Sunday, October 13, 2019


OK.. while I'm incredibly busy packing up the house... I decided to take the day 'off' and still do the Cambridge Market.
It will be a welcome break from this:

 ABOVE:  The lounge is the packing 'zone' right now... where I will be storing all the boxes and paintings that we will be moving out at the end of November.
This is going to save us THOUSANDS of dollars in moving and/or storage fees.  That is why I'm doing it, for those who have wondered why.

 ABOVE: Coco posing in the naked hallway!  OMG it looks and feels so COLD and ECHO'ee.  lol... probably no such word but who cares.

ABOVE:  And here is Goofy, our latest piece of Britto.  Isn't he just gorgeous.  We really love our Britto, it's bright, colourful and cheerful.

OH! ... later on, after Market,  we are visiting our new home again.  We are doing the building inspection.

Now as I already mentioned, I'm off to Market this morning.  So we are up bright and early (*sigh*)... wish me luck.
And catch ya later.  Much later.


1.20 pm:  home from market.  Financially it was a bust.  But socially?  Lovely.
Saw heaps of friends, had lots of lovely chats with people and just chilled out.

It WAS cold to start off with, but it got better as the morning wore on.

We are now going to relax for an hour, before heading into Hamilton to do the building inspection.

I plan on taking HEAPS of photos... some I might be able to share?  None that identify where the house is obviously.

6.28 pm:  Been home for a while.  Editing photos.
Now, please be aware I can't show any photos of the house that will identify WHERE it is.  
Once the photos are no longer on Real Estate sites (end of this coming week), I can show you more.

For now... you get these:

 ABOVE:  We will have a lovely BIG pantry again.

 ABOVE:  There is a really good mobility access shower... which will be excellent for cleaning!

ABOVE:  This is the smallest bedroom... only suitable for a single bed.  We will be putting our single bed (with trundler bed under), in here.

 ABOVE:  Because there is another space for the gym equipment, we will be able to fit my car in the garage, but not Stew's.  This is the laundry area, which will also be the dog's 'bedroom', once we section it off.

I love that the garage has a really big window at the back there, it makes it light and bright.

There will be heaps of storage room in the other half of the garage, so we won't need to put an attic ladder up into the roof space, which will save us money.

ABOVE:  I've never had a ceramic cook top before.  I will have to read up on how it works.
Any tips ??

 ABOVE: This is at the back of the house... it's been fenced off cos they have dogs too.  I'm hoping we don't need to do much to make it escape proof.

ABOVE:  For sure Coco won't get through this gate!

 ABOVE:  And all this garden will go!  We are going to clear it all and put a pool here.  Just the same pool we have here in Cambridge.
It might not be ready till NEXT summer though, cos there's quite a bit to get done before the pool.

 ABOVE: There is ALREADY a grapevine here!  Thank god.  The last two homes we've had, I've planted grapevines, only to move just after they finally started having fruit. 

 ABOVE:  Down this south side of the house is where the dog's run will be... and there's lots of gardens that need attention.
This will all take time.  

ABOVE:  I shall leave you with these lovely photos of the boys enjoying the hamster wheel at a playground we found a week or so ago.

And that's a wrap of today.  I'm tired and ready for bed... it's been a long day.


  1. Such a good move to do your on packing and storing. We did our own too and then used temporary storage facility (Smart box) so on the day we shifted we rented a truck and moved that last things. Our settlement from the house we sold was delayed as the purchasers had a nightmare with their bank which meant our purchase settlement was 24 hours late. It was a huge f**K up, but nobodies fault except kiwi bank. Anyway, had we used a moving company it would have cost us $200 every hour that they had to wait for us to to get access to our house. It would have been $4800. So we are so glad we decided to do it the cheap way. It's more work but like you say, save thousands of dollars!

  2. Hope your market is a GREAT one Chris

  3. I hope the market is going well 🙂

  4. Hope the market goes really well!

  5. Possibly, I'm more excited about your new house than you.. Possibly not. But I'm pretty excited!

  6. Hey love the wee britto guys n gals..
    Very colourful and can see why you enjoy buying them as well.

    Cant wait to see some sneak peaks of the new place !! I am sure inspection went well

    Good catchup with friends and taking a day out even tho $$wise wasnt real good sometimes friends n all meetups give a fab day ..


  7. Me to Mark D60 ,cant wait to see more photos,all very exciting.THE OLD MOO.

  8. belated congrats on the sale and the purchase of your new home!!!!!!! It must be such a relief and no more open homes!!!!! Lots of pix please!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  9. Ceramic top DONT BOIL OVER pot the eleme t r hard to clean

  10. The new house looks great. I know nothing about those flat cook tops other than that people seem to love them. I kind of like that little garden that is going!

  11. Can't wait to see the other house photos! You'll have fun fixing it up and adding pops of blue!

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Great choice, your new home suits your family so well with the huge sewing room.
    Ceramic cook top - clean with a soft non abrasive paste, nothing that will scratch the glass, also get a flat blade (angle the blade horizontally) to scrape off any burnt spills, they are made for the cook tops. I got mine from an electrical retailer, works a treat. So easy to wipe down and keep clean, extra bench space when not used for cooking.
    Looking forward to your decorating.
    Kindest, Heather.


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