Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Late yesterday afternoon a parcel arrived from Australia.
It was from Heather, a lovely blog reader who I've made cot quilts for over the past couple of years.

She is a KIWI too... but is now living in northern Perth to be nearer her family.

She sent me a couple of 'housewarming gifts'!

 ABOVE: This handy alternative to a plug, for the sink with the insinkerator in it.  

ABOVE:  And this really cute Britto Mickey Mouse. 

She was very clever and managed to get one that we don't already have.  Well done Heather!

And Thank You so much.

Today I'm going to try and do MORE than I did in the last couple of days.  I've been incredibly lazy to be honest.

There's absolutely heaps to do... but most of it requires Stew being home to help me.  I can't exactly hook up the trailer and go get a load of stones for around the pond!  Or railways sleepers to edge the bottom garden ... it all requires a freakin' MAN.

But I can potter around and try tidying up the back area a bit?  Perhaps hang Willy The Waiter outside my Studio window?  

Let's see.   I  might even do a little video for you of the interior of the house some more?  
Which means tidying it up a bit too!

The gym has become a bit of a 'dumping ground', so I shall sort that lot out today too.


ABOVE: My new favourite lunch... on crackers.
So yum!
And I have no idea how many calories/carbs/sugars are in it and I don't care!  If I like it, I'm gunna eat it. End of story.

ABOVE:  The 2nd full walk through the house.  

I've just been pottering around the house so far this morning, ain't even done me hair yet!  I want to pop into the grocery shop for a few things shortly, so might just go get tidied up.

Then when I get home I will make a start on a few little jobs.

1.18 pm:  And I'm just back from the supermarket (s).

Yep, I went to both Pak N Saves, to do a little price comparison.

ABOVE:  Two exact same piles of groceries.  And the cheapest?  Clarence Street by over $3!
So imagine how much more I will save by doing my entire shop there!  Yep.  Going to switch to Clarence Street from now on.
They also have a much better selection of meat.
I only went there today to get their chicken kebabs, but decided to do the price comparison, seeing as I was there and had time.

Now home, the groceries are away and I am about to have a swim, cos I'm freakin' hot as.

10.08 pm:  and my afternoon went something like this:

Swim.  Shower.  Prepare dinner.
Answer phone call from niece in Australia.  
45 minutes later ... hang up.
3 minutes later... Answer phone call from Steve.
45 minutes later... hang up.
Cook dinner.
Eat dinner.
Water gardens.
Watch Coronation Street.

So... how was your afternoon and evening?  lol

I'm going to finish watching Coro Street ... then go to bed!  *smiles*

It's been a nice day in all.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    not only men can hook up trailers

    1. Oh I can hook up a trailer... but I can't back one without getting all screwed up!

  2. Looks amazing in such a short time. You guys worked so hard!!

  3. 213 calories plus the crackers, on the MyFitnessPal app.

  4. 5 Snax crackers 100 calories.

    1. Well thanks for that Chris. ♥

  5. You wouldn't expect there to be so much variation between one pac n save and another. Mind you mind local Newworld is a total rip-off compared to other New Worlds plus it is small with a really bad selection.

    1. I never shop in New World, their prices are crazy compared to Pak N Save.

    2. Oh, I agree with you entirely Chris about New World being so much more expensive. The reason I use New World every now and then is I have one within walking distance and if I need something like milk I will go there. Usually I am organised enough to drop into Countdown on my way home which I find cheaper than New World but I do my weekly shop at Pac N Save, it's just that with Auckland traffic I can't bare to drive to Pac N save after work. The joys of Auckland traffic!!!!

    3. I hear ya im lucky enough to go early after dropping the kids at school and kindy. And we never go out any were on peak hour times lol

  6. Love the tiki tour of your house....

    Today I slept in...then had late start at work. I need a housekeeper...


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