Sunday, October 06, 2019


Right.  EVERYONE has to cross their fingers, toes, legs, and anything else ya can cross ... we want this to be the last Open Home we have to hold!

We go to Auction on WEDNESDAY.... October the 9th.  We know we have at least 2 prospective purchasers.  

So... today will be an utter repeat of yesterday!

Get this house perfectly spic 'n' span for the open home (shouldn't take long today).

Then we take off for Hamilton, to check out another 3 houses.

ABOVE:  These are our offerings today.
The bottom one was not even on my list last night, as I thought it was a plaster house... but it's painted brick!
So... I bumped one that was not in quite the 'right' area off the list,  and put this one on.

ABOVE:  Just as I predicted, our f'ing areshole of a neighbour left his hedge like this for the entire time we had Open Homes!
I could kill him.  We've had lovely weather almost every weekend for a month, and he's not finished it off.  It's just an eyesore like that. Karma will get him, or me.

 Right, time to get up and get moving.... Let's get on with it.


One house down... two to go.  Stopped for lunch. 

1st house is gorgeous (second in the line up above)... but there's a good chance it will be sold by Tuesday.  Damn!

5.25 pm:  Well we made a day of it today!  Looked at all the houses above, and re-visted one from an earlier expedition.

The 2nd house we looked at (1st in the line up above) was gorgeous too!  It's a definite possibility. 

The third house (with the pool) was OMG so awful!  Black carpet, dark furnishings, lack of windows, narrow corridors, close neighbours all around, shared driveway with about 5 houses all sharing the end of the driveway.  And the pool?  Very small and nondescript. A definite NO.

After those three we went and looked at one we have seen before and like very much ... it's also a definite possibility.

We had a lovely lunch at Chartwell Square, did some shopping, took the dogs for a walk in one park, then visited another park not far from several of the houses we like.

 ABOVE:  We found this park and thought it was awesome!  The kids would love it, it has a hamster wheel and HEAPS more!

ABOVE:  Steve you would like this park, it's got a 'chip and putt' course, and a mini putt course too.  I like the coffee shop!  It had some rather yummy looking cakes in there.  *smiles*

ABOVE: The girls have been SO GOOD in the car!  They just lie down and go to sleep.  I give them a few treats and water, then if we can, we take them for a walk in a park.  Today they had a lovely walk in this park, so many Cherry Blossom Trees in bloom.

And that's a wrap of today's adventures.
Dinner is going to be left over soup and bread.

10.08 pm:  dinner was nice..... been relaxing watching TV, catching up with what's happening on You Tube channels I follow and so on.
Now... dyeing my hair before heading off to bed!
Crazy time to do it but ... Oh well.  I don't go to bed till 11.30 or later anyway.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Fingers crossed for Wednesday. Don't be too upset about the hedge, when people first visit an open home they really don't notice things like the neighbours hedge. It would have been neighbourly of him to finish the job but I've walked out of open homes that I've really liked and I couldn't tell you if the house had curtains or roman blinds. My focus is more looking at the layout and getting the feel of whether the house suits my lifestyle cos little things like curtains and hedges can be fixed if it's not how I would like them. You've presented your house beautifully an overgrown hedge won't stop a prospective buyer making a bid. Good luck for Wednesday.

  2. Everything’s crossed. Good luck

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Everythings crossed for you guys. You deserve success. Kj

  4. Fingers crossed for No More Open Homes Chris. Enjoy your day looking at houses -bugga about the first one being probably sold.

  5. Wishing you good luck. Wednesday is my 60th birthday and I'll be sending good vibes.

  6. Fab you are keeping up with the home buying ,,,and love the last few pics when you went out R&R and showed us some of the lovely areas around.

    (love the hamster wheel even though I think my days of playing in it are over (smiles ) but love taking the kids to those places like you ones do..

    Those wee dogs ,its amazing they adapt to cars and all, and love the run around at the parks etc for their exercise.

    Love the blossom and this time of the year.

    Only a few more sleeps and you will be auctioned!!! I am sure all will go well and cant wait for the updates!!

  7. Youtube? What do you follow on there? Anything interesting? I am always looking for new things to follow!

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Good luck & everything crossed here too!!!!!


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