Friday, October 04, 2019


Today I'm going to turn my phone off (well, put it on silent), leave the computer off and not log into Facebook.

That should make my day QUIET, PEACEFUL AND UNEVENTFUL ... right? ? ?

I can live in hope.

First thing this morning I'm going into town (local) to get a couple of bits 'n' bobs, Lotto and so on.
Shouldn't take me long.

Then I will come home and touch up a mark on the hallway wall that Stew accidentally made the other day.  That won't take long either.

After that I am going to get the house back into tip top shape, before doing more sewing.

 ABOVE:   LOOK at that adorable little face!  If Archer had his way, we'd have no dogs and they would have them all.

Though he loves Coco the most, and wants to hug her all the time.

Coco on the other hand, while she's incredibly patient with the littlies, would rather just sit on someone's lap and get her tummy rubbed.

ABOVE:  This... after the boys have visited.  WHY?  It's not like it's created a real 'fort' or 'tent'.  

And...  if you get them an inside tent they don't use it!  *sigh* (actually, been there, done that)

At least they were kind enough to put them all back on the chairs before they left.

 ABOVE:  The Tui's are back next door.  The neighbours put out sugared water, which attracts birds from everywhere.  We get the benefit of watching the birds.  

ABOVE:  The dogs just love the window platform Stew made for them.  So do the boys.  So cute.  I wonder if we will take it with us or not?  

1.10 pm:  And today has been wonderful so far.  No stress.  No hassles.  Nothing.
I went down town and got my few bits n bobs, then came home and did some sewing.

 ABOVE:  I've made 6 christmas coasters, and finished off a couple more christmas wine bottle hats.

ABOVE:  I think that's enough to be going forward with for now.  I need to see if they even sell before making more.  In this town, that probably enough anyway.

I'm now taking a break for lunch.  

Lunch is over, I've patched up the wall in the hallway, and put away everything in the sewing room, so it's all tidy again. 



I'm off to have a nana nap!  That will hopefully fix the headache and give me enough energy to get the rest of the jobs done around the house ... in readiness for the coming weekend's Open Homes.

Well... I got me nana nap... for about half an hour.  Did get rid of the headache thank goodness.

It's been a quiet evening, watching TV and mucking around on the computer.  Checking out houses online.  I am getting pretty tired of looking at houses!

Right, time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Lovely to see the tui's. So nice to see the boys playing with the dogs.

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Beautiful kids and pups, Jo

  3. Haha your lucky a dog didnt sneak into the car before we left archer would of kept it really quiet till leaving hamilton 😂😂 i love tuis and when they chat away in the trees. We also have some really bright parrots who live in the area. Have a nice quiet day xx

  4. What neat happy pics ,,,and can understand why the lil guys love those wee dogs.And the dog platform How cute is that?? Thats a must take when you sell I think !!!

    The good thing Bex is they are at a happy place for the boys to visit etc and 2nd best to having them at home. (smiles)

    Love seeing all the Tui in the trees and good photography there as well Chris ..

    Hope you got your afty Nana nap.

    DS starts for us tomorrow night so only be 2 hrs diff!!


  5. Good to hear your day was more relaxing. To bad about the headache. Great pics. Good luck with the auction.

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    What beautiful photos. Love the boys and Coco. He has so much love in his eyes Archer. Love the Tuis. Photos are stunning.kj


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