Wednesday, January 29, 2020


I've got a few small jobs lined up for today.

Just tidying up really.

 ABOVE:  I'm going to tidy up this area, and move the BBQ table back a bit so it's not taking up so much room.  There's not a lot between it and the pool fence.

The pool cover is going to find a new 'home', clearly it can't stay on the chairs.  lol

 ABOVE: I've been keeping the pool chemicals in a box under the little deck.  But it's a right pain having it there, so I'm going to bring it inside.

ABOVE:  To here.  Stew put a shelving unit in this corner of the gym room last night, so I'm going to keep the chemicals in here.  Along with his weights and a few other bits 'n' bobs.

ABOVE:  I might even finally get around to hanging up those paintings!   And the floor needs sweeping in here too.  

So, there ya go.  That should keep me busy for the morning.

Remember me saying I was going to leave my hair dark blonde/light brown, and let it go 'natural'?


I friggin HATE IT.  I take first prize at changing my mind !

I'm going to a local hair salon to see what they can do to get it to the colour I like, without damaging it any more than it already is.

I've not been to a proper salon for a colour in years... time to bite the bullet, pay the money and just get it sorted.

How you feel about your hair is damn important to a girl right?

I got this out of the freezer last night:

ABOVE:  PORK.  It will be the first time using the crock pot in this house.  And OMG, I love pulled pork.  Dinner is sorted.  Better wipe the dust off the lid.  lol



 ABOVE:  Moved back, cleaned under and around.  Looks much better.

 ABOVE:  See the biggish pot?  I've got two of them in both corners there.  I have no idea what to put in them.  I've had them for a few years now and STILL don't have anything in them!

Any IDEAS girls?  

 ABOVE:  So the dirt pile is still there, and it's had stuff moved onto it... just waiting for somewhere to put it all.

Our old, precious gate is going to be mounted on a post in the lower garden at some point.  

ABOVE:  Done this room.
Could not hang the paintings as whatever the wall is built with, will not allow me to bang in a nail!  It's like concrete?  But not.  Maybe it's concrete behind?  
Off to buy some big command hooks, among other things. 

Like get an hair appointment.  Just have to clean myself up... I'm a bit grubby right now.

2 pm:  Home from the shops.  I got most things on my list, plus a couple of things that were not.
Stew was given a lovely clock for Christmas from Steve and Bex.  It was SUPPOSED to go in his gym room.

I kinda stole it.

ABOVE:  So while out I found another one for him.  Now I don't feel so bad.
The hooks are for stuff outside on the fence.
The ones I bought yesterday were not quite right for the job.  Luckily, we can use them out the back for something else.

This morning I moved chairs (and my computer)... and OMG!
Stew's chair was filthy.  So I cleaned it, I had to!

On my way home from the shops it occurred to me that a throw on the chair would be a damn good idea... so I went to Spotlight.

And wouldn't you know it...

 ABOVE:  How lucky can ya be?

ABOVE:  I got two for the price of one, because I have a Spotlight Card.  

I've just had me lunch.  Crackers and Tuna.  I'm probably going over at dinnertime, cos well... I really love pulled pork!  If I only have the meat it shouldn't be too damaging. 

9.03 pm:  And what a good day!  Griffin and girlfriend came over in the afternoon.  Spent a couple of hours hanging out and catching up.
Griffin will be moving home in the weekend.

Now though, it's sign off time.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Do you need to use a special shampoo to remove the chlorine from your hair after swimming?

    1. I don't know. Something to find out I suppose.

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    God yes having your hair looking good is important to a chick my other half doesn't get it at all no surprises there!! George's Mum

  3. LONG time pool family here, tricks that have helped:

    Getting fair very wet with tap water before getting in pool (so it does not absorb as much treated pool water).

    Shampooing every time we got out of pool.

    Using a leave in conditioner.

    Getting one Malibu treatment when the pool closed for the season

    1. Thanks for the tips Vickie... I will certainly try them all.

  4. Your pots,what about a plant in each, shouldn't be too hard.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Ahh you are so funny Mum! I thought about plants, but as they won't get any rain there, it means I'll have to water them all the time. So maybe not? I will think about it... maybe some succulents will work?

  5. What about something tall and "plumy" like pampas grass in those 2 planters? Or something like some dried branches?

  6. Do they need to be inside, then they would get rained on.suculants would be ok,but when it rains I'd put them out occasionly, if you can't remember to water them.Or artificial greenery could look ok.Has your brain gone to mush if you can't work this one out,I know it's been in overdrive for the last few months so your excused.THE OLD MOO.

    1. They are not inside Mum, they are under the house eaves, so won't get much rain on them. Hence my hesitation putting 'real' plants in them. I will work it out, the brain isn't quite 'mush' yet! lol

  7. What about some kind of tall skinny palm in the pots?


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