Sunday, October 27, 2019


I was just sitting still the other day, thinking about the new house... like ya do.  And I thought about naming it, like I named this home.

Hmmm.... it took me all of 30 seconds to come up with the name.

Now I just have to make it... then show you.  Cos NAH, I'm not gunna tell you what it is.

And you will never guess either.  Cos it's not something so obvious as 'The Harvey House' or 'Harvey Haven'... nope.  It's gunna be a bit different.  Cos that's what I'm like.

Yesterday I went to Spotlight and bought the wooden letters.  And sometime in the coming week or so I will be painting them and arranging them on a back board.

Back to today.  I shall be painting walls.  I am going to start at one end of the house and just keep going till it's done.  With any luck I will get it all done today.

Then tonight Stew and I will pack the cars up ready for the big market tomorrow.  Fingers firmly crossed that the weather does not do as forecast, and pour down with rain tomorrow.

Bex is due here this afternoon.  She's got a stall at the market too, selling crocheted soft toys.

We will both be gutted if we have to cancel due to shitty weather.


ABOVE: I felt sorry for ya... so here's a sneak peek at the house name.  Good luck trying to work it out... I doubt even Sharon can work it out this time.  She got the last one btw.

WET PAINT... is starting to be everywhere!  I've made a start and it's going well.

11.25 am:  and I'm already exhausted.  I've done the lounge, entrance area and the family room.  Moving on to the hallway soon, just need to take a break.

Meanwhile, Stew's had his breakfast.  He's tired, I get that.  But I still want to kill him.  I know, I'm not nice.

ABOVE: Taking another break. Just washed some of the walls in my bedroom in the vain hope I don't have to paint them. 

Waiting for them to dry.

2.23 pm:  And I'm done.  I'm not painting another bloody thing in this house.  Unless on moving day some twat dings a wall... then I might fix it.
But essentially, it's all done.

Stew has been working for the last couple of hours in the garage, taking apart the shelving.  We will be packing up everything in the garage and taking over half to storage in Tamahere.  The rest the moving company will take.

Yeah... them ducks sure are getting in a row!

ABOVE: So Bex arrived late afternoon... she's ready for market tomorrow.

Like my set up?

I sit and watch TV, and my computer screen, which has the new house's photos on a slide show.  So I can glance up and see a new photo every minute.

Yep, I'm obsessed with the new house.
I have the house plan in front of me too... and a calendar that I cross each day off.

We now have 5 weeks and 3 days till we move.

Stew cooked tonight.  We had crumbed chicken sausages, wedges and a lettuce salad.  It was very yummy.

I'm signing off now... I will need to get to bed fairly early tonight, with any luck we will be off to market first thing in the morning.  Praying it isn't raining.


  1. Loveshack!

  2. Is the first word "Rest"?

    Why do you want to kill Stew? Is he moving too slowly for you? David is still in bed at 10.49am but I am trying to be very patient as he gave up nicotine 7 weeks ago and is still finding the mornings tough. During the week he looks after Ramona while I work, so I can't say he doesn't deserve a bit of a sleep now and then.

    Good luck with a) painting and b) market weather.

    Penny x

    1. No to 'Rest'. And yes, he was moving far too slow! Hes pulled finger now... lol.

  3. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Aww he's probably upset over the rugby. You're supposed to have sympathy for him lol. Kj

    1. I've not an ounce of sympathy for him... he can't mope over a game of rugby!

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I no it 😊😊😊 my lips are seaded
    signed annon 😉

  5. Quake quack just as well its not duck shooting season else some one bound to a few ducks off ya row.

  6. Replies
    1. Good guess, but NO. :)

    2. I thoight something on this line

  7. Running brook
    Up shit creek lol
    Still waters

  8. Just us? Just us two? Just the two of us?

    1. LOL... nothing to do with just us.


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