected, and the poor, poor animals too.

My Mum and Ron are doing OK... there's no fires near them at the moment.  And they do have an 'escape plan' if there is any danger coming their way.

ABOVE:  So today the guys got most of the plumbing done, and the deck posts in.
Not so much progress today.

But... it's an ongoing process.

They went out and bought the decking timber too... which was a surprising amount of money!

ABOVE: Beer time!  Steve was in the pool for a while getting wrinkles out, hence the towel and bare chest.  *smiles*

Yaa, I'm not cooking tonight, it's Bex's turn.  So nice not having to do it all.  She has been doing 90% of the washing too.  I'm really enjoying the break I must say.

Right, I'm snoring in me lounge chair!  Time to go to bed. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Dust or digging dirt for ditches? I would always pick dust! LOL

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Glad your family are safe in Aus. I cant imagine what it's like to see so much fire. I read today that the fire front is the length of the north island 1000kms.

  3. That's good about your Mum - I was wondering how she was going with regard to the fires. It's just dreadful over there for so many people.

  4. My Musings,if you lived on our metal road you'd hate dust.Its the bane of my life we can't have the windows or doors open, and with the dust, smoke, and pollen our eyes are so sore ,and a challenge to even get enough air at times.But we are safe at present.40 deg yesterday 35 today,so the heat is not so good.But we are Better off than a lot of others.THE OLD MOO.

  5. the fires are just horrible :(


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