Monday, October 07, 2019


I'm sure this is all of the houses we have looked at in the past month, except perhaps a couple that we didn't even bother to get a brochure for ... cos they were disgusting.  lol

ABOVE:  Is our new home among this lot?  I wonder.  I know there's at least 2-3 that COULD be.

It's been such fun looking this time around.  No stress really.  

Today we have a meeting in Hamilton with our Estate Agent and the Auctioneer, to set our 'Reserve Price' for the Auction.
It's getting serious!
Only TWO more sleeps till our auction.

OMG I hope it sells, and if not, it happens fairly quickly afterwards.  I'm so over Open Homes!

This coming weekend I have the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market on Sunday, so no matter what, I'm NOT having an Open Home then.

After our meeting today I will be coming home and doing some more sewing in readiness for said market.

And that's all for now.

Catch ya later.


10.42 am:  And heard from Stew a little while ago.  The 'most probable purchasers' of our home want a builder to come through tonight to do an inspection.  So... while I know there is nothing 'wrong' with our house, it's still like going to the dentist!  Terrifying.

At least I don't have to get the house 'perfect' for an Open Home right?

I've been cleaning out the garage fridge/freezer this morning.  It's a shit job.  But by the end of today I hope I can actually turn it off... ready for moving.
Until we move, we shall just be using the fridge/freezer in the kitchen.

No more big, big grocery shops, just day to day, as we need stuff.  I am really enjoying doing small, frequent grocery shops.  It's so much easier.

I'm taking a break for now though.  I'm already tired!

ABOVE:  So happy to be blonde again.  It feels right.... like 'me' again. Why do I keep trying to change it?  So dumb.  The new length is working out really good too, it's so much easier to handle now.  NO massive knots after I wash it.

I'm heading into Hamilton soon... feeling nervous, which is totally stupid as we are only setting our reserve today.  Derrr.  But it's just so close to Auction Day.  My stomach is doing flip flops.

3.03 pm:  The Hamilton meeting went well... all sorted there.  Ready for Wednesday.
I had lunch with Stew before heading home.  I stopped in at our Storage Facility and dropped a couple more things off there.  It's a godsend not having to store all the 'clutter' in our house.

ABOVE:  It's raining in Hamilton, but the girls don't seem to mind.  *smiles*  It looks like they are enjoying themselves anyway.  Just a bit cute.

Well the fridge/freezer in the garage will be turned off TONIGHT!  Awesome.
Guess what we are having for dinner?

SHRIMP, PRAWN and egg salad!  Cos I have to use all the shrimps and prawns up.  OMG it's going to be so yummy.
I might do a small amount of pasta to go with it too. 

5.55 pm:  And the building inspectors are still here... doing a very thorough job.  Lovely people too.

ABOVE: This is the building inspector company... a local Cambridge couple. As I said, really nice people.  Highly recommend them.
They found NOTHING wrong with our home, such a relief!  

AND... just now we were standing outside chatting with them (Stew arrived home in time to say hello to them too), and we ended up talking about where we came from.  And bugger me!  He was from Tokoroa like me ... we even went to the same schools!  AT the same time, he's only one year younger than me.
I did think he looked a bit familiar, but I didn't think it was from when we were kids.  Tis a small world.

And.... that's a wrap of today.  Two more sleeps to go till we have some sort of answer on where we go after Wednesday.  


  1. It is both exciting and terrifying waiting for Auction date. If they purchasers are wanting a building report it least it means they are serious. At the end of the day, if it does not sell at auction you are no worse off than you are now, you can just bide your time until the right buyer comes along :-).

  2. Getting close now 😁. Good luck 😉

  3. The pre auction jitters are very real! Try and embrace the excitement cos your house will sell. If not at the actual auction soon after. You only need two people who want it to push that price up. And then the fun part of finding your next home. How long will you have before you have to move out of this place?

  4. Ditto to Comments from Tracy.Little to do and nothing to worry about.You starting to enjoy grocery shopping is hard to imagine.Would love to be around after you move, and help with the big shop to fill up the new cupboards, freezers, etc.Good luck on Wed.THE OLD MOO.

  5. Stress goes through the roof at an auction!! Good luck :) It's also quite usual to have a property passed in at auction but then to have a conditional offer put on. At least you are not on a strict timeable to move out!

    I love Keera and Rena together, it's just lovely. I always do grocery shopping often and smaller amounts. I suppose that's why I enjoy it because its not such a chore only taking two bags home instead of a big car load - maybe it's something you can continue even in your new home because is sure is easier.

  6. Best wishes Chris, fingers crossed for you

  7. Looks like Rena and Keera are having a great time. Its good to see Keera looking well and happy. Good luck on the auction!!

  8. Sea shell pasta lol
    Tick tock the clock its tick wednesday will be here soon are u both going to auction or did your agent recomend not going

    1. We have to be there in case there is some negotiating to be done.

  9. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Sounds like all those ducks are lining up for you. Good Luck

  10. Oh nmy golly! Auction is coming right up! Changes are in store for you!

  11. Those two beautiful little girls look so happy together, it’s a lovely sight.

  12. Just caught up the last few days, EXCITING!! I hope the house sells and you find a good one!


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