Wednesday, January 22, 2020


If I get around to making the lounge curtains today, it will be the THIRD attempt at doing them!

Seriously. The closest I've come to making them was yesterday, when I actually decided on what fabric to use.

Then I ran outta time due to Card Night.

So, it's top of me list for the day.

ABOVE:  Look what else I found while looking for curtain fabric!  Another damn UFO!   I thought I'd finished this quilt! *sigh*
Another one to get finished this year for sure.

 ABOVE:  Dante and Archer hunting for painted rocks in Auckland.  They found some, then re-hid them.

 ABOVE: He seems rather pleased with himself.

ABOVE:  I saw this photo and immediately thought Dante was Steve as a little boy!  They are very, very alike, particularly from that angle.

Right, time to get up I suppose.  Those curtains won't make themselves.


11.32 am:  And I'm actually sewing!
Having gone through all my fabrics, I came to the conclusion NONE of my actual patchwork fabrics would work, unless I lined them.

I didn't want to do that for curtains that would be used just once in a while.  So I had to rethink what fabric I'd use.

I had some heavier weight fabric from other projects, so decided, rather than go out and spend money... I'd use that instead.

It's going to make a few people  go "What the hell was she thinking?"... cos I had to cobble two TOTALLY different patterns together to make sure I had enough to do all 4 doors!

So... no horrible comments when I show you OK?

But not yet.  They ain't finished yet.

The other thing I've done today ... was just an annoyance.

Coco has taken to lying ON TOP of some of the plants down 'her' side of the house.  Now some I don't mind getting flattened, but the herbs and plants I've brought over from Cambridge?

Not gunna happen.

ABOVE:  Problem solved.  Dog frustrated.  Too bad.
Sorry Darling ... yes I did use a few of your stakes. *smiles*

I decided to stop for lunch.  I went and splurged on a 6 inch Chicken Pesto Subway sandwich.
Ate it and just like that... the urge to move died.
Literally fell asleep in seconds!

And that was me for the next two hours!  Seriously.  WTF?  

Who does that.  It's now another two hours on and I am awake, but still don't feel like doing a bloody thing.  Christ, I ain't even sorted out something for dinner.

Talk about tired.  I think I need a holiday.  Or winter to arrive.  I'm definitely NOT a summer person.  The heat just drains me.

 ABOVE:  ONE DONE!  OMG I can't believe how long they are taking me.  So simple, yet my brain just won't hurry up and get it sorted.

You can hardly tell I had to add a totally different fabric along the bottom to make them long enough.  

They are anchored all the way along the top, but only on the bottom on each side.

ABOVE:  I chose that fabric cos A) It was all I had in a heavier weight fabric and B) It works with the pink cushions/throws in the lounge.

And they will only be there when there's visitors sleeping in the lounge.  

Now I just have to finish the other 3.

YOU can comment now!  lol

8.48 pm: After feeling 'off' all day, I finally feel OK!  Typical.  I'm 100% sure it's the heat.

So, another day done.  Got minimal stuff done today.  Hope for a better day tomorrow.


  1. That DOES look like Steve. Hiding painted rocks is a thing here, too. Funny how little things like that catch on world wide (apparently).

  2. I just re-read your original post about the doors... two sets of doors, that's why there's four curtains needed - sorry I missed that when I suggested two :) One suggestion, why not make them like extra large table runner type construction instead of curtains. They'd hang solid, look decorative and give privacy. I hope you can see what I'm envisaging lol :)

  3. Chris, have you seen your new Doctor could be your sugar levels making you so tired.

  4. I really like your fabric choice! Just saying. :-)

  5. Haha stealing my photos of face book 😂😂 he dosnt just look like steve he bloody acts like him aswell. I like the curtain fabric it fits in well good choice.. xx

  6. Your new curtains look fantastic ... you've blended the fabrics so well you can't even tell.

  7. I do like the curtains!

  8. I think the curtains will look great - I like the blend! And I am sure it is the heat ripping on you - the heat sucks all the life out of me too (I live in the deep south of the united states so hot 10 months of the year pretty much).


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