Tuesday, October 22, 2019


First up... THANK YOU to everyone for the lovely Birthday Wishes yesterday.  They were much appreciated, and cheered me up after the horror phone call from the moving company.

Happy to say we have another company coming out tomorrow, and they assure me their quote will be NOTHING like the first one!  Phew!

I took a lot of satisfaction in rejecting the quote from Crown Relocations last night.  Daylight robbers that lot!

Now... I've been thinking about all things 'new house' constantly.  Funny that.

One thing that I will be doing fairly quickly ... 

ABOVE: the studio was an addition to the house, and it's only about 1.5 meters from the boundary fence.

I'm not exactly rapt with the view out that window (WHO WOULD BE?).

So, I'm thinking of using hanging baskets attached to the fence.  Make it a hanging garden?

I reckon that would look nice. 

... Having just looked on Trademe at hanging baskets, I'm now going with this:

 ABOVE:  They look really interesting!  And exactly what I think will work on that wooden fence.
I'm looking forward to filling it up with plants.
It's called a Vertical Garden.

And yeah, I have already ordered one!  lol  I will get one set up before deciding if I need another one.  Best thing?  Super cheap compared to buying wire baskets. It cost about the price of ONE basket!    (note): I will not be getting plants etc for it until we move obviously.

It's good to get these things sorted early right.  lol

Today I'm going to ring and get a few things organised for 'the other end'... like getting SKY installed, internet up and running asap, power and gas off here and on there, book a glazier to come in and install the dog door in the garage door... and the list goes on!

Thank goodness I'm an organised, 'write a LIST' sorta person!  In fact, I have an exercise book full of lists:  To Do, To Get, To Pay For, Before We Move, After We Move, Furniture measurements etc.  *smiles*

I wish now I'd taken measurements of the living rooms and bedrooms in the new house too, then I could plot where furniture will go before we even get there.  But... I didn't.  Drat.

Right, time to go and get some washing on, have me porridge and start the day.


12.14 pm: Ticking on with the day... just pottering around the house doing odd jobs really.

I've started a corner of 'leave, don't pack' stuff', like cleaners etc.

 ABOVE:  I've also put a few things here that we will be putting into our 2nd Storage Unit.
I didn't want to get a 2nd storage unit, but it's going to cost WAY less than having the moving company take it.
Just means more work for us. But hey, we are free.  lol

Later on today I am going to start putting garden stuff in big plastic buckets and in a couple of weeks will take them to a girlfriend's carport till we move.  Again, less for the moving company to do, and us pay for.

I've got one moving company coming tomorrow, and another next week.  So one of them will no doubt get the job now.  Thank god we have options.


Well... I had lunch, then a girlfriend visited and I got to relax for a little while.
Once she left, I took everything from around the back (all the small stuff) and put it out the front.  Ready to take to a girlfriend's carport.

ABOVE:  After moving all that, I felt a bit tired.  So I had a nap.  That was wonderful, though I've woken up feeling like a slug.  

Stew should be home from Rotorua soon, then I suppose I will have to cook some dinner.

I've got pork chops out, so it should be a nice one.

9.51 pm:  dinner was rather nice, can't beat a nice pork chop and veges, with a rich gravy.
Now... watching TV, then heading off to bed.


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    morning 😊 any birthday left overs lol 😂

  2. HAHA! Knowing you, even if you did plot exactly where everything will go on paper - you would change it up once you get there! You have amazing instincts about room decor and you will plop everything down just fine the second you walk in the door. Then I will expect a slight rearrange a month or two later! I really like that hanging thing. I wonder if you could use it indoors or if it would make a giant wet mess. Probably a mess. But I like it (and winter is coming).

  3. Wonder if realestate have a floor plan of new home...love the vertcal garden idea

  4. Maria9:37 AM

    I'd just put a net curtain up! You will probably need one for glare anyway.
    Those hanging things take a lot of watering, and if you get a black one they dry out even faster. You will have to put very hardy plants in it.

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Your contract should have an original floor plan in it? you could grow a climber up the fence like Jasmine....grows very quickly we have one as a screen very hardy they don't need much watering.


  6. There has to be some cake left for Lacy. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no you haven't finished with schools yet. Grandparents day, sports days, Gala days,raffle tickets for trips away,and more money to pay if the parents cant afford the extras.It goes on forever.I still go to our local school Gala days, also have a money jar for the raffle tickets for the kids next door,so it never realy s

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      #Cake 😊💯👌 thanks ^^^ xx

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no you are not finished with schools.Sports days,Gala days,Grandparents days, you cant miss.Also raffle tickets for their trips away,and extra money that the parents cant afford.The list goes on.THE OLD MOO.

  8. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Yes Ma 'we' as in your kids are free so get us to do it, I mean why not lol, you have enough of us lol 😂 and all I want for payment is some left overs every now and then lol (minus the plastic thanks) lol 😂

    1. We may have 8 kids. But when it comes to HELPING US... we only have two. Help should be offered when it is obvious it's needed. Thanks Lacy and Steve (and Bex and the little boys). You guys are always there for us and it's so appreciated.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      wow wasn't looking for a shout out Ma lol but algds, and we will always be there for you and Pa..thats just what we do 😊 💙
      btw ill be out tomorrow...any cake left 😂😂😂🍰🤣💜

  9. That hanging garden looks amazing! You are super organised!

  10. PS Forgot to say, keep lots of cake for Lacy! Lol!!

    1. Anonymous8:34 PM

      haha thanks kiwikid 😊😘 Ma knows I'm joking about the cake...well kinda...well actually no lol 😂 I want cake 🎂 lol 😂 see ya tomorrow Ma
      #Lacy 💙

  11. I love how you are so super organised...wish I was !!

  12. Gravy and... apple sauce!!! I went to Hamilton today - I had to take my father-in-law to hospital. I got thoroughly lost so yay for google maps!


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