Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I reckon by the end of today I will have made sense of this house.

I plan on getting all areas sorted out.  There will be  'stay for the moving company to take piles' and 'stuff we have to put into storage piles'.  

 ABOVE:  All my market stock.  Sadly depleted.  I'm going to iron it all today then put it aside for the November Market, then it will go into Storage till after Christmas.

I have an FBG friend coming over this afternoon to look at the runners.  She wants some for gifts.

So, I won't get to put this lot away till after she's been.

 ABOVE:  Now that I've painted the lounge walls, I can put at one end all the things we need to keep out and take with us over the 'moving week'.  

Dog stuff will be going with the dogs to Auckland at the end of November.  But still has to be put aside.

There is just so much to remember to do!
Lucky I'm a super organised sorta person eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  This is a panorama photo of the garage!  It's chaos.  Probably 50% of this stuff is going into storage at Tamahere.  We will be taking it there in the next week or two.

First up for today though... Hamilton for a small grocery grab.  While I'm deliberately running down the food stocks, we still need to buy stuff like fresh meat/veges/spaghetti... cos without spaghetti Brylee would expire I'm sure.

So... once I've had me porridge, I'll be off to do that, then move on with getting this house into some sort of order, cos right now it's a mess.



12 noon... and let's cancel today eh?  It's far too boring.  

Been into Hamilton.  Done what I needed to do.  Home again.
Having lunch shortly.

Then on to sorting shit out.  

Go away and come back tomorrow.  Who knows.. I might be more interesting?

 ABOVE:  I picked up a large sheet of melamine shelving today.  You don't realise how often you look in your side mirrors, till ya can't.  It was like driving blind!
I had no view down the left side of me car at all.  It was awful.

ABOVE:  This is what I wanted the board for.  Now peeps can see the smaller runners much better.

There is elastic strung around the board, and the runners are clipped onto the elastic with plastic clips.  

ABOVE:  I've laid out the remaining runners in the lounge for my FBG friend to peruse.  Fingers crossed she finds something she likes?

I'll let ya know.

Well my friend bought quite a bit!  So if I add what she spent to my total from yesterday, I did EXTREMELY well this week!  

I have Cards tonight.  I am so tired I don't even know if I want to go.  I'll wait and see how I feel in an hour or so I think. 

ABOVE:  For Kate:  # 1 is $40.  #2 is $50.  If you want a close up I will do that tomorrow... right now I'm doing dinner then probably going out.

9.30 pm:  Home from card night.  Which was, as usual, very enjoyable.   I'm now ready for bed.  Early for me, but I know I need more sleep.
Hard to switch off the brain lately.


  1. If she doesn't take the red one can you take a pic please?

    1. She took the Red one on the arm of the chair. Which red one you are referring to?

    2. Yeah that one but what about the one in front of the fireplace on the floor?

    3. Check blog for update just for you.

    4. Hee hee... the long one behind 1

  2. It's not a boring blog post. You are doing a bunch of "invisible work". I hate invisible work (for me that is creating invoices, book keeping, packing orders, shipping) because it feels like I get nothing done even though it takes all day. I feel like I accomplished something when I make a ton of product! But making invoices - bleh!

  3. Hey you are superdooper organised but like us dont like leaving things till the last minute

    having said that its a huge move but maybe this will be your forever home now

    Love the updates .

    We just bought 4 new black bar stools this morning,,, so DH has them all assembled now ,,so better go test one out and have lunch (smiles)


  4. Wow hard for her to choose im thinking

  5. Your life is never boring even when nothing happens!!

    1. Penny3:09 PM

      This! Never boring Chris x


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