Saturday, October 05, 2019


I was up till after midnight last night, fixing a ding on the hallway wall.

I thought I could just get away with painting over the scrap, but no.  It had to be polyfilled, dried, sanded then painted.  All in one night.

ABOVE: So ... out came the hair dryer and that certainly sped up the process somewhat.

Frustrating, as I should have known a little paint over would not do it.  Lesson learnt.  Don't leave that sorta thing till the last minute.

I have three houses lined up to look at today, all while our Open Home is on too.
So, again, Brylee will park up the road and keep watch/tally on who goes into our home.
She starts work at 2 pm, so it's perfect timing for her to do that for us.

Because we have to leave early for Hamilton, I can't put on bread.  So I'm gunna put on a crock pot of pea and bacon soup instead.  That should be smelling nice by Open Home time.

These are the 3 houses we are looking at today:

ABOVE:  We have looked at this one before, but have decided to give it another look.  It needs some serious money spent tidying it up (full repaint inside and new carpet throughout), but it could be made lovely again.

 ABOVE:  I was calling this one a 'hell no', cos it's a plaster house.  But it is plaster over brick, so we are going to look at it.  I love it's pool.  *smiles*  I doubt we will get it though, as it is still a PLASTER house at the end of the day.  

We had a block of time with nothing to look at today, that's why we are looking at it really.

ABOVE:  We both like the look of this one.  It's quite old, but solid as.  And it's in a very good, older established area.  

It's been really good having this time to look all over Hamilton.  We have had the chance to narrow down exactly WHERE we want to live, and where we certainly DO NOT want to live.  

Though in saying that, tomorrow we are looking at one house in an area that would normally be a 'yeah, nah' type of area.  But the house looks so lovely, we will check it out.

And there ya go... our day mapped out.
Catch ya later, I've got heaps to get done this morning.


2.30... and we have looked at all 3 houses. Wrap on them once we get home. We are now sitting down  for a very late lunch.

4 pm and we are home.  It's been another busy, long day already.

Now, a break down of the houses we saw today.  

1st one:  Would have to be on the 'only if we could find NOTHING ELSE category.  Just too much needs doing to it.

2ND one:  GORGEOUS!  Utterly gorgeous.  But... *sigh* while we could afford it no doubt, it would have left us NO MONEY at all. 

That defeats the purpose of this move.

3RD one: Too old... no modern day conveniences like walk-in-wardrobe, ensuite, pantry etc.  And it was going to auction and it was looking like going quite a bit over what we want to spend.

ABOVE: edited:  realised I had the write ups muddled up!

On our way out of Hamilton we did a drive by of our favourite house... and it was OPEN, albeit just about to close.  So we quickly stopped and had another quick walk through. 

Still love it, even though we would be making some compromises.

Meanwhile here at home, we only had one group through today.  Let's hope tomorrow is better?  There sure does not seem to many people out looking for homes here in Cambridge.  Same in Hamilton really, we were the only people looking at the first house and there were only a couple in the second house too.

I'm now going to put me feet up and friggin well relax for a while!
Dinner is sorted, pea and bacon soup with fresh bread we just bought from the supermarket.


  1. Best of luck for open homes... both types!! Yours and theirs 😉

  2. Your action is coming right up! What day? Tomorrow? Are you going to it? That has got to be a nail biter!

    1. Our Auction is next Wednesday. Oct 9th. Yes we have to be there and yes... it will be nerve racking!

  3. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Plaster one is really pretty! What are the downsides of plaster material?
    ~Nicole in CA

    1. There's been a lot of shonky leaky homes here in New Zealand... mould and rotting internal timbers with plaster homes built in the 90's and early 2000's. So plaster homes have a real stigma around them.

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I looked up the plaster houses in New Zealand and saw they were the prefabricated walls that caused the problem like the ones here in Australia called monocrete that lasted ok but were hot/cold and mouldy.. A fully brick home with a plaster render is different to that and is fine. Enjoy your house hunting, I think that is fun...

    1. Not necessarily, it also depends on how the joinery and control joints are done etc, there alot of factors to consider, being block plaster doesnt mean it doenst leak.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      In Aussie houses are totally brick (not block) and then rendered with cement (not plaster) with a trowel .... with a colour tint in they are essentially brick houses and they don't leak...I can see New Zealand had an issue with the pre fabricated walls...sounds terrible. Lucky Chris and Stew didn't get one...I love the bunks you made for the boys....look great..

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I love the sneak peeks of the homes this week. Thank you


  6. Yep keep up the sneak peaks, Please

    Its a big job buying another existing home (not building from New) but you ones have been through enough of life to do all the sums!!

    Great to have Steve on board as well for extra bits of input

    We never stop learning (even when we get to 60) (smiles)

    and like they often say
    "We walk in to a pre loved home usually, and Feel its where we could put our family personality, after a few tweeks"

    and though selling is nailbiting beginning again is a new adventure for all!!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us all


  7. It is great that you're getting a good solid chance to have a decent hunt for your next home and you're getting a good gauge as to what is on offer.


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