Thursday, January 23, 2020


Steve and Bex gave us two goldfish for Christmas.

One is a small multi coloured one, the other is a white one with a square shaped 'dot' on it's forehead.... do fish even have foreheads?  lol

Anyway, for the past week or so I've not seen 'Sponge Bob Square Dot' at all.

I was fearful he was dead, never to be seen again.  I was trying to work out how to tell the boys this coming weekend. 

Then last night as I was putting food and fresh water in the pond...

ABOVE: There he was.

What a relief.  And he's grown quite a bit too.  So obviously he's doing well.  He's just shy.
Though last night he wasn't, he was frolicking under the waterfall like a nutter.  Clearly very happy.

Today?  I'm going to do a small grocery shop in readiness for the coming weekend, as Steve, Bex and the boys are coming down.

Bex and I are both doing the Cambridge Church Market on Monday.  Hence them coming down.

Little bit excited.  Steve MIGHT be making me the Bar Leaner Table I woould like in the sunroom!
That would be awesome.  It's such a lovely spot to sit and look out.

So... I'm off to make a start on the day.  Catch ya later.


Well I got up bright and early (for me) and was at the supermarket by 8.30!  And the nicest thing happened while I was there.
It was a bit creepy too though.  *smiles*

A man came up and stood beside me in an aisle, then he looked at me and said:

"  Excuse me, but it is YOU!"

I'm like, bemused, and looked at him like, what did I do!??

The he said this:

"I've been walking up and down the aisles trying to find what that smell was!  And I've walked past you three times, and that smell is YOU.  Can you please tell me what perfume you have on?"

OMG!  I was kinda amused, cos he looked so relieved to have found ME.  lol

So anyway, I told him what I wear (Joop! Homme, the men's one), and he promptly put the name in his phone, thanked me profusely and walked away a happy man.

My mission to do a good deed every day is done for today.  

And now that the groceries are away, I'm off out to get more pool chlorine.  The liquid chlorine is not working out at all.  It is too dilute, does not last long and is three times the price of the granules.
So I'm going back to the granules.  Who wouldn't?

A while ago I was at a Card Night and one of the girls brought along some Salmon Dip.  It was really nice, she got it from the Fish Van which visits Cambridge twice a week.

I found out that the Fish Van is in Hamilton on a Thursday ... not far from me in fact.  So while out today, I went down to River Road to get some Salmon Dip.

 ABOVE: He is there from 11 - 5 .  I got there at about 10 past 11 and he only had large 'Catering Packs' of the dip left!  So I grabbed two.

ABOVE:  That should last us for a while I hope because it was freaking expensive!
There is a list of ingredients on the pack, so I'm going to have a go at making our own.
It  might work out cheaper.

 ABOVE:  The Fish Van parks in a carpark down on River Road, so does a lady selling flowers, and a mobile food truck.  It was VERY busy there this morning I must say.

I had a quick squizz at the river.  It's quite low today. 

ABOVE:  Have I told you how handy my trolley is for bringing the groceries in from the car?
It's awesome.   

It wasn't useful in Cambridge due to the step up from the driveway into the house.  It would catch and tip over.

Now that I can get my car in the garage here, I just load it up and wheel it down the hallway to the kitchen.  Sure saves my back.

I went to Para Rubber and got more granulated chlorine, so that's my next job.  Pool maintenance. 

Andrew, Emily and Liam are coming over for a swim and dinner later on today... better get dinner sorted too.

7.26 pm:  It's really handy having a son-in-law who works in travel!  We have sorted out passports, Travel Insurance and parking for our car while we are in Australia.  Thanks Andrew.
Dinner ended up being Chicken pieces and veges.  

Stew went to the dentist today.  He's now sorted for the next 25 years!  lol

I still have to get something done about one of my failed Root Canals.  Probably just get it pulled out at some point.  But that can wait.  Cos I'm chicken.

Winding down now.  I've a few photos of kids in the pool... but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I'm done for the day.

So thankful it's cooler again tonight.


  1. I saw the cute fishy! The pond is looking great!

  2. haha I was thinking it was just a pick up line but maybe not!

  3. Ooh I might come down to the market - any excuse for a road trip lol :-)

    1. Yes do it will be lovely to see you. The traffic back wont be so plesant lol

  4. Lovly Andrew brings the kids to c u

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Not sure what’s in your salmon dip, but I’ve made one based on a Jamie Oliver recipe for smoked mackerel pate. It’s basically smoked fish, light cream cheese, lemon juice & zest, and some herbs (I think I’ve used parsley or chives). Very tasty. Liz

  6. Anonymous8:42 PM

    There is an amazing dentist in Hamilton Alistair at Focus 32 he is sooo gentle! - Surrey

  7. Omg, salmon dip! I used to make some, really delicious . Can't remember the recipe but I'm gonna look it up. Wish our fish shops did something useful like that


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