Wednesday, October 02, 2019


Today is Brylee's birthday.  
We hope you have a lovely day Brylee.  
Pizza and cake for dinner ... nice.

ABOVE: Lacy yesterday... indulging in some condensed milk! Ikkkk... I don't know how she can eat it straight  like that!

We are going into Hamilton today. We're going to the movies as a treat for the kids.

After the movies I hope my computer will be ready for  pick up.

Right, that's me for now. Catch ya later.


ABOVE: Woke her up... she wasn't impressed.
She got very practical presents this year. Linen and such.

Now... its bloody cold this morning.... just turned the heat pump on.

We will be heading into Hamilton in a couple of hours.  I've got a little list of stuff I need to get from Spotlight while the kids are at the movies.

Well... change of plans. The boys want to go to a flash new playground in Hamilton... so that's what we are doing.

ABOVE:..... COMPUTER IS IN THE CAR!  Homeward bound.

3.42 pm:   Kinda pulling out my hair... but won't cos it's slowly coming together.
I'm using the new computer... but it's a slow, learning process.
I nearly spat the dummy to begin with .. I couldn't open a bloody thing!

But I was just trying to use the computer before it had started up properly.

I've lost my photo editing app, so will have to just work with what's on the computer for now.

ABOVE:  This is Rahul Gupta, he's the computer whizz at Harvey Norman's.  He has helped me HEAPS... a really lovely guy.  

Now I'm going to send photos to my email from my phone and try to edit them.  See  ya later.

ABOVE:  Awesome!  I managed to re-install my usual photo editing app.  Thank god, cos I find  most of the alternatives too complicated.

ABOVE: The kids on a 'Hampster Wheel' in Hamilton, they all had fun.

Once we got home, Griffin came around and spent the rest of the day with us, which was lovely.

He helped me with my new computer too... and I gave him my old one.  Sadly, he might not get much use out of it as it really is on the death spiral.  But he wanted it, so he could take it... one less thing for me to pack!  *smiles*

I'm feeling confident that I will have this new computer sussed fairly quickly.   It's got some features I'm really loving.

Now though, it's been a really long day, and I'm ready to wrap it up and say ...


  1. Happy birthday Brylee. Hope you have a great day 😊

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Happy Birthday Nugget 🎂🎉😊

  3. Happy Birthday to Brylee! Very Practical gifts. Things she can use long term! Hope the transition to your new computer goes smoothly!

  4. Happy Birthday to Brylee. Fingers crossed you just plug in the new computer and it JUST works with no more farting around. Hate it when things don't work as they should.

  5. Happy birthday Brylee

  6. Happy Birthday Brylee :-).

    I used to eat condensed milk from the can, drove Mum nuts because there was never enough left when she wanted to use it lol.

  7. Happy Birthday Brylee. Hope you have a awesome day 🎉🎊🎂🎊🎉

  8. Happy birthday Brylee!!

  9. Busy time there hope the day turns out warm after your cold start

    They will love the playground and heaps of energy to burn. Loving it!!

    I know the condensed milk trick ,but nowadays would not taste the same (smiles)

    Happy house hunting at the weekend


  10. Happiest of birthdays, Brylee. xx

    Oh yum. Condensed milk. My mum used to use it to make icecream when we were kids and we would fight over who would get the tin to scrape out. Until one of my brothers worked out we could nick a full tin. That didn't end well!

    Can't wait to see what you can do with your new computer. How exciting.


  12. Just remembered,my Mum sometimes allowed us to put condensed milk on our porridge it was yummy.THE OLD MOO.

  13. You will be an expert on the new computer in no time. Can I ask, what photo editor do you use? I'm sure it's one I used to use but now can't find it!

  14. Nice Griffen come over for his sister birthday

  15. fab you have all the support to set up..

    Between you all you will nail it!!

    Just saying like ..


  16. Belated Happy Birthday to Brylee. Looks like you had a super day.

  17. Happy Birthday to Brylee!

  18. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Im late but! Happy Birthday Brylee. How many candles now. Gorgous photos of you and Bex with the boys Chris. Kj


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