Friday, January 10, 2020


Today we will be leaving Whangarei bright and early.... and heading back to Auckland. 

There's two fabric shops there we will be visiting, Cushla's in Devonport and The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington. 

After that.. we will go HOME.

I already miss our lovely home. And I'm dying to get in our pool again. *smiles*

 ABOVE: A couple of gorgeous photos of Lacy and Marley.
Lacy took the girls out for a walk yesterday.  They love her!

ABOVE: My dinner last night... Pork Spare Ribs... it was so much food we shared it! In fact Stew had way more than me.
He ordered a pizza... I had 2 pieces and was DONE!

We really liked where we stayed here in Whangarei, The  Distinction Whangarei.  We highly recommend it.

Right... better get moving. Catch ya later...

ABOVE: 7 am: Good morning  Whangarei. 

11 am.  Hello Devonport. We arrived around 10 am and have been shopping since then.

 ABOVE: We walked down the main street for a bathroom break. On our way back up to Cushla's Fabrics we passed the Hospice shop.  Something caught my eye...

ABOVE: That pot! It was just too gorgeous to leave there.   It's now in our car.

And now we're getting fabric. Then we will head to Sylvia Park for lunch.

 ABOVE: Lunch at Garrisons at Sylvia Park. My first alcoholic drink for 2020. Very nice ... but I got a bit dizzy so Stew had to drink some for me. I'm such a lightweight!.

ABOVE: It's so very pretty in the mall right now. 

1.45 pm : We are going to the last fabric shop now, then heading home.

5.58 pm:  And we have been home a couple of hours now.
The first thing we had to do was do a back wash on the pool then put chemicals in it.
The last thing I wanted was for it to go green!

ABOVE:  And everything is going perfectly!  And I've almost got the chemical balances right in the pool.  It needed a shock dose of cholrine and Ph UP.  

Luckily I know what I'm doing with that aspect of pool care.

It will be dinner time soon.  Not sure, but I think a take away dinner is on the cards.  Too tired to cook.

OK OLD MOO:  your comments are getting through!  lol

It's the end of the day.  It's been a bloody long one too.  We got up really early so we would have time to shop in Auckland and still get home in time to test the pool pump etc.

So, it's now nearly 10 pm and I'm ready for bed.


  1. Love the pool it looks so inviting. Wow what a fabric haul I wish we had fabric stores here. Joannes is all we have or Walmart. I have to order online to get good fabric. Glad you got some rest and relaxing from the move. Cats

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Geepers that Pot is really neat looking 😊 so glad you and Pa are enjoying your little Break away 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  3. That IS a cool pot!

  4. Your pool looks so inviting. You have incredibly clever boys.
    That Mall looks so inviting too. Wish we had one near us. Would love to wander round a mall again.
    Enjoy all that fabric

  5. Testing,THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous9:45 PM

      testing....again 😊
      for THE OLD MOO. 😘😘
      #ME X 💋

  6. That pot/vase thing is really lovely! Nice find xx

  7. Have a lovely and hopefully relaxing weekend.

  8. The pot is perfect for your place!


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