Thursday, October 03, 2019


Good morning.... looking forward to a nice day.

I have a computer to work on again... OMG ... it's so awful when ya don't have one!
I was LOST without it.  You don't realise how much you rely on modern technology until you haven't got it at your fingertips.

Hopefully I don't have to get another new computer for 10 years.

Bex and the boys are heading over to Te Awamutu today to visit with family.  I am going to stay home and sew.
I'm wanting to get a few more Christmas Decorations made in time for my next Cambridge monthly market, and the bi-annual Cambridge Church market too.

Bex and the boys will be back for lunch, then they will be heading home in time to avoid the afternoon/evening traffic in Auckland.

Good idea that.

ABOVE:  Brylee and her cake.  I had packed the birthday cake candles ... so we used Garden Citronella Tea Lights!  It worked, we are resourceful right?  lol

It was a really delicious, light chocolate sponge cake... not too sweet.

It went down a treat.  Brylee ate most of it!

So... I'm now off to get me porridge and have it in bed.  Then the day will begin...


And another day where plans change.
Bex and the boys had to stay here as the family in Te Awamutu are ill.
So... we went to a local park.

 ABOVE:  We visited a park over in Leamington, which is on the other side of Cambridge from where we live.  It's a lovely park, with cows over the fence.
Ya all know I love cows eh?  These two were little bulls... minus the boy bits. lol
They were very tame.

 ABOVE: Brylee has work this afternoon, so could come with us again and enjoy time with the kids and Bex.

ABOVE:  Photo credit to Bex for these ones.  This little boy took a fancy to Bex... he was so cute.

Meanwhile, over in Hamilton:

ABOVE:  Kelly and the girls were at a park having fun too.

It's such a lovely day today, but with a bitterly cold wind.
It's snowing down south, talk about a cold snap!

I'm over winter, bring on me bitching about being too hot thanks.  *smiles*

ABOVE: short video of Brylee on the Flying Fox at the park.  

Bex and the boys have left.  Brylee has gone to work.  I was going to sew, but I've got a thumping headache and am going to take some pills and lie down.

***  headaches suck ***  and for the first time EVER (I think?), I'm thinking of blocking some family members on Facebook!  So over issues that give me headaches.  Just about blocked one a moment ago!  When I say "DON'T REPLY"  I damn well mean it you damn idiot.   You can block phone numbers too eh?

Right... end of a long day.  Lots on my mind today.  Getting a bit stressed over the house sale etc now!  It's getting closer... like only 6 sleeps till our Auction!


  1. Glad the computer transition is going smoothly! I want some of that cake!

  2. Yea that little man loved me haha and just wanted a scratch. Is a very cool little playground.

  3. Those bovines without nads are steers.

  4. What a fun thing Brylee is on! Love the cow pics!

  5. Fabulous day out for all of you . Love the flying fox too Good on Brylee giving it a go.

    You will all feel better once the auction is over Chris and ?? Maybe,, someone will buy it before then .
    Try n take each day as it comes and all will go good for you all I am sure .


  6. Hope all calms down and you are feeling less stressed. Good luck.

  7. Make a group called "family" and move them all into there. Then you can post and exclude that group. I do that for "work friends" and people that always make annoying comments.

  8. If you block someone on Facebook, it is actually more extreme than unfriending them. It makes both of you invisible to them. If they look you up on FaceBook they won't even see your name or profile picture. I just had to block someone for the very first time, about a week ago. Things have been a lot quieter and more peaceful around here since then! I also blocked them on the landline and cell phone.


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