Monday, January 27, 2020


We are up bright and early this morning.  *yawn*

It's the first time doing the church market that we are not 'just down the road'... so we have to leave much earlier then we are used to.

Hopefully we have remembered everything.  It's not really feasible to go home to get anything we might have forgotten.

Bex and I are hoping for a good day, sales wise.
It is going to be a cracker jack hot day, it's expected to be 30 degrees, if not more.   With the Waikato's high humidity, it feels hotter than that let me assure you. 

ABOVE:  TRACY, if you decide to come down, this is where I will be.  Bex will be just down the road from me too.
And if ya do come down, please bring ya togs!  We can jump in the pool in the afternoon if you like?  I know we will be!

Right, I better go and get some face on.  First time in a week easily!  Catch ya later.
Wish us luck.


ABOVE: 8.30 and we are ready.

Well... sales are slow, but I'm still happy. I just bought a sunhat:

ABOVE: Its perfect for my hairstyle!

4.29 pm:  home from market.
Market?  Went well, much slower, and less profitable than the October Market, but it was still worth doing.

I got to see and yak with heaps of friends from Cambridge, AND...

ABOVE:  My dear friend , Tracy, from Auckland!  She came down for a yak!  So we yakked.  It was lovely.
So nice to see you Tracy.  ♥

While we were at market, Steve got busy at home...

ABOVE:  He made the 'surround' for the air con unit... and ...

 ABOVE: The clever bugger even added a little shelf ... where I can put a drink while sitting on the bench seat!
Cool!  So handy.

ABOVE: The other thing he finished off was our BAR LEANER!
It looks amazing.  I'm so happy with it. 

THANKS STEVE, you are wonderful.

We have all been in the pool since arriving home.  Such fun.

8.38 pm: And the kids have gone home, I've watered the garden, fed the fish, topped up the pond, and tended the pool (Chemicals/pump on etc).  So, the day is done.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Love the hat. Perfect and suits you well Chris. Kj

  2. Love the hat also,good luck for the rest of the day.Hot here as well, cant do much.THE OLD MOO.

  3. Hat is great, I so need one like it!

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Love the little fence and leaner so nice to be in the pool I have been in the lake....

  5. Yep - that table is even nicer than the one you posted. I suspected it would be after seeing his sneak peek! And he made another crazy Dr. Suess fence! Looks fabulous!

  6. Anonymous8:48 PM

    You are awesome Steve!

  7. Lovely, lovely, hat, pool and leaner table.
    I lived in ST Andrews for the first 6 years of my life...not in the church service f course lol
    Love googling to see how it is now.

  8. Glad you did well at your market!

  9. Was so nice to see y ou all at the market :-).

    Steve is a machine, and a flipping talented builder to boot - keep him on lol


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