Saturday, October 19, 2019


For the first time in a very long time... Stew actually asked me what I'd like for my birthday.

Usually ... whenever anyone asks me that, my mind goes completely blank!

Then I remembered... I've been wanting a wide angle lens for my camera for quite a while... so that's what I told him.

And today we are going into Hamilton to buy it.
Just a bit exciting! 

It will make taking interior shots of our new home better for a start.  I think I will have lots of fun practising with it.

Not sure if we need to look at or get anything else for the new house right now.  Hmmmmm.... the next 6.5 weeks is going to drag.  There's so much I want to do!

Once we are home again I am going to get on with preparing walls for painting.  There's not that much to do in relation to that,  thank goodness.  I hope to knock that out in a week or less.

I was going to pack up everything in my sewing room... but upon reflection... I will need something to do once I've finished getting this house ship shape.  So, better leave it out for now I think.

Here's a question for you:

ABOVE:  It's a weird little thing on the kitchen bench in the new house.  I've never seen it before.  Sorry it's a shit photo!

And that's me for now... catch ya later.  I'll probably bore you sick with 'wide angle' photos! lol


Well we are making a morning of it!

I changed my mind about the camera lens.  Then I though we could get a new tap for the kitchen at the new house.

BUT, we don't  want to get the wrong size one... so we left that idea till we move.

So it was looking like I wouldn't be getting a present... and we headed home. 

Then I remembered a shop I'd visited out in the countryside near Te Awamutu had moved to Tirau.
So we went there for a browse. And yep... we found my BIRTHDAY present there.

Yaaa... I get to 'open' something on Monday.  *smiles*

And now we are having lunch at an eatery in Tirau before heading home.

3.24 pm:  home after spending a few very pleasurable hours shopping and hanging out with Stewy.

 ABOVE:  The huge wall of taps we looked at in Mitre 10.  Leaning towards something like the one on the right. #217.

ABOVE:  for the first time ever, we jumped on the Free Shuttle at The Base.  It was rather nice getting driven around the shops.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: This is The Interiors Barn in Tirau.  We both love this shop.  If you get the chance (and like rustic stuff) I totally recommend it.

Note the big metal numbers and letters (top Right)... we bought a number for our new home.

ABOVE:  We got this lovely rustic shelf/hanger for our new front door entrance.  We will hang our car keys off it.  (it's for me birthday)

 ABOVE: This is the bog standard, everyone has one letterbox that's at our new home.
Of course, we will rip it out and use our lovely old rustic one.
We bought a big street number in Tirau ... it will go on a post beside our old letterbox. 

 ABOVE:  Lunch.  Delicious. 
Totally in food overload now... going to have a nap!

Well the day is done.  It was a lovely day.  Been awesome just yakking with Stew over all sorts of things we have to think about for the move.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Dish wash liquid despencer lol 😂 well eisnt that what we both came up with the other day lol 😂

  2. The sink device is for liquid soap. There is a screw on container underneath to fill. I love the new house. I've been in my house since 1976 and can't imagine living anywhere else.

  3. Yep, its a liquid hand-soap dispenser.

  4. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love the house! The sewing room and the gym area...just perfect. You will no doubt make many happy memories there.

    I'm pretty sure it's for soap. I have one on my sink and that's what I use it for, although the container doesn't hold much. I think you could use it for hand lotion too.

  5. What the others said. If you look under the sink you will find a container that you can refill. We have one in this house. Must have been a thing once upon a time. Personally, I hate it. Can't wait til we can replace the sink.

  6. Is your birthday the 18th? I can't remember. Today is Scott's birthday too.

  7. WHAT? YOU know your birthday present but WE have to wait. Stomping my feet!!!!! As far as that thing on the sink goes.... It looks like you can pull it out and spray all over. Very good for bathing small dogs, I might add. But it looks like they put a non functional "cap" on it. So, look underneath, it's either a soap dispenser or could be a sprayer depending what it's hooked up to. Either way, find the appropriate "top" for it and use it for soap or as a sprayer. At the moment it looks no good for anything.

  8. Dish soap or hand soap dispenser.

  9. R u going to use the tool box letter box that uncle vern made.. Man I love that letterbox.


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