Thursday, October 31, 2019


Our homes are full of it.

There's all the big shit:  furniture, appliances, Outdoor settings, pots, exercise equipment and so on.

Then there's all the little shit:  kitchenware, bathroom stuff, linen, bedding, coffee tables, nick nacks, paintings and so on.

And well... when it comes to moving, you start to realise what you really NEED, and what you really WANT.

Now that most of the little shit is out of our home, it feels cold and alien.  Soulless, with no colour or character.

I miss our nick nacks, cushions, throws and paintings. They are what make a house a home.   

There's only 5 weeks to go till we move, then I can get all of our stuff out of storage, and make our new house a home.  I can't wait!

Storage.  *sigh*   Lacy and I are taking even more over to Tamahere today.  I will take some photos of the storage facility for ya... cos I don't have anything else to show you right now.

Once we have done that, I'm going to make a few more Santa Wine Bottle Hats.  I only have a few left after the market the other day, they sold really well! 

And yep, I fished some fabric out of those boxes that Bex and I packed up the other day! Should have known better than to pack it all up.  

So now ... I'm off to make my breakfast.  Catch ya later.


WHY have I packed and stored so much stuff 'early'?

I'm not a 'leave it to the last minute' sorta person.

The more I can get done NOW, rather than leave it to the last minute, when everything is so hectic, is better for me.

I won't get stressed out in the last week, cos I know that so much is already done, and is out of here.  

I will have been able to clean cupboards, wardrobes and rooms well in advance of the last few days.  

So ... while it seems crazy to be doing it all weeks in advance, what else would I be doing?
Just sitting here waiting to do it all in a rush days before we move?  I think not.

Lacy should be out here soon... then we can get on with packing the car for the first trip of the day.

12.29 pm:  And Lacy and I have done two loads, and after a little break we will be doing the third and final one for the day.

 ABOVE:  We sure can get quite a bit into Stew's car.  And on Lacy's lap.  *smiles*
She's a twat... expecting a ride on the trolley, then using it like a skateboard too. 

ABOVE: This is Storage King, Hamilton South.  It's out by Hamilton Airport.

ABOVE: This is Josh, he runs the facility.  I took him lunch and donuts today, cos he's just the most helpful guy.

Right... better get on with the last load.

2.07 pm:  And Lacy and I are done for the day.  We loaded up my car and her's and took our final two loads over to Storage.

 ABOVE:  me taking yet another break... on bags of blankets.

ABOVE:  We managed to fill 1/3rd of the floor space in the 2nd unit.  In a couple of weekend's time we are getting the free truck and bringing over the last of the stuff we are storing.
Man it feels so good getting all this stuff out of the house!

I can move in the garage again, and I can also now clean more rooms.

But for RIGHT NOW... I'm gunna have a nana nap.  Because I'm ????????.  Yeah.  You know the word.

Well I'm very happy with how much we got done today.  After my nap I did more organising of what was left in the garage, getting my head around what needs to be done next.

I cooked Chicken Rice Risotto for dinner, it was really yum. Sadly, Brylee doesn't like it at all... so she had to get her own dinner.  Can't please everyone eh.


  1. I can't believe how early you have packed up? I would think pack the fiddly things like britto etc and stuff you don't need but now you've got five weeks and I know you are going to want that sewing stuff etc. I've always just packed before I've moved. I think you are just too excited (and rightfully so) :)

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Lol sounds like something i would do Chris. Enjoy your day. Kj

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I pack up the fortnight before but live rather minimally. I reckon what you have in 2 rooms is what i have in my 5 bedroom house hehe.

    1. Yeah I reckon I certainly don't live 'minimally'! lol

    2. LOL, where is the "like" button :) At least with this next move it will hopefully be for a very, very long time!

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Maybe you and Stew can have a few days away to take your mind off everything...when we moved 9 years ago we nearly went mad...we had stuff collected from 23 years!!


  5. You are doing an amazing job - the actual move is going to be a doddle then you can just grab bits & pieces from storage as you need to get them sorted instead of having 1000 boxes & bags of stuff to deal with all at once.

  6. As Tracey said ^^^^^
    Now for the next 5 weeks is going to fly by....

  7. What a day or should I say weeks of busy times but while you have the energy its good to "go for it"

    Good on you guys
    Exciting times ahead love the new place and will be neat to put down roots again and stamp your personalities on it !!
    The next 5 weeks will fly by esp now longer evening light etc and summer coming on!!


  8. Anonymous10:14 PM

    expecting a ride lol 😂 I got a ride with all my cuteness and well obvious awsumness 🤣😂 then I proceed to take full advantage of all the hall all by myself, shit that thing was fun 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙 and thanks for the sammie and donut Ma x

  9. Almost makes me want to move to get rid of stuff haha


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