Friday, October 18, 2019


Well... you have had to wait a while for these, but here goes with some photos of our new home (taken from the website):

ABOVE:  The house from the road.  It has a very good amount of parking, like our current home.  On the left of the double garage is an addition, which is a fully lined, carpeted studio.  This will be my sewing room.

It has a heat pump, so I will be warm or cool, depending on the weather.  There's also a sliding glass door at the front and windows down the side.  I will show you more further down...

ABOVE:  The front door area.  There is a very cute pond and bridge... lots of goldfish too.  Steve will have to fix the bridge, it's a little bit unstable.  That trellis fence is rickety too, another thing we will need to fix at some point.

ABOVE: The curved window area is the dining room space, further on is the family room then the sun room.
See that bit of lawn?

That is pretty much IT for lawn!  Except for the grass berm out the front by the road and footpath.  Stew is going to be spending about 20 minutes mowing his lawn now!  

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to move from our Cambridge home was to cut down Stew's gardening time.  He was having to spend hours and hours maintaining our property.

ABOVE:  Looking further down the back... there's a slight slope to the back 'garden' area.  I've shown you this area in an earlier blog post.  We plan on leveling it and putting the same type of pool there, that we have here.

Hopefully there's enough room for it.

This house has a much smaller section than our Cambridge home... the house takes up a large percentage of it really.   Not that we care, we wanted a smaller section.

The best thing is that the house itself is not that much smaller.  It's just laid out differently and there's more space in some areas, and less in others.

ABOVE:  Front door entrance. To the right is the lounge, down the hallway to the left are the bedrooms and another way to reach the kitchen/dining and family area.
Behind is the entrance to the garage and beyond that, the studio.

 ABOVE:  The lounge room.  Stew's TV room really, and where we will have the big brown lounge suite that has the bed settee incorporated within it.  So it can double as a guest bedroom if need be too.

 ABOVE:  The kitchen.  It's much older than our last few houses.  But it's OK... I really do not mind it at all.
I love that it has a lovely big corner pantry, something our last few homes have not had either.

ABOVE: the dining area.  Plenty of room for our dining suite.

 ABOVE:  The family room area.  This is the ONLY area that bothers me.  It's awkward and cramped and I'm not sure how I will fit our furniture in here.  

But, I'm sure we will sort it out once we move in.

It certainly was not a deal breaker.  The rest of the house works fine for us.  Give and take eh?

 ABOVE:  This is a big sun room off the family room AND also off the master bedroom.

The spa is being removed by the current owners ... it doesn't work and we asked the owners to remove it as part of the conditions of sale. 

That 'spa room' is where we will be putting the gym, so we can finally have a car inside the garage!  Which will be mine.

That is going to be friggin awesome!!!  Getting out of the car inside the garage and not getting wet in the rain.  BLISS.

The rest of the sun room will end up being another living space, toy room etc. 

ABOVE:  The 'studio' ... which is going to be my sewing room.  It's really big compared to the bedroom I am using right now.  I'm going to be rather happy in here. *smiles*

The two double cupboards at the end will be perfect for storing all my fabric.  The sun won't get on the fabrics and fade them.

I feel very lucky we found a home with the perfect space for me to work in.

And it is great that it's out the front of the property.  I will see if anyone is coming to visit straight away.

 ABOVE:  Stew measuring up for the new fridge we will have to purchase.  We only have a double fridge/freezer, which will be kept in the garage.

 ABOVE: This is down the south side of the property, where the dogs area will be. It's been let go a bit, so quite a bit of tidying and gardening to do here.  I'm going to make it all easy care, so less for Stew to do.

The wooden wall is the back of the added studio.  They painted it to match the brickwork of the house.  It's HIDEOUS.

I will be painting it.  Probably a shade of blue to match the aluminium joinery.

Now I've mentioned a few times how I will have to re-decorate this house.  In the photos you can't see the hideous wallpaper which is in all the living rooms, master bedroom and hallway.  It's pinkish and has shiny bits.  And it's textured.  I hate it.

It will be GOING.  

This house is just a bit tired... it's 23 years old, so quite a bit older than our last two homes.  There's bits here and there that need attention.  We shall enjoy doing it over time.

ABOVE:  And finally... lucky last.  The little boys on the bridge over the pond.  They couldn't really lean on the railings, cos they might have ended up in the pond.

So there ya have it.


I'm going to be fluffing around the house today, not doing too much.  Housework.  Might start packing up  the sewing room?
Or then again, I might do me jigsaw!


OH I forgot Willy.

ABOVE:  There's Lacy taking our Willy The Waiter off the fence.  I made him for Stew way back in 2002.  

Willy The Waiter is the logo for Waikato Beer.
He's hung on a fence in Palmerston North, Auckland and Cambridge,  and he's now about to go to Hamilton, the home of Waikato Beer.  Rather fitting I think.

Lacy saved me a trip into Hamilton today.  She swung by the new house and took this photo for me:

ABOVE: The next best thing to having a SOLD sign on your home, is having a SOLD sign on the home you just bought.  *smiles* edited photo coming soon...

I just love those beautiful succulent flowers.  Stunning.

LYNDA:  The sun room:

ABOVE:  as you can see, there is good ventilation in this area.  If we find it too hot we can turn on the big overhead fan in our bedroom.

This room is going to be a godsend for drying clothes in winter!

5.37 pm:  and it's been a really lazy day.  I've just been doing odd jobs around the house.  Did some washing.  Started sorting out things in the sewing room and ground to a halt pretty quick.
I've actually got NO ENERGY right now.

Or maybe no motivation?  I dunno.  Just worn out really.  It helps mentally to know I've got weeks to get the last few things done.  No rush mentality.

I look the few areas on walls that need polyfilla, sanding and painting and I'm like ... MEH... it can wait.  So unlike me.

I'm going to have a nice weekend with Stew then tackle that stuff next week.  But not Monday.
It's my birthday on Monday and I shall be a lazy tart then too.

Cos I can.

And on that note, I'm going to sign off for the day and think about what we shall have for dinner.
Something easy.


  1. I like it 💛. Looks lovely. Bet you can't wait!!

  2. Everything looks great and will look fabulous once you've put the 'Chris' stamp on it!! Much more manageable garden for you. I'm sure Stew is happy about that! The sewing room is to die for!!

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    you gona do another drive bye to get your 'SOLD' pic Ma lol or you want me to do a stalk for ya lol 😂 🤣

  4. Im sure u will be starting to get it ship shape in no time and will have Chris and Stew markings on it in no time. And wahoo to your awesome work room

  5. Its a beautiful house and you will turn into a loving home :)

  6. You don't have to do it all straight away which is good. Certainly lots to get sorted but at least you can put your own stamp on it all. I'm wondering how hot that bedroom and gym area will get with that sunroom attached! I love the sewing room area, it's perfect for you!!

  7. Beautiful new home. Happy for you all.

  8. Chris the house is beautiful. Once you give it the Chris touches it will be perfect and I agree the layout gets you lots of extra living area that is so useful.

  9. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Looks sensational!, I would kill for that sewing studio!!
    AllyS Melbourne

  10. Love the new place, you will have it looking like your own in no time - then you will rearrange the furniture & the rooms on a regular basis lol.

    1. Gosh don't remind me! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. And I know I won't be able to help myself from moving shit around forever.

  11. Looks great Chris, I can see why you are excited! Sewing studio in particular xx

  12. That overhead fan will be fantastic!! They really are very effective. OMG, yes (reading above comments) I can't imagine how many times you will move furniture around :) Question: Can you get from the sewing room to the rest of the house without going outside?

    1. Yes... there is a door into the garage from the studio. It's just the most fantastic room... I am feeling very lucky.

  13. Looks fabulous, Chris. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  14. wow the new house looks awesome!!!! somehow, it remind me of your current place??????

  15. Well well well. It feels a lot like the house you have now. Not a downgrade at all from what I can see. I think the sunroom will be a favorite. And the spa, soon to be gym, will be handy. And you have your very own "She Shed" (sewing room, studio, whatever you want to call it! I sure wouldnt worry about the ugly colored wall outside. It's in perfectly fine shape. Just something you can do "if you want to". Maybe a cool or warm spa tub like the one you used to have - instead of a big pool. But - either one is fun!

  16. Love the new house,cant wait to see it with your furniture in it. Except for the dining room the house looks cluttered with furniture that is too large. Like some of their pictures though.I shudder to think how many times poor Stew is going to have to shift the furniture till you think it's in the right place, only for you to change your mind again in a few days.THE OLD MOO.

  17. Anonymous2:42 PM

    The round paintings in the new house are fabulous!

  18. Looks fabulous Chris, love that sunroom.
    Cant wait to see your arrangements, and rearranging ... as you make your new house a home

  19. So much space and places to Stamp you guys personalities on.

    Love the window stackers and lots of different areas to work and play in and will soon be fully functional for you all.

    Love the fact there is no 'time line'to do the necessary changes cos that way you have time to settle in and see what the immediate priorities are ..

    A blank canvas when all the other furniture is gone and between you all you will get it right

    So, So Happy for you all... Lots of hard work beforehand has paid off ...

    Enjoy the weekend !!


  20. I think it is lovely Chris and just looking at the pictures I can see it as a Chris and Stew home. Can picture your touchs to it already, and oh my that sewing room. What an exciting time to look forward to.

  21. I think you're going to need some blinds or curtains so it's not too hot in that room with all the windows and doors? Maybe it's not as hot there. I'd be dying lol. We have one big sliding glass door in our bedroom and I really want to take it out.

    1. It can get very hot in the Waikato... so we will just have to wait and see how hot it gets in there before deciding what to do. Blinds might be necessary if they are not already there. I can't remember if there's anything in there or not to be honest. Only so much one can see/notice on walk through's.

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      In your sewing studio you could always get the windows tinted, would give you privacy from the front during the day, and also keep the heat / UV out. We have ours tinted, it’s great.
      Ally S Melbourne

    3. Ally I think it is already tinted.

  22. Your new house is very nice! Even thought you have work to do, when you do the house will be yours. Congratulations and best wishes for a very happy birthday on Monday.

  23. I think you'll be very happy in your new home. There are some lovely spaces and you'll have it all ship shape in no time. You always impress me with your haste at getting the "jobs" done around your home to get it just how you want it to be! And think of all the petrol you'll save not travelling into Hamilton from Cambridge everytime you need to go to bigger shops like Spotlight & Bunnings & the likes. I can't wait to see the transformation as you put your touch on your lovely "new to you" home!

  24. Congratulations on the new home. Have a great time getting settled in. Happy early Birthday. Wishing you a relaxing weekend.


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