Thursday, October 24, 2019


I am thoroughly enjoying being able to sleep in now days.

Can't today though, got to take the dogs to the groomers.

She's moved, so I will have to leave a bit earlier so I can find her house.  But all good really.

When we move I will be using the same groomer too... give me a chance to come out here and hang with a girlfriend or two while they are being groomed.

Lucky for me, when Lacy was out here yesterday she pre-groomed the girls for me.  She did their ears and tails... I used to do them every Friday night, but OMG I simply forget to do it now.

Far too much on my mind really.  

I can't wait till all this moving stuff is behind us and we can settle down again.

As I said to me Mum last night, Christmas is not going to happen this year!  We will have only been in the new house two weeks, we probably won't have even found the Christmas Decorations, let alone have time to put them up.

Though in saying that, it would be kinda lovely to have the tree up for our first Christmas in the new house eh?  Oh well... we will just have to wait and see how we go.

Today... we should hear back from the lady who came out yesterday.  Fingers crossed she comes back with a really good quote!  And if she does, I will accept it, and jump in me car and go get some more boxes.

For free from her company.  

Then I can finish packing all the stuff I have to pack, ready to put into storage. 

Until I hear from her, I will be sanding the walls I put polyfilla on yesterday.  Then I can paint them, and cross that off me 'To Do' list.

Right, I better stop yakking now and get a move on... got to have me breakfast then get the dogs to the groomer.  dumm dee dooo... 


11.08 am:  And I've found heaps more places that need polyfilla... so am still getting the walls ready for painting.

And as I don't want to be priming before painting, I'm trying to find a Valspar paint that matches what's on the walls already.  I'm about to go down to Mitre 10 to get some test pots (if they have them).  Gunna ring first I think, save myself a trip if they don't have test pots.

And OH YEAH... bit bloody quiet on here isn't it?

Photos of groomed dogs?  Yeah nah.  They walked into a muddy puddle on the way back to the car!  Little bitches thought they were so clever... laughs on them, cos now they are locked in the garage.  At least their coats are nice and short, they should dry out quickly.

I went down and got three test post for the walls that need complete coverage.  I hope one of them is a really good match to what's already on the walls.  Something tells me I'm worrying too much, and DOING TOO MUCH.  You expect marks on walls and picture hook holes right?

So.. NONE of the test paints were a match.  Back to square one, might just have to buy more of the original paint.

I've now got all the walls prepared for sanding and painting.  Wow, there were more areas needing poly filla than I thought, once I had removed  EVERYTHING off the walls.  Bloody nightmare really.

Time to wind down for the evening.   Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Hello Ma 😊

  2. Looking forward to seeing photos of the freshly groomed girls :-)

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I would fully expect marks and picture hooks (or the holes) in walls when buying a new house. The conditions for selling are nowhere near as particular and onerous as for end of lease when renting!! Liz

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Yes Chris you are doing too much hole filling and painting


  5. Haha those naughty little puppies :-)

  6. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Did the new owners specify in the conditions that the walls be fixed before they moved in? If they didn't, I wouldnt be bothering, I'd be too busy packing lol

  7. Im here. Been preoccupied with work... Yes I think you might be worrying too much about wee holes and things.... I mean it's great that you're doing this stuff but don't bust yourself. People will expect imperfections πŸ˜‰

  8. Yes, you do expect little blemishes. I am sure there will be plenty in your new house. However, I hope not, especiLLY concidering how much work you are doing for the new owners. I just don't think I could match the paint and fear I would have to repaint everything!

  9. If the new owners bought the place with pictures hanging on the walls they will expect hooks/holes. When we moved into this place I can't begin to tell you the state of the walls!!!

  10. Most picture hook holes are easily "hidden" with just a tiny dab of filler swiped over the hole - it's certainly all I do. You are being too fussy but I get it - you want it to be perfect but I think you are doing too much .

  11. Maria5:24 PM

    JUST LEAVE THE HOOKS IN THE WALL! trying to match paint is asking for trouble, you will end up having to paint the whole walls,or have uneven patches.

  12. Damm mum leave the walls alone. They have bought the house knowing there were pictures, and those pictures were hung on the wall so will know there will be some holes.. Save your energy for the new house.... HeartπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  13. The new homeowners struck gold in you. Most people just pack up and leave. Good luck sorting it out.


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