Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Yesterday I managed to find a temporary home for all the smaller things in our garden ... AND all three kayaks too.

The garden stuff is going to Susan D's carport.  The kayaks are going into Sue T's garage and we will have two units full in Tamahere.

Our home contents are gunna be all over the place!  Well, for a month or so anyway.

But, this means we will not be paying for quite a large quantity of stuff to be moved/stored and brought to our new home in December.  I'm quite pleased about that of course.

It's been a long process, and quite stressful.  But I knew it would be stressful when I started all this.  No one moves house without being under stress.

I'm going grey anyway, what's a few more greys eh?  *smiles*

This morning I have the lady from Allied Pickfords coming out to do a survey and quote.  I am really, really hoping her quote is thousands of dollars less than the last one!

Lacy is coming out today too.  I think we will work on getting the garage tidied up, and condense some of the stuff we will be taking into the 2nd storage unit.  That will be a good job done.  I really didn't want to be doing that particular job, but needs must.  Saving the $$$'s.

I have saved Lacy a piece of my birthday cake... might be a little bit stale now though.  Bet she doesn't mind. *smiles*

9 am:  I recently tried a new hair removal cream.  I did the 24 hours patch test in the crook of my elbow... no problems at all.

So I put it on me under arm area.  Again ... no problems.

This morning, before my shower, I decided to put it 'down there'... but not RIGHT down there.  Just in my bikini line ... IF I WAS EVER TO WEAR A BIKINI AGAIN right?  ha ha ha!

And well... probably NOT the best thing I've done in a while.  OUCHY.  Lesson learned... while you can test for sensitivity... some places are just MORE sensitive than the rest of ya body eh?

Back to the razor.  And don't anyone suggest a Brazilian... ain't no one getting a gander at my neither regions!  They ain't called 'Private' for no reason.  *smiles*

10.00 am: I'm now kinda twiddling me thumbs till the moving company lady arrives.

And she's due in less than an hour, and it's absolutely pissing down out there!  We are going to get very wet walking around outside while I show her everything we need moved.  *sigh*  Do ya think it might stop for just a little while???  I live in hope.

11.22 am:  And I got the time wrong for the moving company visit.  She's due in about 10 minutes.  And thank goodness, it's stopped raining.  For now.

ABOVE:  And Lacy is here eating left over birthday cake.  And now... it's all gone.  It was a bloody lovely cake.

2.00 pm:  And the moving company lady has been and gone.  It went well... I feel like we will get a much  better quote from them.
We should know their amount by tomorrow sometime.

Just had lunch, Lacy has gone home and I'm going to chill out for a little while.

It is exactly 6 WEEKS TODAY till we move.  

WHOOPS!   Totally forgot to update this afternoon... sorry about that.  Been fluffing around the house doing odd jobs. 

Time to sign off  for the evening, I've not heard from the new moving company yet (she said she MIGHT have the quote ready tonight).  Hopefully we will get it tomorrow.


  1. Wowza! Brave Soul!

  2. Looking forward to hearing how much the second quote is - that first one surely was a joke - did they get you mixed up with someone else (like a large company) or put the decimal point in the wrong place???

  3. Me too, about the 2nd quote ..

    Will be interested to know if the 1st company did make a mistake in the pricing

    That six weeks will soon fly by and look forward to the updates on the blog

    That extra room they built on is gr8 and love the hanging baskets idea .. Not far to walk out to water them till they are established ..

    Exciting days ahead for you all



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