Thursday, October 10, 2019


ABOVE:  A HUGE thank you to Tony Mills from Lugtons, Cambridge.  He did an amazing job in marketing and selling our home.
He gave us excellent advice all the way though the process, and never put us wrong.

Thanks to his advice, we went with an Auction, even though I was strongly against one!

4 Weeks of intensive marketing and Open Homes, and his powerful sales technique with our potential purchasers ... saw us sell on the day.


Now, guess what?

NO MORE OPEN HOMES!!!!!    I could literally dance for joy on that one.

This has been such a different experience to our last selling experience up in Auckland.
And now... we just have to get through the buying stage now.

Fingers crossed....  though this is not quite as stressful as the selling bit I can tell you.


Now, before I forget, even though we are not in contact much at all... I want to wish my sister Lorraine a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.
I hope you have an awesome day with your family in Australia.

TODAY:  well I expect to be in Hamilton literally all day!
First up, I'm going into the Real Estate Agency and picking up the documents to sign... to buy our new home!

Stew has to sign them, so I've got to take them to him at his office... he's got interviews all day so can't come out to do it.

THEN I take them back to the Agent, and it's DONE!

We will have officially made an offer on our new house, which has already been accepted.  Then it will take 5 working days to become unconditional.  OMG so exciting.

ABOVE:  All going to plan, this could be our new front garden.

Just to let you all know... I will not be publishing identifying photos of our new home until it is no longer on internet sites.  We have to be careful in this day and age not to give out our address on a public forum.

There will be thousands of photos once we have moved!  Count on it.


So... everything is ticking along... all will be finalised by the end of the day.

I visited with Kelly and the girls for morning tea.  Kelly baked scones, and we had them with jam and cream.  So nice ... she did a good job too.

ABOVE:  OMG Keera looks like a gimp!  That child needs to learn she doesn't have to show ALL HER TEETH in a photo!  lol

It's now 1.45 pm and I'm about to start bubble wrapping my Britto china, then get on with some sewing all going well.  We have at least 7 weeks till we move, so plenty of time to pack all the stuff we will move ourselves.

I must ring around moving companies now I suppose!  *sigh*

2.15 pm:  IT'S DONE.  All the paperwork has been signed, sealed, dated and sent off to the solicitors.  HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.

No one can gizump us either... it's OURS.  Unconditional day will be next Friday... a mere formality as we fully expect all our conditions to be met.

Our son Steve is coming down on Sunday to do a building inspection (a very informal one at that)... we just want to be sure there's no HUGE issues with the house.  We don't expect there will be though.


OMG we ain't doing that mistake ever again.

We were really spoilt for choice in finding our new home!  We had 4 lined up as potentials... that's pretty impressive.  And we got one that we are really happy with.  

I might have to get out the paint brush, well nah.  I will be getting out the paint brush *smiles*.... but it will be OK.  I'm good at painting.

I've been busy on the phone too.  There is a moving company coming out this afternoon to do an appraisal/costing for the move.
It's all GO.

O M Lord... I wish just for once I didn't have a headache!  All the stress involved with the selling and buying, on TOP of friggin family issues... I've literally had a headache for weeks!

Ya know what?  I think it's lunch-o'clock!  It's only 4 pm already.  *sigh*

And scrap that idea.  The moving company guy arrived, and an hour later... it's just a bit late for lunch.
Now ... what's for dinner?

It's one of those days where you'd like to re-wind some parts.
I'm totally over today.

***  Signing off early.  I need panadol.  ***  


  1. That's awesome Chris! A great agent makes all the difference.
    Looking forward to seeing the new home.

  2. Whoa! You already have a new home lined up!???? OMG - what excitement!

  3. I bet never in your wildest dreams the selling and buying of your next home would have been so seamless! Isn't it so awesome that lady luck has come to the party for you guys. I am so thrilled that its been as painless as it could be. You did deserve a fast sale at auction you prepped the house immaculately, you were committed by cooking bread every friggin open home - you earned this sale!! I'm just so glad it all came together on the day for you!!!

  4. It's so wonderful to have a great agent. This is all exciting Chris. The stars are certainly aligned for you. How long is the settlement on your house. A new home for Christmas!!!

    1. Yes we will definitely be in our new home for Christmas. Very exciting.

  5. Congrats all round Chris. Love your frontage - nandina's are one of my favourite plants for the garden :-) When is the big move? Hugs x

  6. Wow exciting news mum and dad.. So happy for you..

  7. So happy for you!

  8. Supa exciting news now we wait till Friday 🤞🤞🤞..

  9. That is a really cute picture of you and the girls!


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